IN MULTIMEDIA: Zimbabwe’s new cabinet

Ignatius Chombo

A month after his Zanu PF party’s electoral victory, President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday afternoon announced his new Cabinet – whittled down from 33 ministers to 26.

Listen to the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Misheck Sibanda announcing the new Cabinet.

Report by Online Reporter.
All pictures by Shepherd Tozvireva

Ignatius Chombo
Ignatius Chombo

The list, which contains a few surprises, has seen former Justice and Legal Affairs minister Patrick becoming the new Finance minister charged with the responsibility to turn around the country’s struggling economy.

Jonathan Moyo
Jonathan Moyo

Jonathan Moyo, who lost the Tsholotsho North parliamentary seat to MDC-T’s Roselyne Nkomo, has been appointed Media, Information and Broadcasting Services minister, replacing Zanu PF national political commissar Webster Shamu who is now the Information and Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services minister.

Douglas Mombeshora, Lands and Rural Settlement.
Douglas Mombeshora, Lands and Rural Settlement.

Moyo’s new appointment marks his political come back after he held the portfolio in the early 2000s before his brief exit from Zanu PF.

Simon Khaya Moyo, Senior Minister without portfolio
Simon Khaya Moyo, Senior Minister without portfolio

In a surprise announcement, Saviour Kasukuwere, who has been heading the Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment ministry, has been moved to the newly-consolidated Environment, Water and Climate with Francis Nhema replacing him.

Former Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa- who is among those reportedly interested in succeeding Mugabe- has been moved to the Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs ministry.

Sydney Sekeramayi takes over the Defence portfolio.

Simon Khaya Moyo, Senior Minister without portfolio
Simon Khaya Moyo, Senior Minister without portfolio

Obert Mpofu is the new Transport and Infrastructural Development minister replacing Nicholas Goche who is now heading the Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare ministry.

Andrew Langa, Sport, Arts and Culture minister
Andrew Langa, Sport, Arts and Culture minister

The Mines ministry is now in the hands of newcomer Walter Chidhakwa.

Ignatius Chombo has retained his Local Government, Public Works and National Housing ministry whileJoseph Made got another mandate to lead the Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation portfolio.

Kembo Mohadi
Kembo Mohadi

Kembo Mohadi and Sithembiso Nyoni have both retained the Home Affairs and Small and Medium Enterprises and Co-operation development ministries respectively, while Walter Mzembi remains at the helm of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry ministry.

Simbarashe Mumbengegwi also retained the Foreign Affairs Minister position.

Click here for the full list of ministers.
NewsDay will follow up with their profiles.


  1. The appointment of Chombo at Local Government is a clear indication that Mugade is not at all serious about tackling corruption. Nhema has been in business, hopefully he will not be abrasive about indegeniation.

  2. Thank Mr President this is a powerful cabinet full of experience.I Pray that our cabinet will put God first so that our nation will be in the hands of God to prosper.

  3. the appointment of Jonathan moyo to his former post is very bad for independent media by the end of his five year term we might not have any independent media,and kasukuwere for water resources its a disaster of the decade.

  4. Death of media in Zimbabwe is confirmed by the appointment of the nut professor. In fact most of the cabinet is recycled human poo.

    • Call it the nitrogen cycle. For centuries, (human, animal, bird) poo has fertilized those lands that feed you. Anything wrong with YOUR recycled poo?

  5. We have a great president and a great cabinet. This year we will get a lot done! It is an amazing time to be a Zimbabwean.

  6. This old man really has taken us by storm. Of all people why Chombo? Is Mugabe crazy. Chete anagitawo sei iyo corruption iri muma veins e Zanupf saka any corrupt idiot can be a minister in Mugabe’s government. Saviour anzi achimbo tuhwina hu Hitler hupere ne makarwe. The old donkeys what can you expect. This cabinet shows where we are going, nowhere. Anyway congrats to walter my clasmate at Kutama, its good to be related to the big guy handiti, at leats you also qualify hope you don’t do the dumbuguru thing. Ko iye Mpofu aiswa kupi zviya?

  7. Kasukuwere min of Environment, Water and Climate. kikikikiki Min of Climate ?
    Ukati zvamudhara zvichiri zvoga izvozvi ? cHINAMASA -fINANCE?? Made -Agriculture??
    Jonso ?? Jendkufa rako mhani mudhara .

  8. didmus mutasa—–presidential affairs.what is all that.maybe ndiye anenge achiona kuti ndege yapresident yagezwa mushe here and haina nhunzi mukati kana president voenda kusingapore.Uyezve ndiye anoona kuti mavhiri emotorcade ane mweya wakakwana here

  9. ‘Senior’ Minister. . .isn’t this crazy? But then. . .aren’t there supposed to be a 2nd VP in govt.

    Ko kubviswa kudefence woitwa justice minister, hakusi kuclipwa mawings here??

    Which faction has become stronger here?? Ko kaukonde vamu shaira portfolio??

    • Where are we going Zimbabwe, now all university graduates are loitering rather than being employed, would you consider giving these graduates safe grants as self starter capitals if you are really there for Indeginisation. Would you be able to fight the interior corruption by the likes of Mnangagwa, Chombo, Mpofu and their colleagues. Full of of corruption at V.I.D, to have a license, you should first surrender $300-$500 for bribery while these are government institutions, Who really shall monitor the end of this?

