Mugabe, United States tiff deepens


President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF says it is not worried by the United States’ decision yesterday to maintain sanctions against Zimbabwe, but confirmed Mugabe’s threats to retaliate.

Report by Dumisani Sibanda

The United States yesterday said it will not lift the travel and economic embargoes imposed on Mugabe’s regime over a decade ago.

Australia and the European Union, who have imposed the same punitive measures against Mugabe and his government, have said they would only reconsider their position after going through the full report by Sadc and the African Union on the disputed July 31 elections.

In a statement to NewsDay yesterday, US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton said his government did not agree with the Sadc Election Observer Mission report which hailed the July 31 polls as “generally credible” and an “expression of the will of the people”.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo yesterday said his party was used to the sanctions which they had lived with for a long time and had proved that they cannot collapse a Zanu PF government. He said as such, the party was not worried about the sanctions issue and was currently concentrating on the formation of a new Zanu PF government.

Gumbo said: “Really, there is no need to keep on talking about elections. Sadc said the elections were credible and we go by that. The elections are now water under the bridge. We are now concentrating on forming the new government and working on ways to develop the country — attracting investment into the country. We have endured the sanctions and they did not bring down the government. They (US) can do what they want. ”

Asked if the government would carry out the threats of retaliation issued by Mugabe, Gumbo said: “When we take action on their companies, we will tell you.”

Mugabe too expressed skepticism over the removal of sanctions. He said during his inauguration that he doubted if the West would remove the sanctions.

“We have been under sanctions for a decade and three years,” Mugabe said. “Most likely we shall remain under these sanctions for much longer. But we have held our own.”

A few days later, at the burial of Mike Karakadzai at the national shrine, Mugabe threatened to hit back at the West if they maintained sanctions on his government.

“They should not continue to harass us, the British and Americans,” he said. “We have not done anything to their companies here. The British have several companies in this country, and we have not imposed any controls, any sanctions against them, but time will come when we will say well, tit-for-tat, you hit me I hit you.”

On Monday, the head of the Sadc Election Observer Mission Tanzanian Foreign Affairs minister Bernard Mwembe said the elections were “peaceful, free and generally credible” and urged the United States and Britain to lift sanctions on Zimbabwe.

But Wharton yesterday said while the US government acknowledged the peaceful nature of the polls it remained concerned over other aspects.

“Shortcomings in the voter registration process, access to State media, partisanship of some elements of the security sector and the lack of transparency in the voters’ roll prevent us from seeing the election as a credible expression of the will of the Zimbabwean people,” said Wharton.

“US imposes visa restrictions on a small number of Zimbabweans, and prohibits American business transactions with those individuals. The reasons for those targeted sanctions are laid out in Executive Order 13288 of March 6, 2003, which President (Barack) Obama extended for one year on March 1, 2013.”

Wharton said the Zimbabwe Economic and Democracy Recovery Act enacted in the US in 2001 was in response to “concerns about democratic processes, respect for human rights and breakdown of the rule of law in Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe has made progress on some of these issues since 2001, but the basic concerns remain relevant. We look forward to further progress in ensuring that all Zimbabweans have a voice in the nation’s political affairs, that the basic rights of all are respected, and that justice is available to all.”

The US diplomat, however, said his country would continue to support “rational, sustainable and equitable economic development”.


  1. We need to move on from this relationship by treating it like a marriage irretrievable gone bad. Americans pursue their interests with a singular focus, the end in most cases justifies the means. We will never please them and we will never satisfy them. Nothing we do will ever be good enough for them. We should understand that they have a psychological fixation with regime change and if history is anything to go by, we are being prepared for a future military attack if all else fails. To them Zimbabwe presents a threat to their global interests by pursuing an ideological path that challenges the capitalist world order. Their doves are hawks and their Nobel Peace Laureates are warmongers as long as American interests remain paramount it’s all justifiable..

      • What`s wrong with some people?It`s been written over and over about how what Zim did ( land acquisition and indigenisation) cannot be left to succeed as it would give others guts to do the same (SA,Namibia,Kenya,Tanzania,Malawi,Zambia,Australia,New Zealand, and some South American countries, just to name a few). That alone is reason enough to deal with Zim by any means neccessary.

