New twist to child condoms


The child contraceptives saga has taken a new turn with the Ministry of Health and Child Care instituting investigations into claims that the ministry had set up centres that were distributing contraceptives to children.


Minister David Parirenyatwa yesterday said his ministry had dispatched a team to investigate the claims that children as young as 10 years old were receiving condoms, birth control pills and other contraceptives at these centres.

Parirenyatwa made the disclosure during a parliamentary question-and-answer session after he was asked by Mutasa South MP Irene Zindi (Zanu PF) on what his ministry was doing with the 91 centres that were reported to be distributing contraceptives to adolescents.

“My ministry has already dispatched a team to investigate if these centres are there and I will bring a report in this House as soon as the investigations are over,” Parirenyatwa said.

On Tuesday, Parirenyatwa called a Press conference to dismiss statements attributed to his officials to the effect that contraceptives were being dispensed to adolescents.

This followed public outrage over the statements.

Industry and Commerce minister Mike Bimha also told Parliament that his ministry would push for the revival of Bulawayo as the country’s industrial hub through rolling out of the Distressed Industries and Marginalised Areas Fund (Dimaf).

Responding to a question by Hatfield MP, former Economic Planning and Investment Promotion minister Tapiwa Mashakada (MDC-T), on the initiatives to revive Bulawayo industries, Bimha said Dimaf did not succeed in reviving Bulawayo industries due to lack of funds and discord in the previous government.

“We are more than before prepared to revisit Dimaf not just in terms of facility, but implementation,” Bimba said.

On cheap Chinese goods that have flooded the market, Bimha said it was difficult to protect local manufacturers from the cheap goods if the country’s industrial sector was not functioning well.

“The trick is to get our industry ticking and get the goods that we want,” he said.

He said while his ministry was keen to protect local industry, Zimbabwe was also duty-bound to respect agreements made between the country and the regional trading groupings such as Sadc and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa.


  1. Why waste money investigating something that has been confirmed by a whole Director in his ministry. Be serious please.

  2. l have the feeling that ‘Everest’ is a very bad parent if at all you are as regards your comment above. Thanks for being a dumb and stupid parent anyway. Good day.

  3. Honourable Minister hw can this happen beyond you back ,are you in good books with your ministry or you are running your ministry over the cellphone ,i think you are suppossed to be one with a final say in every move being undertaken within your ministry,kana musingazvizive investigate and fire the ones who programmed this,sure mai ne mwanasikana votungamidzana kundobaiwa Depo,or mwana okumbira mai kuti mhamha ndipeiwo packet one rema contraceptive pills angu apera,aaaaah sure,iiiiii nehanda huya uoneeee!!

  4. I have worked under Parirenyatwa before. He was quite level headed. This time I dont know what really is getting into his head.

    Going back to the original article, I challenge Newsday to have provided solid proof of the existence of such centres to avoid denials by the Minister. Where were your cameras to take photos as well as voice recorders to record interviews? I am not saying you lied but next time invesigate these isues fully and have proof at hand.

    I dont want ne mwana wangu kuti apiwe macondom ne government. Let him do so out of child deliquence and nothing else. Ipai venyu zvinhu izvozvo ku ministry kwenyu ikoko.

  5. @ Everest, ndimi vamwe vevanhu vasina hunhu, who are hoping to take advantage of minors. Inga vakuru vati regai dzive shiri first, zai harina muto.

    So once again we have yet another resource-consuming investigation, whose results are certainly predictable?

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