NEWSFLASH:Mugabe opens parly, as MDC-T boycotts


President Robert Mugabe says his administration will complete the job of aligning laws to the new constitution and take steps to improve food production to avert hunger.

Officially opening Zimbabwe’s first session of the eighth Parliament Tuesday morning, Mugabe said the country was prepared to engage hostile Western countries.

Legislators from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai boycotted the event. Only Priscilla Misihairabwi Mushonga, an official from the Welshman Ncube-led MDC party attended the event.

Mugabe said efforts to dualise national highways would intensify during the tenure of the Eighth Parliament.

Zimbabwe’s major roads are in a state of disrepair, with the dualisation of the critical trade roads, still to be completed, more than a decade after the work began.

Mugabe said Parliament would come up with laws on how House of Assembly members could handle the Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

CDF is money that is given to MPs to undertake projects in their constituencies and the last parliament was blamed for abusing the funds.

He said the indigenisation programme would be pursued with ‘renewed’ vigour while performance based contracts would be introduced for heads of parastatals and local authorities.


  1. I hope the MDC-T guy will have the guts to boycot the perks that await them too.I would salute them because nyika yedu iri pamahwani.Nehupfumi hwese hwatinoti tinahwo tokundwa netumakambani tunogadzira maCellphones here isu tiri nyika?

    Humbavha huchapera here mumaMinisters edu nhai?Huchapedzwa nani?The picture is gloomy Gushungo,asi mukaramba makabata chamboko chenyu i think zvingangoshanda.Musazoti ah uyu ndewe kwangu(kwaGushungo) saka haabatwe,batai munhu Gushungo!

    • Two glaring issues that await presidential attention are the one man one farm issue and sanction of the ministers mentioned by Mbeki who the president himself mentioned last year..It would be a truly new day in Zimbabwe if these two issues were addressed immediately!

    • The bed-wetters are only boycotting the wedding ceremony but signing the marriage certificate. What kind of shameless loser does that? The sort that denies their ‘ugly’ spouse in public but demands a shag in private on the strength of a legal wedding certificate!

    • mugabe akatadza kugadzirisa nyika for 33yrs so angzoigona here nhasi ave kudonzva cabinet yake akadzosa malimping donkeys,mdc-t must boycott i suport them cz elections were rigged full stop,

  2. Takabatana Zimbabwe inokunda iyi hatidi kutukana hatidi kushorana hatidi kunyombana mtungamiri Gabriel tungamira.

  3. “Officially opening Zimbabwe’s first session of the eighth Parliament Tuesday morning, Mugabe said the country was prepared to engage hostile Western countries.”

    This is wisdom. ZNCC has an article on its website entitled “BRICs markets sink to worst place for investors in global poll.” This reflects that over reliance on the emerging market economies brings risks. To build a strategy on the up of a commodity boom cycle is risky. It means that Zimbabwe needs to be careful about overall strategy. in other words diversification is important. We need them both the East and the West.

  4. 1. “Mugabe said the country was prepared to engage hostile Western countries”. Now the President is becoming sensible, instead of continuing to antagonising the biggest donors In every speech.
    2. The next thing should be a well-planned program for the voluntary return of all professionals who have a contribution to make in a PIECEFUL COUNTRY WHERE THINGS SHOULD BE PREDICTABLE TO ENABLE PLANNING (AND NOT THE HAPHAZARD AND IMPROMPTU DECISIONS WHICH HAS MADE IT DIFFICULT TO MAKE ANY MEANFUL BUSINESS & PERSONAL LIFE PLANS)

  5. mwana akaramba kudya surely that does not have implication mukuunzwa kwechikafu nevabereki mumba.Ndiyo full of sound and fury but,signifying nothing.MDC-T will lose relevance to Zimbabwe politics if it continues to act in such a manner.That’s why its supporters boycotted their anniversary in Mutare.MDC-T party is the greatest bunch of sale outs to ever emerge in zim politics.They betrayed the movement

    • Tendai Chaminuka, is Mugabe relevant? The dinosaur has been running the country for 33 years, opens parliament British style and speaks as if he is coming to power for the first time. How do you talk dualisation when you can’t even maintain what Smith left?

