Multimedia: Great honour for Tuku

Oliver Mtukudzi

Tonight Oliver Mtukudzi will be treated like a king when fellow artistes take turns to honour and revere him on stage during a tribute dinner to be held at the Rainbow Towers Hotel ahead of a big concert tomorrow at the Harare International Conference Centre.


One of the organisers of the event, Josh Hozheri, said Mtukudzi would sit on stage as other musicians, backed by his Black Spirits, perform for him.

Watch Tuku speak about his latest album below:

“The show will be divided into three sets of which the first one will have Tuku sitting on the stage while different musicians come in to sing his songs backed by the Black Spirits,” Hozheri said.

“After the first phase, Tuku will then get into the changing room and come back to perform with his band as well as the visiting artistes after which Sulu will then finish off the gig.”

Hozheri, who would deliver a speech on behalf of promoters, said the event would have a line-up of representatives who would make speeches on behalf of different people that have worked with Tuku.

Hugh Masekela_Tuku

“His friends, the likes of Hugh Masekela, are already in the country while representatives from the media, venue owners, record companies and many others will be given a chance to make speeches,” he said.

He said the strictly-by-invitation dinner would also be attended by local musicians like Sulumani Chimbetu, Alick Macheso and Jah Prayzah among many others.

The FBC Bank-sponsored celebrations spill into tomorrow with a high-profile gig pencilled in for the Harare International Conference Centre.


Masekela, who will tonight be the guest of honour, is expected to thrill fans tomorrow sharing the stage with Kenya’s Erick Wainaina and Suzanna Awiyo, South Africans Judith Sephuma and Steve Dyer, and Mozambican Stewart Sukuma.

Stewart Sukuma_Tuku

Watch Tuku and Stewart Sukuma in the recording studio below:

Eric Wainaina_Tuku

A host of local artistes will also be performing at the gig including Alexio Kawara, Prudence Katomeni-Mbofana, Cynthia Mare, Junior Brown, Munya Mataruse, Tariro Ruzvidzo, Ba Shupi, Ammara Brown, Tehn Diamond, Family Voices, Prayer Soul, Courtney Rusike and Jean Masters.

Tehn Diamond_Tuku



The events have been organised to celebrate Tuku’s birthday. The musician turned 61 on September 22.


  1. Tuku is a musician par excellence, whose thrust is apolitical music and that has earned great respect. Kwete zvanaMapfumo zvekupanduka-panduka, haazivi zvaanoda Mukanya.

  2. This is a great show coming , i am persoanally moved by the idea that we showing our support and love to the legend whilst he is still with us.

    His music definately can start a positive topic in south Africa , tinotenda VaMutukudzi!!!!!!

  3. Changlong11, brother/sister I fail to see where Thomas Mapfumo “panduka panduka-rd”. From the start of Mapfumo’s musical career he has always commented on political issues. During the days of Rhodesia he churned out songs like “Tondo Tumira Vana kuHondo” whose message centred on the need to fight the liberation war because of the injustices of white minority rule in Rhodesian. His songs frequently got him in trouble with the Ian Smith & Abel Muzorewa govts.

    Turn the page to after independence. For some years Mukanya felt he had ne reason to release songs with political & socio connotations. Then he went on to dish out songs like “Corruption”, “Jojo” and many others because he felt there was need for such songs due to the political and socio climate pertaining in the country. After which he felt his life threatened and moved to where he is now domiciled.

    Mutukudzi also has been very constant. From the start of his career he decided not to let his music provide commentary on political issues. From the days of Rhodesia to now. Where he has dished out something mildly perceivable as carrying any political connotations he has always been careful to cut himself enough slack to reach an escape. Remember “Bvuma”.

    I therefore fail to see where Mukanya panduka-rd. Maybe you can enlighten me more and I hope in doing so you will generate more light than heat…unless of course you are implying that being a critic of the current political establishment is tantamount to kupanduka.

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