New twist to Wendall fraud case


FORMER Big Brother Africa winner Wendall Parson’s mother wrote a letter of apology to Alliance Insurance (Pvt) Ltd after her son’s alleged attempt to defraud the insurance firm was picked up at the company’s risk department, a Harare magistrate heard yesterday.


Magistrate Elisha Makomo heard that Wendall’s mother, Gillian Jackson, tried to pay $5 000 to the insurance company as part of the apology for her son’s tendering of a false claim.

The State’s bid to present the letter as an exhibit through prosecutor Constance Ngombengombe was, however, thwarted after defence lawyer Harrison Nkomo submitted that there was no proof the letter was bona fide.

A police report had, however, already been made before the apology, the court heard during the trial of Wendall and his brother William on fraud charges.

Alliance Insurance manager Siphathisile Sibanda, who is the State’s witness, admitted under cross–examination that the cover they gave to Wendall created the impression he was insured.

Nkomo said once a person stuck to their car windscreen the small circle from the cover note, the police would be misled to believe that the vehicle had been insured.

“If you are alleging that the accused was not insured, are you saying Alliance was conniving with the accused person to circumvent the law?” Nkomo queried.

Sibanda, however, said the cover note was just a temporary document to allow a client to be mobile while they processed their insurance.

Allegations against the two arose on March 16 after William was involved in a car accident while driving Wendall’s vehicle, a Ford Ranger.

A report of the accident was made at Borrowdale Police Station and it is alleged on the day the accident occurred, Wendall’s vehicle was not insured.

On March 18, William allegedly went to insurance brokers where he applied for comprehensive insurance for the Ford Ranger together with two other trailers.

A few days after insuring the vehicle, it is alleged Wendall filed an insurance claim and attached fraudulent documents purporting that the accident occurred on March 28 when it had occurred on March 16.

The insurance company processed the claim and Wendall was to be given $23 750 for the vehicle.

The trial continues on September 17.


  1. Alliance insurance is owned by white people. They are a very good and honest company, both the car insurance and the health insurance.

      • Who would you rather be insured by? PSMAS or Alliance Health (coverage up to one million USD for treatment in Zimbabwe or South Africa).

        With PSMAS, even on there best medical aid plan, you cannot even get admitted into Avenues Clinic, a very good private hospital.

        • Lies you tell! Get your facts right! My aunt had radio therapy done in S.A on a PSMAS plan and it wasn’t even the best coverage. My dad stayed at St Anne’s for 5 nights and made a payment but was reimbursed. I could go on. What does PSMAS have to do with the issue at hand? Stick to the point.

  2. OK.If a company is owned by whites it is very good and honest.What if it is not?In Zimbabwe there are people who propagate racism and those who practise racism in reverse,vanhu ivava havadiwi muZimbabwe.Problem is that one sees a black person through the figure of a politician which is the greatest mistake one can make.

    • I didn’t say all white owned companies are good and honest. I know a white car dealer who is the most dishonest person I have ever met. I also know black business people who are honest, and some who are not. Honesty doesn’t have a colour. My statement about the company being 1) white owned, and 2) honest were and are separate statements. I wasn’t saying they are honest because they are white. Ok? I was merely pointing out that he targeted a white owned company that has an honest and solid reputation.

    • My point is that he targeted a company with a very solid reputation, one that pays immediately on legitamate insurance claims, and he chose that company for a reason: it is a white owned company and he though that if he was caught, they wouldn’t pursue charges due to racial loyalty.

      I am not being racist at all, what is with all the defensive remarks? Sorry if I didn’t explain my point clearly enough.

      Wendall thought he had chosen a soft target, an easy mark, a white owned company that wouldn’t file a police report if they caught him. He was wrong.

  3. Wendall will get away with it bcoz of the stupidity of the company. He can simply claim to have made a mistake in stating the date of the accident. This is very plausible bcoz by issuing the cover note which allowed him to be mobile the company inadvertently admits that he was insured as at the 16th. I am no lawyer but such technicalities are gaping loopholes and a lawyer of nkomo’s calibre can exploit this. The comment about the company being white owned is not clever though. They don’t seem to have conducted themselves in a clever manner as exposed by nkomo.

    • He applied for insurance after the accident, then lied about the date of the accident. Alliance insurace did nothing wrong and they are very “clever”, not just the owners but the employees, most of whom are black people

    • Indigenization and land reform are both neccesary, I agree with you wholeheartedly on that point, what I don’t agree with is you saying I know nothing, when you don’t even know me my friend

  4. johnny rotten, close your rotten mouth, you are irritating all of us. we are surprised to see that you still see color in people, heee white people, black owned company, bla bla bla. get a life dude.
    I agree with everyone that says you know nothing, coz u really know nix….stupid racist

  5. Johny Rotten is right even though it may not have been his intention to imply that black owned companies are fraudulent/useless. With the exception of a few companies like Econet show me any black owned company that (a) is not fraudulent/dishonest (b) hasn’t gone down/about to go down…from the “companies” that took over white owned farms to the biggest company of them all the Republic of Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd.

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