Name, shame thieves Mr President


After appointing Cabinet last week President Robert Mugabe has begun making moves to make sure the government works and get the people that he has entrusted with running the country to deliver.

NewsDay Editorial

He has put aside his passionate personal hatred for Western countries for the good of the country — declaring he would push for normalisation of relations and get into economic engagement with his erstwhile enemies.

This realisation that arrogance and stiff-necked obduracy does not pay and can only harm his country further is highly commendable. While it is true that the East is now a major economic world power, it would be foolhardy to seek to turn one’s back on the West. Fact of the matter is that the East itself is looking West while the West too is looking East in this global village. All of Africa is looking both East and West just as the rest of the world looks to Africa.

So, it is only a fool that would expect to benefit from squatting alone in some corner, stubbornly looking in one direction because of some ill-conceived ego or misplaced pride. You cannot be a good father that insults his neighbours to whom he turns to the following morning asking for food for his starving family.

And, to make sure the people he has put in Cabinet do not continue to consider corruption as “business as usual”, Mugabe has stood firm against the vice. On the day he swore-in Cabinet, the President said, much as he did not condone corruption, it was difficult to point out where the vice is and to uproot it because the rotten officials were often too clever to get caught.

He has, however, shown he is determined to do away with the rot by making reality the establishment of the National Prosecuting Authority and openly declaring war on corruption.

“My government will exercise zero tolerance to the scourge of corruption,” he said. “The composition of the Anti-Corruption Commission will also be aligned to the new Constitution, while anti-corruption commissioners will be required to adhere to a strict code of ethics and to also publicly declare their personal interests.”

We know it is almost an impossible feat to clean government of corruption, but there is evidence now of genuine attempts to clampdown on the vice. There are hardcore corruption masters in the Cabinet that Mugabe has appointed and even were he to take them one by one every morning washing corruption smudges off them, his present Cabinet troops can never be squeaky clean. Corruption has become a form of life to a good number of them.

But if he keeps the momentum, cracks the whip the way he appears determined to, and name and shame the rotten crooks in public as he did on Tuesday, then his efforts will go a long way in taming our wild looters and plunderers.

Talking about the venom he spewed at the Tuesday luncheon, dealing blinding blows to corrupt officials in his party, President Mugabe may just have opened a Pandora’s box. The names mentioned in his angry corruption exposure could just be little fish while the amount involved, $6 million is likely to turn to be nothing but petty cash, compared to the real money that we may soon hear about.


  1. Editor, you like mugabe too much and yu want to try to make us like him too but pfutseki mhani. Why ddnt he start by NOT appointing chombo to that ministry? Ko obidient son? What about bthe chines companies in chiadzwa that are not paying taxes to treasury? Mugabe is a thief himself even if you like him editor we wont be fooled.

  2. Act 1.
    Scene 1.
    Mugabe makes a gaffe. The charges are at each other’s throat. Masimirembwa is found dead. Police are investigating. Suicide is suspected.

  3. iwe unopenga the President himself is saying kuti this is only the biggest bigining of such corrupt our society to clep down such roggie elements

  4. How splendid hw gooood hey kutaura basi work work words words.VaGdwls vato counter alredy regaunzwe zvako.Will not see any prosecution apa zvakamboitika kune amwe magamba.

  5. A lot of the top hierarchy are very corrupt. Imagine 33years after independence our government does not look after the elderly in the rural areas and even in urban areas. Its just so hard for me to believe that Mr. Mugabe does not condone corruption yet he praised people like Kumbirai Kangai whom we all know that they were thieves. Even people like Obert “Dumbuguru” Mpofu and Servior “Tyson” Kasukuwere. Is the president really serious about fighting corruption in the country? Look on what is happening in our road blocks on daily basis not forgetting the V.I. D. Its high time this comes to an end Mr. President.

  6. look, the republic has taxpayer funded institutions that are paid to check and balance our income and expenditure and the comptroller/auditor general can deliver us from cock and bull rumours so sit on him/her while as well reviewing the wisdom in continuing the uniformed impromptu toll gate operations happening all over the place !!