  10. Zviso zvitsva zviri kuvatevedzeri vamakurukota; pamwe uku ndiko kupinda kwevechidiki vachazokura kuva makurukota. Kungoti makore avo ekuzvarwa haana kutaurwa pano. Zvinganaka fani kuzonzwa nhoroondo yevatsva vapinda nhasi. Chipinge yapinda nana Mlambo.

    Tongai Muzenda apinda semutevedzeri wegurukota, kutevera tsoka dzabambo. Uku ndiko kutanga kuona baba nemwana pamazita emakurukota kubva Zimbabwe yawana rusununguko. Tongai Muzenda akadzidza paUniversity of Zimbabwe uye igodzi (veteran) reAnglo American uko akashanda makore mazhinji mubazi rekutengesa simbi.

    Madzimai vapinda semakurukota kana vatevedzeri vavo igumi; nhamba yavo ichiri shoma. Zvinotaridza sokuti musharukwa vane vepedyo vazhinji vaasingarase vagodza muhurumende makore mazhinji. Totarisira kuti makurukota aya vachazama kushandura zvehupfumi kuti nyika ibudirire. Bazi rezveMuduso (finance) rabatwa negweta zvakare rakabatwa naPatrick Chinamasa; tinokushuvirai kushanda kwakanaka Wasu, muduso ukukwanirei gurukota rezveMuduso.

    Hanzi netsumo ”Kutaura mudzikisirwa, kuita makata”.

  11. thot the saying ‘new wine in old wine skins’ wld describe this.. But truth b told this is ‘old wine in old rotten wineskins which r are to burst’ wait n see the Nation go down….

  12. the mission must not be wrongfully defined as was originally propagated about ‘indegenisation’.
    you see, definition is key to finding an answer to our country’s psychosomatic illness if you see what I mean.
    read the bible, it will scare the hell out of you !!

  13. It’s now zanu in charge & in full control of the economy. I just cant wait to see how they steer the economy in a good direction, after putting much blame on the mdc. But then again, there are still sanctions hey!!!

  14. ko hanti Jonathan joyo ndiye wekumboti 100% local content here uyu. Akomana tichamama chete isusu. Apa ana chombo vongoramba vachidya mari dzema infill avasingazive kt anowanikwa pai? Akomana akomana akomana zvirikuuya idisaster chaiyo. Hameno kuti sekuru Mugabe vakufunga chii chaizvi izvo. Pamwe kuchembera toti!

  15. “Now that the Diesel Cabinet is in place, i can now provide some Consulting services”
    -Mbuya Rotina

  16. This cabinet is just recycling raw sewer, these guys have been around all these years nothing new was delivered, Sorry Mpofu, now how are you going to buy Victoria Falls as u were doing under mining industry maybe with car parts!!!!

  17. Yes! This is it vakomana, the indegenous mission. No more lane changing mungapinza vanhu munjodzi namagonyeti ebasa amapuwa aya. masvutu amajayira chitongorashayi zvenyu mupinde parwendo mumasango and uplift the lives of the majority in rural areas. Ma PRESS STATEMENT monoita ikoko kuruzhinji rweZimbabwe. Tangayi kwaCHIVI !!

  18. Chombo and Jonah, here comes trouble. The media freedom that was beginning to sprout will indeed be nipped in the bud, bombings and all! As for Chombo, brace yourself urbanites, your elected councils will count for nothing for the next five years.

  19. so why dd the country wasted millions of dollars in having ‘elections’ when the president knew very well that he was going to recycle the same old rubbish? After all Jonathan Moyo and Joseph Made lost, a clear sign that they are not only a failure unwanted by their own, yet they still find their way to the Augusto House. Why didnt the president simply appoint people rather than calling for a time wasting phase refered to as 2013 election?

  20. ka baba jukwa kano dhakwa ne ZED, hezvo Jona aripo. kikiki, zvitaitai zvinotenda muna baba jukwa/used durex taurai tinzwe.

  21. This cabinet belongs in the circus.Mugabe ari kuita mafanizi nenyika.Brace for tougher times.Its going to be very bumpy zimbos.

  22. So Khaya Moyo has been offered something temporary to hold on to until the Gukurahundi Congress that will confirm him as deputy president? He should prepared for his journey to the Gukurahundi Heroes Acre very soon – in that position, death is certain!!

  23. Finance Minister Chinamasa .P needs to immediately attend to his personality that is rather aggressive at critical times at the detriment of Finance national affairs at times. What he needs is an inclusive spirit thts has in much of an ear more than talking, we need global input into our economy in many forms.. it’s about the country,the people, development, ultimately national empowerment that is consistent… i plead for personality softening your honourable Minister.

  24. Chombo Ignatius’s reappointment is a DISASTER……….I REPEAT CHOMBO’S RE-APPOINTMENT IS A DISASTER ladies and gentlemen because we are going to witness corruption at its worst again as the man is well known for that.Lets hope everyone knows this and hazvidi kupfeka magirazi kuti muone kana kuziva nokuti even a grade zero pupil knows that.Joke of the century kikikikikikikikikikikikikikiii ndaseka zvangu Cde President.

  25. Lets leave it there guys. i am just proud to be Zimbabwean. Lets all put our heads together to build this our beloved country. The president has done everything for us.

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