Mutare fails to pay workers


MUTARE City Council is struggling to clear its salary arrears with workers having received their July salaries last week.


Town clerk Obert Muzawazi confirmed the development last Thursday, saying workers were still owed four months’ salaries.

“We will pay for April, May and June when we get another windfall. Salaries are our first priority for now,” said Muzawazi.

Since last year, the council has been experiencing cashflow problems and the situation was worsened by the recent directive by Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo ordering all local authorities to write off residents’ water and rates arrears dating back to 2009.Mutare was owed more than $20 million by residents, business entities and government institutions.

Combined Mutare Residents and Ratepayers’ Association projects co-ordinator Desmond Mwedzi said the association was taking the non-payment of salaries seriously as service delivery had been affected.

“This is actually impacting negatively on service delivery and concrete decisions should be taken and implemented before it’s too late.”

Mutare Residents and Ratepayers’ Association’s David Mutambirwa said more avenues should be explored to allow the city’s revenue base to grow to avoid challenges such as non-payment of workers.

He also said the situation was now affecting service delivery as the greatest asset of service delivery, workers, was being incapacitated.

Calls have been made on different platforms challenging diamond mining companies to chip in and bankroll some of the city’s projects.


  1. what could be the problem for Mutare city council ? Is it not financial mismanagement ? For some years now l have not seen any audited report of the council as a measure of transparency . What has the slashing of bills have anything to do with non- payment of salaries back dating to almost four moths ? People must not hide behind their fingers

    The sacking of former Mutare mayor Brian James had to do with corruption at the civic centre because he continuously kept on demanding for an audit of council financial affairs , which earned him the sacking,

    So why not have a public report on its financial dealings first so that residents can see their operations ?.

    • The main problem is Chombo. I remember at some point the council, under Brian James, advertised in the papers looking for external auditors for the council’s operations. however, he earned enemies by so doing and this resulted in him being fired by the councils’ number 1 enemy, Chombo. its unfortunate that transparency its something Zanu PF doesn’t know and if u try to be transparent u become their enemy as they say its a western concept which does not apply in Zimbabwe.

  2. Its the trend for most local authorities, Chitungwiza has not paid its workers for several months too. The problem is Chombo’s interference in the running of local authorities. Corrupt councillors get fired by their political parties and the minister protects them through the urban councils Act. Hameno chegore rino tichamwiswa mvura inetsvina.

  3. Eat your fists Cdes, haikonai kuchema vanhu idyai zvibhakera zvenyu munyerere, bhora Mughedhe benefits kikikikikikikiki………

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