NEWSFLASH: Minister Parirenyatwa speaks on child contraceptives


The Minister of Health and Child Care, David Parirenyatwa said it is not government’s policy to distribute contraceptives to children as young as 10 years old and his ministry was encouraging youths not to have sex before marriage.

Listen to the audio below.

Parirenyatwa who was flanked by his deputy, Paul Chimedza, the permanent secretary and the principal director for infectious disease, Gibson Mhlanga said this during a press conference in Harare to “clarify” government position on the matter.

His sentiments come in the wake of media reports at the weekend which implied that children aged 10 were being given contraceptives at 91 centres run by the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Centre. This had sparked an outcry from a cross-section of Zimbabwean society.


    • varume,whoever said this must be fired,ndizvo zvinoreva,perfomance based here zvekuti vanhu vanongowawata,vangani vana varikuita nhumbu viz avi vasingaite zvinoita warandi zvinotyisa kudaro,we need people who are responsible not kungowawata,thanks doc for clearing the air,zvakaoma sure

  1. thats basaically rubbish @ its most. You will not be preventing bt perpetrating. Who (1) is prepared to hv his/her 10 old doughter supplied with contraceptive pills. Bt for what. Kuwandirwa nezvekupa vana here, when they are not getting sanitary pads at skool.
    The legal age for statutory rape is anything less than 16 years so it will mean it be automatically abolished.
    Children are our minors and as such we should think for them. Lets go back to our culture thats the way we were brought up and it was good and proven to be so.
    Why are we letting technological trends spoiling our future generation. Do we hav culture what is our culture?
    Let the teachers be the godparents for our children as it used to be and abolish the so called rIgHts which have left even the biological fathers with no power over their offsprings. Children are growing wildly.
    Can a 10 yr old stick to a condom correctly and consistantly when a 25 yr is failing.
    You may prevent preganance to these infants bt leaving HIV for them.
    Let those with children decide the way and not crafting disaster for the nation in the name of the so called activism and weak and cheap civilisation.
    It will be a pity for sure to be a zimbabwean if such ill dreams are implemented by those.. at the top at the expense of the majority whose interest and voice are suppressed and regarded minor.

  2. Children who are born HIV positive are also fast to spread it because of mating with others at that tender age, most of you guys you have had premature sexes and imagine if it was at this age in time where a lot of children are under cotrimoxozal and ARV tablets would have not acquired the pandemic. it appears to be morally wrong but it safeguards our children from this killing pandemic, Thank you Parirenyatwa for thinking outside the box.

  3. Mwari pindirai ariwako mwana even full grown up ukamuwanikidza anemacondom muhomwe ungafara here.paita mabasa pano

  4. Minister ngavangotaura kuti muZimbabwe hatibvumiri macontraceptives kuvana chete, kwete kuswera vachiti it’s not government policy ivo varivo mukuru weMinistry. Vanenge varikuzvi supporta asi does not want to take responsibility. Minister, pliz be man enough and tell people that it won’t happen in Zimbabwe, NO contraceptives for children, NO homosexual in Zimbabwe, “FINISH” why beat about the bush, who are you afraid of.

  5. I personally think that the idea of teenagers using contraceptives is fine in the same that it reduces the spread of STI & HIV AIDS.Of course people might be against this idea but candidly speaking lets protect the future of the next generation period

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