Ncube lands international music rights post


ZIMBABWE Music Rights Association (Zimura) boss Polisile Ncube has been appointed executive chairperson of the African Committee of International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (Cisac).

By Silence Charumbira

Ncube was elevated last Friday at a meeting in Malawi after serving as the deputy chair for a year.

Formed in Paris, France, in 1926, Cisac is a group of over 120 collecting societies from different countries all over the world.

Ncube said she was recognised for her sterling work through Zimura over the years as a collecting society in the country.

“My appointment, despite it being an honour, brings a lot of hope for local artistes,” she said.

“A country is never taken seriously until it holds a significant position and now that we chair the African executive the plight of Zimbabwean artistes will be taken seriously.

“There are different countries with unique problems depending on their level of development and as Africans we will do the best to make sure that our plight is addressed.”

Ncube jokingly said instead of the purported horrors of Friday the 13th, she found herself mesmerised at her achievement as she was appointed on such a day.

“I have been in collective administration for 17 years.

“When we collected royalties in Zimbabwean dollars a few years ago, our input to the international organisation was minimal because our quintillions would amount to very little foreign currency.

“Now that we are using the US dollar, I think we have become very influential on international levels.”


  1. from a country where they have failed to combat piracy comes a person who chairs a broader portfolio – haaa we ought to be serious

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