      He has told us repeatedly that his failures are attributable to sanctions. So, how will he deliver on anything when they are still in place? Or is it his way of admitting he just used them as a cover for his world renowned incompetence?

      • u are the one who is not competent for u fail to understand the divastation sanctions have caused to the people of this great nation wake up from that deep slumber my brother.

  6. i don’t get the MDC guys, y boycott the opening session when they went in to be sworn in. No wonder they lose to ZANU they are confused

  7. @gukurahundi – your green machine is even worse than MDC-T. Your MDC is a one-policy party – devolution. That is all they ever talk about, nothing else. What was their reason for joining the silly unity government with ZanuPF? I know why MDC-T joined because Tsvangirai wanted to do an “apprenticeship” under Mugabe but as for Welshman what exactly were his reasons for doing so because he didn‘t do anything of note?
    Welshman and people like Priscilla are much to young to lead people like me who have followed politics since the 1940s. They are lied to by ZanuPF and just accept lies. For example, on the 19 June 2013 at a SAPES meeting Priscilla clashed with Chris Mutsvangwa. She was told lies by Mutsvangwa that, “ …MDCs of being ungrateful to Zanu PF which he said founded Zimbabwe following a lengthy liberation war against the country’s former white rulers”. Mutsvangwa went on to lie that, “We come from statecraft; practical statecraft of making nations which can make her (Misihairabwi-Mushonga) become a minister so that she is (brought into office) by a vote which we sought; which somebody called Rhodesia had taken away”. And that, “All we did in Zanu PF is to give you this country which has made you ministers. This country was stolen, we gave it back to you”.
    I would have told Mutsvangwa off because it was us the ordinary people who voted Zanu into power but MDC’s Priscilla had no answer to these 33-year old barefaced lies. ZanuPF’s Minister Olivia Muchena was a Minister in Muzorewa’s government before we voted Zanu into power in 1980. Priscilla, because of her age, doesn’t know that.
    Olivia Muchena will verify what I have stated is true.

    • @Musona
      You are free to believe what you want to believe and to follow who so ever you choose to follow in politics. Akukho muntu okufostelayo – its democracy.

      The green machine has its policies, its views about political developments in the country – we dont do things because the so-called majority parties are doing this or that. We follow what we believe is the best course of action at any given time. That is why Priscilla attended the opening of parliament by the gukurahundi. You are always focused on devolution because that what irks you – MDC policies are there on the website, for those who care to see beyond their noses. You are obviously of limited capacity, so you wont think along those lines.

      Quite frankly boycotting would not make a difference, if you intend taking up you seats anyway during the lifespan of the current parliament. Yes you do register your displeasure, but this is African politics you know, nobody cares a hoot. As it stands, MDCT can shout about not recognising the gukurahundi as the president, but the reality is that he is the president and is acting on behalf of everyone including them as president. There is nothing they can do to stop that – he has been recognised by the AU and SADC FINISH AND KLAAR!!

  8. Had it been possible to make attendance by secret ballot, I bet more than 50 % of the boycotters would have attended!

  9. MDC should have attended but I hate this name calling things like sell-out, bla bla – sell-out to who. Surely Zimbos should drop this culture of wasting time concentrating on hate speech, deriving happiness from others’ suffering and all that ill-will and malevolent behaviour. After more than 30 years of independence people are still stuck in liberation-lingo, cannot we devote our time and best ideas to development AND were we do not agree, we use persuasion that is backed by facts ???

  10. Are we still to hear more about what the gukurahundi said, or this is just about everything the 90-year old ancestor had to say?

    To tell you the truth, any country that is always crying about hunger and is still battling with developing a primary sector like agriculture is years behind in development terms.