        As for Zim not having anything that they want I have to say some people`s stupidity knows no boundaries; 1) potentially the biggest diamond producer within a few years(already in the top 5 if not 3), 2) more coal reserves unmined than what we have actually mined,3) 3rd biggest producer of platinum in the world( in platinum you also find other minerals like gold,iron etc),4) beds and beds and beds of methane gas which is yet to be mined( gas is the main source of power in Russia and it`s former ” satelite” states)5) vast pieces of land for production of both food and cash crops( don`t underestimate the land resource), 5) titanium,6) a bit of iron 7) undisturbed lands teeming with wild animals which make this country a tourism money bag, 8) the one and only Vic Falls 9) a bit of emeralds (Sandawana) 10) a very educated people who would provide excellent cheap labour for imperialists.They are also officialy unconfirmed suggestions that we have large quantities of uranium and oil in this country.Reason why the oil has not been explored is they are fears it would cause a major ecological disaster in the Zambezi( don`t think the Americans would care about that if they truly was black gold).I know they are quite a lot of minerals I have missed in my list.For instance they is that one that is used in cell phone and computer manufacturing. Go to MMCZ and they will enlighten you.

        Don`t be blinded to facts by hatred for someone or something. If one has nothing to say better to keep quiet.

        • Fatso you rumble on and on about resources that are buried safely under the surface of mother earth.These minerals are only valuable if they are extracted and processed.That is where our biggest challenge lies.To get investment and the technological wherewithal to do so.That kind of expertise and the heavy financial capital required is what we need badly.If we can get investors who are prepared to cede 51 percent of profits that may take years to realize then we will be on track.Ask Kabilla in the DRC he also has the world’s biggest mineral resources in his country yet the Congo remains one of the poorest nations in the world.Why?Because those resources remain un-mined due to little or no industrial investment.

          • better remain unmined than taken away by imperialists while we the right owners remain poor – poorer – poorest.

          • Like saying my kid is bright but you are not sendingn the kid to school. Imperialist do not take away the resources they invest in them and invest in your country and then there are exploiters who if given the chance would rather uproot Zimbabwe from where it is to China.

        • If we are so well endowed with natural resources and human capital, why are we even crying about the so called sanctions? And let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that we present any serious threat to US interests. If we posed any serious threat they would have dealt with us a long time ago. To them, we are insignificant. They could choose to ignore us, and we will still continue on this downward trend that we have been on for a long time.

          Can anyone tell me what paying war vets $50,000 dollars had anything to do with the US and sanctions? What did our venture in DR Congo have anything to do with the US? And what of the fast track land reform or farm invasions as others call it.

          Let’s not fool ourselves, our problems have less to do with sanctions and more to do with corruption and lack of a national visions. The US have a national long term vision (policy) and whether it’s the Democrats or Republicans in power, they all work towards that policy, using different strategies.

          Can the very educated people tell me – like I was a 6 year old – what we as Zimbabweans stand and therein you will find what our problem is.

      • What does Cuba have? It’s the principle that is an issue not the resources of the country in question. That being said re-engagement should be an objective but definitely not to increase our reliance on aid and foreign funding. We must live within our means and grow the economy organically. Let’s not, however, chase away foreign investment, it is very clear that we need it and we need to be careful and send the right message across to any potential investors. Let’s not scare investment away nezvinhu zvakadhakwa

        • Cuba was seen as a proxy for USSR during the cold war era. USSR could station ballistic missiles with nuclear war heads in Cuba a few kilometres from Florida.

          • Hing Kong has nothing but don’t we go there for holidays and medical check ups? Compare it to the rich Zimbabwe, with its vendor infested cities>

    • @ Farai- well, when we went into elections we were constantly hearing the sanctions refrain, so what is new? I suspect this sanctions mantra is a euphemism for freebies..because why would we mourn about US sanctions when the Americans are only one on a world with more than two hundred countries? If these sanctions are this powerful why dont we change our approach from direct confrontation to engagement. Perhaps someone out there can tell us what is the balance of trade situation ref the US looks like now as compared to before the so-called sanctions..Some are actually saying the figures have actually what sanctions are we talking about??? Of course if we want freebies as has become our tradition, we can hardly expect to get them from people we are fond of calling names. Zimtrade should be a sport and give us the trade figures prior to 2000 and now! They could go one up and give us the aid inflows as well, this not just for the US but for Australia, UK, Canada, EU and so on. Rich pickings for a clever journo here..

    • As long you will not set your foot in America.Muchatonzwa nevamwe kuti ku America kwakadai so.

      Keep it up America,infact add more of the santions on the government of thugs.We welcome them.These are punitive measures to make sure the regime submits itself to the people and stop stealing bloody diamonds.