  7. Mugabe just likes waffling but will never arrest anyone. He likes those things that grab headlines but if he was serious about corruption why did he bring Obert Mpofu and Ignatious Chombo back to his cabinet. People are being hoodwinked by Matibili. I tell you if Masimirembwa was MDC-T that’s when you would have known how swift arrests are done, ZANU(PF) style. By now he would be in solitary confinement in Chikurubi in leg irons. The mafia will never abandon looting never.


  9. Mugabe will never do what he preaches remember just before elections he said will not appoint losing candidates as ministers but he appointed Jona Moyo . If Mugabe is serious about corruption he waste not suppose to bring back the worst corrupt criminals like kasukuwere ,chombo and mpofu.

  10. Mugabe fully knows that us Zimbabweans we are stupid 2 the core. 1. We voted 4 him when he nd Grace voted 4 Tsvangirai. 2. on the inception of GNU civil servants were told dat wat we ur givng u s nt a salary but an allowance till now no servant had bothered 2 ask. etc

  11. mugabe is serious. read cont mhlanga’s opinion on mugabe’s cabinet and then you will understand what this guy robert is up to. the opposition is too sleepy. mugabe is already preparing for 2018 and has already gone far ahead. he is also working at having his wife or daughter coming in on bourd by then. while we are still crying rigged elections. so bad. remember he, his wfe and joice mujuru are the only people who truly campaigned during the past election. remember he is not ready to give until maybe the zimbabwean money has his head or so. to him the north korean style of rule or so is what he is aiming for. tsvangirai at this stage will not be able to stop him. maybe biti can try that why mugabe is more scared of him than tsvangirai.

  12. problem yedu ndeyekutanga kupembera kana munhu ataura INSTEAD OF KUPEMBERA KANA MUNHU AITA. Lets watch and see whether we will have any corruption prosecutions at all. TO YOUR SURPRISE YOU WILL HAVE ANTI-CORRUPTION PERSONNEL BEING ARRESTED INSTEAD !!!

  13. Mugabe would never fight corruption because he is the main culprit. If he is serious then he abd mugabe should give up 13 of the 14 farms they took since her said there should be one farm per family. He and his cronies should also seytle their Zesa bills and ensure those who don’t pay are switched off.

    He should stop withdrawing $3 million every time he travels to Malaysia for treatment and reduce the size of jis delegations when he travels. He should start paying taxes.

    Those who looted the war victims compensation fund were exposed by the Chidyausiku commission were never punished. Some like Hunzvi, Zvinavashe and John Nkomo were even buried at heroes acre. He sleeps with was the biggest looter of the civil servants housing fund to which she hadn’t contributed a single cent.

    So, if Mugabe means it, let’s us see him have the culprits whose names are already known brought to book. What we have witnessed in stead is the arrest of anti-corruption officials for daring to investigate Mpofu and Goche. Let’s face it, our President is a joke.

  14. In corruption terms Zimbabwe is only second to Nigeria in the whole world. Mugabe is just taking cheaply- No one will ever get arrested for corruption

  15. Mugabe was it not you who told your own MP’s Quote ( I know some of you are corrupt ). Well what action was taken??? Zip of course as per usual. Infact pease correct me if i am wrong but i dont recall a single prosecution in the last 33 years under your watch. NOT BAD for a country that is one of the most corrupt on the planet.Take a look in the mirror in the morning and you will see Zimbabwe’s No 1 Corrupt person. GET REAL.

  16. For the longest time stories in the media have claimed that those around the Boss are the corrupt and bad ones, that he is misinformed and that they tell him what he want to here. The picture they try to give is that he himself is clean, he is above reproach and on and on it goes trying to sanitize and sanctify him…. I have my strong doubts about that version of the story. Even the title on this story here, ”Name and Shame the thieves Mr. President” has the same patronizing and he is clean attitude.

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