Mwonzora appeals for court’s protection


MDC–T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora yesterday appealed for the court’s protection after the State sought to press ahead with a matter in which he was accused of theft by conversion after the complainant had withdrawn the matter.


Harare magistrate Temba Kuwanda postponed the matter to September 12 to allow the State, represented by Daniel Muchimbiri, to seek directions on the way forward.
Mwonzora told the court that the matter was meant to persecute him. He said: “I am being persecuted in this matter and I need protection from this court against abuse by State officials.”

Allegations against Mwonzora were that in 1999, the complainant, Lameck Kunjeku, bought a Mazda 626 vehicle from one R Masuku. In 2001, the car was recovered as stolen property by detectives from Bulawayo although at that time the complainant was staying in Masvingo.

In the same year, the complainant engaged the accused who was practising as a lawyer, to sue Masuku for Z$300 000.

Judgment was given in favour of the complainant, but the complainant’s lawyer did not execute the judgment since Masuku was in jail. The money took so long to be paid to the complainant until 2006 when they had a misunderstanding over what should now be paid.

The complainant then made a report to the police. Efforts to get a judgment from the Bulawayo High Court proved fruitless as the files were said to be in the archives whose filing system was shambolic.

The Z$300 000 was converted to Z$3 million and offered to the complainant, but he turned it down.


    • The most foolish I have ever heard. Do we have so much time to waste? What of all those languishing in remand prisons awaiting trial? If it’s not Tsvangirai’s wife, then a witch hunt for all that are in opposition? And I came back thinking we entering a new era? To develop and move Zimbabwe forward? Cry the beloved country. A far cry from what I hoped independence would bring when we defeated Smithy!

      • Dont hide behind politics. Mbavha imbavha. Ngaape munhu mari yake. The money was paid and Mwonzora used a client’s money. Zimbabwe moving forward doesnt mean people getting away with crime.

  1. @Dr Kuraivanavevhu – Smith was far much better than what we are seeing now, he had his sins yes but better tormented by a white man than a fellow black man.

      • Hapana ati anoda mari. Muzvina nyaya (the complainant) told the court point blank that he is not interested in the matter – and he had previously withdrawn the case. The complainant also never said Mwonzora took the money. Taps kusanzwisisa rondedzero ndiko wairowerwa naTicha kuchikoro. Kwana

  2. Matter borders on abuse of the courts…asking the same judiciary he condemns everyday iye akaba, what an ex-honourable WANACHI find another party spokesman, how many thieves and fraudsters are behind bars for similar cases? Sekuru Dougie, nharo dzinemubairo

  3. This same story was reported by the daily news. Interestingly it included this little tid bit that newsday conveniently left out :

    ” The court heard that Mwonzora later
    received the money from Masuku’s relative
    in 2005 and failed to remit it to Kunjeku. ”

    Newsday, please suspend this writer, otherwise we’ll conclude this shoddy journalism is being done with your consent.

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