      • Actually, President Mugabe has been to NY many times making UN presentations post US sanctions and US travel bans, he has also been to Rome many times after EU travel bans were slapped on him and his inner circle. The truth is, all talk about sanctions, travel bans and the like is BS. It suits whoever is talking about it or not talking about it whenever but in reality it is just mumbo jumbo and politics!

      • Let bob engage hs chines and sadc counterparts.they used to them so why bother.these guys think we stupid.justifiably so by what sme of our pple sae.

    • Let us stop talking about this rubbish issue of sanctions against Zimbabweans…now is the time to talk big issues of developing our Country…earliest is to for a new government…to LEAVE out in the cold these barking dogs of sanctions…all what we know IS: the majority of Zimbabweans voted ZANU-PF IN THE July 31 hamonised elections against the Western sponsored MDC-T Party…so the USA and its allies are plotting to punish all who voted ZANU-PF so that they will turn their heart and vote for MDC-T…as Zimbabweans we say no,no to the British and its allies…we can not change the current Government now…its too early..make your reforms in the British royal family first….that is that….OK

  2. That’s it my President , they have crossed the line . Bring back our precious Zim dollar . We cannot us an imperialist currency kikikiki , then after we take their companies .

    • I have no love for Americans or things American, but I despair that you are so keen on bringing back the useless Zim dollar – just when we have some stability in our economy, and a foundation to build upon.

      • But you have just answered yourself. We need a foundation to rebuild our economy on and some stability.Once we attained enough growth in the industry, say to production levels of over 60% and once we have built up a reasonably adequate gold reserveTHEN we revert to our Zim Dollar.No one is saying we go to it now.BUT come what may we will eventually need to go back to our Zim dollar.It is not sustainable not to do so.That`s why it`s easier for sanctions to work against us becoz we depend on the US dollar. Even using the Rand would not be that much better as that country is controlled by imperialists.Are you aware they is a lot of money that has been withheld away from Zim by the US Treasury or whoever it is who deal with that.They are people in this country who I know who were denied receiving money for medical operations becoz the US did not trust what the money was meant for.

        Are we all aware that no big money transaction can be done in US dollars without being sanctioned( authorised) by the USA? To illustrate my point if say a person in India buys diamonds worth US$1 million dollars from Zim the US will intercept the money and thus the deal is bust.However if we were operating our own currency we would simply say US$1 Million is equal to Z$10 Million( just an example) find a way to put Z$10 Million in our Zim account and the diamonds are yours. Of course I have simplified it a lot but that is more or less what having your own currency means.It actually enhances your sovereignty.

        That brings me to another point ,What is this sovereignty that the President is always crying about? Do we EAT it? Well in simple terms it means, YOU CAN MAKE DECISIONS IN YOUR OWN HOUSE WITHOUT WAITING TO BE GIVEN INSTRUCTIONS BY YOUR FRIEND OR BROTHER WHO GAVE YOU THE MONEY TO BUY YOUR HOUSE.Moral of the story find money to buy your own house.

    • @son of the soil,you are very foolish.zim dollar was never precious and you better consult your dictionery before you write your nonsense.which currency are you using yourself?crazy monkey.

    • because 90 % of the worlds diamonds are sold there,and only 9% in the East,thats why,we need to trade with them but they don’t need us they have Botswana diamonds to buy,better Gem quality and a Gov that understands the word partnership and not in designation,post 33 years of independence thats why,but American is still the biggest food donor by far to Zimbabwe and we hate the fact we use their currency and they control us,its like the small man syndrome,but one needs to always do business ones enemies hey you might change your mind and begin to like your own enemy,wish politicians would grow up and realize or go into business first before politics should be mandatory

  3. Then lets not talk abt it. Taneta nekunzwa zvema sanctions, lets move on and improve economy. U cant force n change their decision it will never bring food. Inyika zhinji dzine masanctions eg iran, bt u will never hear thm crying n in fact the say those sanctions are strengthening us

    • We have SADC we have AU why should we cry for sour grapes from America. Zimbabwe should be man enough and stop using the word sanctions in its vocabulary. Are the diamonds failing to bring food on our tables? Please good people its time we should use our God given natural resources to develope our our beautiful country.

  4. Nhai imi is it true? That in Zimbabwe ukanyorawo comment yako uchitaurawo pfungwa dzako pangave paFacebook kana mamwe web2.0(social newtworks) 95% of the people vanonyora vachikutuka in person without adding value to the comment in other words they leave the subject at hand and concentrate on personalities? And that Zimbabweans are perfect people who will never take an instrospection of themselves and will always find someone to blame?That there is a lot of ignorance contrary to the asertion that (80-92%) of her population can read and write??