    We should be talking manufacturing and developing tertiary sectors in this day and age, but alas we are being led by gukurahundis. There is no difference with Somalia!!

    • That is a very important point Guku, I support you. This is the age of tech-tech but our country has been taken back to the medieaval times. Could please someone tell this to the Cabinet(IF THEY GET THE CHANCE TO BE HEARD).

  11. Zimbabwe is endowed with mineral wealth and, most importantly, intelligent people – but those with the brains cannot function to their full potential bcoz of a political environment that does not enable economic activities flourish – unpredictability, illogical decisions(some of them populist but economically destructive).
    As builders, we can only do that in a peaceful environment, free of corruption and political interference . . .

  12. Immaturity reigns muMDC and its frustrating. Chokwadi vana Olivia Muchena aive ma stalwarts e UANC ana Florence Chitauro vari ma stalwarts and deputy president of the labour movement ZTCU. They jumped onto the gravy train and turned around and bit the fingers that used to feed them.

  13. ko vanhu ivava vakaenda here ku induction ku rainbow towers? ko boy cot hai serve mari yema allowancies here?

  14. When talking of delivering to plan, I think one of the most effective ministers is Jonathan Moyo. He said he would boost local content in radio and TV broadcast and he did it. Jonathan Moyo planted a ZBC version of the story on BBC and CNN video replacing their version with ‘’our’’ version. Jonathan boosted the local urban groove musicians in a way music had never been boosted before. We may or may not like some of the projects he set out to do – but give it to him he was effective at what he set out to do, even against lots of piling resistance. One wonders what would have happened if Jonathan worked an economic ministry like agriculture or industry and commerce – would he still be as effective?

  15. We are waiting for Mr Chinamasa to boost our economy becoz he promised zimbabweans that.arikuti ndiye akuyisa us dllr saka hariendi

    • Chinamasa’s job is not to boost the economy just like it is not your job to wait on Chinamasa to boost the economy. You are on this earth to feed and protect your family while multiplying your talents and leaving an inheritance to the 4th generation regardless of who occupies the office of the Finance Ministry.

  16. Just like my name, we are semi-independent politically, economically and socially. There is very little difference between zanu pf and Smith’s government. A WISE PRESIDENT WILL DO IN 10 YEARS WHAT A FOOLISH PRESIDENT WILL DO IN 33 YEARS.

  17. @musona you is a fibber of note! Olivia Muchena was never a minister in Muzorewa’s government. She saved in the Prime Ministers office as a Perm Secretary. One thing of significance MRT did during the GNU government? Can’t think of any other than building his model urban residence, establishing a model rural irrigation scheme at his mother’s homestead and marrying a model wife in a wedding ceremony that wasn’t really a model ceremony. We are made richer collectively from having encountered Morgen! May his power soul rest in blissful oblivion!

  18. Allocate permanent numbered sitting to those who attended the opening session and consign the boycotters to an annex with a video link. Ensure game rangers officiate at the annex to control the monkeys. Space problem solved. Monkey antics solved. Parliamentary productivity up up hooray!

  19. surely this all that took place at yesterday Parliament proceedings. vakomana nyorayi wo zwese zvinenge zvaitika, some people read the daily news only. can we have a full report of what transpired so that we are informed. this account to me seems to be too brief.

  20. It surprises me that these boycotts who were voted into office for the purposes of serving the people actually abandoned the opening of the stage upon which they are to function and represent peoples interests. such incompetency is not acceptable l am beginning to wonder if they are fit for office. l believe they are not in parliament for themselves but for the people that put them in office. No wonder why they are quick to blame and point fingers its because they would have failed to participate on all the events expected of them. if they can boycott such an event are they ever going to be in parliament when us the public will not be informed of it. Buckle up ladies and gentlemen start executing your duties or this is the last of your political mile you and your party. No wonder why some believe this is ripe time for new opposition party.

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