New Cabinet has no hope for youths: Makoni


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s Cabinet presents no hope for youths in the country and is likely not to respond to the needs of the young people, Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn leader Simba Makoni has said.


Speaking during a discussion on Post 2013 Election — What next for the youth of Zimbabwe at Sapes Trust in Harare, Makoni said that Mugabe’s Cabinet faced a daunting task in addressing the needs of the youths.

“The appointment communicates Mugabe’s intention about governance of this country. We had a replacement of a younger minister with an older minister. If (Saviour) Kasukuwere at 42, failed to respond to the needs of the young people, how can (Francis) Nhema who is nearly 60 respond to the needs of the youths?” said Makoni.

“I was Minister of Youth in my 20s and Mujuru became the youngest Minister of Youth also in her 20s, but Nhema, I mean no disrespect, is a near geriatric minister. From this government, we may expect nothing different from what we saw in the last 33 years.”

Makoni said Mugabe was fond of interfering with the operations of ministries and reducing ministers into mere “megaphones” of his position.

He said Mugabe’s Cabinet did not have the capacity to revamp the economy and create jobs for the youths.

“If I look at where we are two months after elections, the challenges facing the people of Zimbabwe, in respect of how they earn a living, honestly, in broad daylight, there are overall impediments. The environment is hostile for entrepreneurship,” said Makoni, himself a businessman.

A human rights law student Pretty Mubaiwa said the government should come up with policies that benefit the youth.


  1. VaMakoni hamuna kusiyana nevanhu vamuri kushora. Zimbabwe is not made up of youth only, where we are now needs better things for all ages, a complete turnaround. Chimavambo chenyu was an impediment to better lives for all in 2008 when you decided to take away 5% of the vote from Tsvangirai and debarred him from marching to state house. You are the biggest calprit nyarara apa! Hausikuona kuti Nhema is a moderate who can impliment the indigenisation policy zvinopa vanhu confidence here!

  2. It’s a pity most MDC peeps and other disgruntled peeps can’t see that Makoni is the best hope for meaningful change in Zim. This guy has far more credibility to lead the country than anyone else in opposition at the moment. At least it is possible he could actually win or rather be allowed to win unlike the rest of the current crop.

    • Couldn’t agreed more, none of these guys are prefect but cabinet with those guys and vanaAGO, Biti, Coltart etc would be much more appealing than what Zanu PF is offering in terms of taking us forward. I suspect some of the more moderate Zanu PF guys could also be persuaded to join such a formation. I wish the Opposition people would grow up come together and actually think about taking Zim forward instead of just complaining about being cheated.

    • no other party will win under the current conditions. The problem now is how to prevent rigging of future elections, because SADC has sanctioned rigging, as long as there is minima violence.

      • One of the reasons the other parties cannot win and why it is easy for Zanu PF to “rig” is that the opposition forces are not united. I just feel Zim needs a leader who can hold the centre ground (third way?). I only suggest Makoni cos he seems to be best placed to achieve this. Also as a former politburo member he should presumably have some working knowledge of how “rigging” takes place and therefore stop it from happening. As things stand we are no closer to knowing how exactly Mugabe got 1 million more votes than MT.

  3. What youths! Who cares about them! They are used as hunting dogs by the oldies to terrorise citizens! Thereafter, give busukwa and let them get drunk!

  4. Sir Makoni, if our youths get meaningful empowerement, who is going to carryout our ludicrous border gezi dirty-works? no, we want them to remain vagrants who will continue to grab whatever they dont own for themselves. honestly, they will be our weapon to intimidate people and if they get empowered, where will they get time to toyi-toyi around the country?

    • Please explain to us how this rigging happened in front of representatives of all parties who were present before, during and after the votes were cast and also during counting and tallying numbers. All party representatives confirmed the numbers were correct before ZEC announced the results wanhi.

      • @scotv- you are asking that question to people who never voted. I know their answer is mutating ballots, use of special ink etc yet during voting we were using eversharp ball point pens(mutating eversharp!!!), ma agents avo angaaripo, ma election officer were chosen randomly from mostly civil servants. Are they saying all civil servants are Zanu Pf, All agents including ve MDC-T & MDC ndeve Zanu PF then if thats so, saka hapana chekuchema coz munhu wese ndewe Zanu PF!!!! Its clear kuti vese varikuti rigging rigging havana ku voter!!!!

  5. Guys let’s focus on our mind on rebuilding the nationI’m surprised they are some people who are speaking hate speech guys,united we stand and divided we fall,our leaders are chosen by God weather we like it or not,so let’s forget about the past and work for the future,we can not built our nation with the past mistakes,let’s have a mind of oneness,if we hate our nation then who can love love it,this is an appealing to the M.D.C.T,mr Tsvangirai why don’t comprise and work together with president R.G Mugabe ,for the people of Zimbabwe to have one mind,towards building our nation is one people ………

  6. Guys let’s focus our mind on rebuilding the nation,i’m surprised they are some people who are speaking hate speech, guys let’s unite and work together,there’s a statement which say united we stand and divided we fall,our leaders are chosen by God weather we like it or not, let’s forget the past and work for the future,we can not built our nation with the past mistakes,let’s have a mind of oneness,and do our best for our nation,this is an appealing to M.D.C.T why don’t you compromise and work together with the government ,for the people of Zimbabwe to have one mind,towards building our nation is one people ………if you don’t do it as a part people will loose hope and faith in you..what our people need is to have a bright future not refusing to work with the government…i love people who respect and honor our cabinet not complaining, kungotaurawo…… zvandinoona…..kwete kungotuka nekushora hakuvake chinhu…

    • You are right Chigpofu, you will die a teamzanupf!! And you know what that mean? You will die nothing and in the very near future for that matter.

  7. Fellow Zimbabweans please take note of what I am saying in very simple terms.
    The so called stoogie negative opposition polical parties are looking for chance to start violence which will cause unnecessary injuries and deaths to our people. You know the whites’ culture says, ” when there is blood in the streets, that’s the time to make money”. That’s why the west has created chaos everywhere in the middle east and Africa. Sadly, Tswangison is blind to reality. He needs to check and note how they treated the other puppets like, Saddam, Tsvombe, Mubarak, and lately Dr. Jonasi Savimbi. Vamwe vachava nyama yemagora soon.

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