  5. Where is the new cabinet, Bob? What are you waiting for? Maybe cabinet ministers are an unnecessary expense and you can just do things on your own!

    • Well, since the country appears to be functioning as usual without this cabinet, why dont we save ourselves a fortune by doing away with this cabinet outright? Imagine the savings from cars, overseas travel and so on..we could channel these funds to resuscitate our industry and education..yah, I like it. And do you see without cabinet there is less confusion out there.

  6. Lets not talk about sanctions anymore. Lets concentrate on improving South South cooperation. Barack Obama in no African even African Americans will tell you that. We have our own civil liberties movement in Zimbabwe correcting the wrongs and injustices of the past. Stung by their defeat, the Westerners are now more than determined to kill Zimbabweans. They have already started on peddling falsehoods, with the UN saying 2.2 million people in Zimbabwe are starving! Lets give the new government a chance and you will all be happy in a few years. Good Morning to My President, His Excellency The President of The Republic of Zimbabwe and Commander in Chief of The Zimbabwe Defence Forces, we are with you sir, God is with you, for nothing happens unless God allows to. You are blessed sir among man, be of good cheer Mr President for my God who looks after you does not sleep or slumber!

      • You see
        Obama is a cult leader. He will gladly eat his mother to be in the white man’s books.

        Icho chakaitwa ne MDC chinopfuura any other zimbabweans rights chii.

        61% of us being wished away by the zealots would be lawyers.NGOs and greedy Muwonzoras,Beatrices,Mukokos etc.

        Are these the only humans in Zimbabwe. Enough is enough.

        • @Kitnaik- do you seriously believe Obama cares one way or another what happens to Zimbabwe (the greatest country on earth)? You remember his predecessor one George Bush (Dubya) had no clue where Botswana was in Africa. Now given that Botswana appears to run their affairs better than Zim, would it surprise you if Obama did not know where Zimbabwe is and does not care either?

      • Whats your problem with Zim being a better country? So its true what they say that some Zimbos are enjoying the suffering of the people becoz they voted in a particular way. Anyway the people spoke and 34% is not bigger than 61% and 34% is not the majority. These are hard facts and With the majority firmly behind the revolutionary Cde RGM, anything is possible.

  7. Hameno those with names known for bad deeds by the Americans, mine is not on that list. Chinjai maitiro kana muchikwatira kuenda America. What is it that we cry so much to trade with America that our all weather friends do not trade in. I have no business there and I cannot afford just the airfares even if I had. My worry is here where my bread is buttered. Tifomereio Government zvedu isu. Musatinyaudza zvedu isu.

    • Uri gwara. What i can tell you is that if America dares Zimbos to be on that sanctions list, they will be shocked because over 2,1million will sign up.

  8. Its high time The Government of Zimbabwe sent an African Statesman (maybe Thabo Mbeki) to impress on Obama and USA Government that what we have now in Zimbabwe is a result of the WILL of the people. The American can not decide for Zimbabweans as much as we can not impose on their Leadership. Their favorite SON Morgan Tsvangirai took the Zim voter for granted and for that he lost the election. FINITOE

  9. @mugabe cde,whats yo problem nhai iwe? sei vamwwe vanhu muchiratidza hudofo pesepese? unotukireiko munhu ane Opinion yake? thats y vamwe takasiyana nevanhu veMdc. learn to respond with facts. vanhu nyatsoonai language nekutuka kunoita vanhu ava, they r fr away from Godliness, ndosaka vakadyiwa. l regret the years i voted for MDC, may someone pliz tell me what was i thinking????

    • Amen! These MDC folks are more intolerant of descenting voices and opinions than they claim Zanu PF are… Imposing Parliamentary candidates… Mayors… I am so sad that I wasted a good 10 years of my life voting for these clowns! Well we got it right this year.


  10. @Fez, it’s all about America’s interests and nothing else. Loosely translated this equates to world domination. Now consider the contagion effect of a successful agrarian reform coupled with a successful economic indigenization policy. Where would the West get the cheap resources needed to sustain their way of life? I am with those who feel we need to stop talking sanctions and start devising policies and programs that deal with the effects of sanctions and reduce dependence on the western economies.

  11. “US imposes visa restrictions on a small number of Zimbabweans, and prohibits American business transactions with those individuals. The reasons for those targeted sanctions are laid out in Executive Order 13288 of March 6, 2003, which President (Barack) Obama extended for one year on March 1, 2013.”

    Really? I suppose the message on Paypal denying access to Zimbabwe as a country under sanctions is really meant “for those individuals” – and putting a cap on AIDS drugs exported to Zimbabwe is also to punish “those individuals” – please!

    The only time Obama and the US Gov is not lying is when they are not talking.

    Now ‘a red line has been crosseed after 1400 are allegedly killed by chemical weapons in Syria hence America threatening to getting involved on moral grounds. Forget the over 100 000 killed by bombs, bullets and knives in the past 2 years, their deaths don’t mean nothing because the ‘red line’ was never crossed when they died. Death by chemical weapons is a serious death, all other deaths are just ordinary deaths, according to Obama’s wisdom. Why do some look up to this man as a standard of morality and why is this paper consumed by hatred of President Mugabe every time he talks back to Obama?

  12. why are you not form the cabinet, we are tired of heard about mdc and sanctions. ignore the americans and form new govt. if you delay we are going to name you FAILER. we need the cabinet today other wise we are going to deal you the way we do to tsvangirai


    Liyanya maGukurahundi, you are damn worried – you went out of your way to ensure peaceful elections because you were desperate for acceptance and legitimacy. You thought you were being clever – you have been caught out.

    You thought if you stopped your Gukurahundis from the obvious violence, the world will simply look the other way like your stupid SADC and AU and ignore the more subtle irregularities of security services bias, corrupted voters roll etc – silitholile, zinja zothuvi. Suffer, no shopping in the west for another five years.

    Go ahead and form your Gukurahundi government who cares – okusalayo alivunyelwa eMelika – PERIOD!!

  14. America, I beg you, please go ahead and bomb Syria. Show these dictators where to get off. We are sick and tired of so-called governments oppressing their own people!

    • I support you my best friend,Gukurahundi upbringing.America should remove all the dictators by all means,bastard.

  15. What’s the point of sending an african statesman like mbeki to petition the americans?? Unless you’re suggesting that we do not have ppl of that stature in zim already. Our president is free to make his case on his own and not send a proxy and on whose cost. .ngaatume chinoz anotaurira obama kuti to hell with your sanctions.

  16. just wait and see if they becme serious with zim regime change. then u can rily know what americans are capable of. not these petty sanctions. am convinced after watching a documentary on how they took out osama ‘the animal’. never dream of fighting these people, they are too big for your shoes.

    • they have the biggest airbase 50ks outside Gaberone on the whole continent of Africa and lets say could be here in under 45 minutes your so right

  17. Danda heads all you do is talk , shout , talk , shout . Ma digree akawanda akutengesa parrafin nembanje mu street we need jobs nt yr yap yap , nxaah

  18. The purpose of a government is to provide and protect its own people. They are servants of the people, not their oppressors. In Zimbabwe, those governng believe they are the GODS.

    America, please come in and nuke them gukurahundi fools!!

  19. Thank You America for not lifting sanctions. That is welcome news. That has made my day. Kana ZanuPF ichibirira ma elections America ne EU vano fanirwa ku fasa ma sanctions. Handione chakaipa nezvaitwa ne America. Varikutoda kutibatsira kuti tisa dzvanyirirwe ne ZanuPF.
    Ma sanctions anoshanda vanhuwe. Dai asinga shande hakuna aimbotaura nezvawo. Ma Americans vakachenjera havatedzere zvinotaurwa ne Sadc inotongwa nana Mugabe. Zvana Rugare Gumbo i false bravado kuti ma sanctions taajaira. America ngairambe yaka FASA ma sanctions kusvikira tasununguka.

    Tinotenda America.

  20. mugabe when will you stop talking about the west and sanctions? why are you losing sleep over them, just carry on doing what you know best to do even sent nikuv to the west perhaps they can completely deal with them. form your cabinet and set the ball in motion we are sick and tired of history lectures.

  21. Mapenzi e ma MDCs ndovaienda kunana America ana EU vachiti ma sanctions ngaabiswe. Vana Elton Mangoma nana Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga nana Tendai Biti naiye Tsvangirai ndovaimhanyamhanya kuti ma sanctions abiswe vagonzi ne ZanuPF vanhu vakanaka. Hezvo makabirwa ma elections makatemba. Zvino tamirira kunzwa kunana Tsvangirai kuti vano ma sanctions achibiswa here? Ma sanctions chiwororo. Musanyeperwe kuti ma sanctions haana basa, haashande. Ma sanctions anoshanda chaizvo. Zimbabwe i Third World country inopona ne zvekupemha ku First World zvino America kana yati kwete hapana chinofamba.

    Sanctions must be tightened and widened against this last outpost of tyranny.

  22. Iye Rugare Gumbo nevamwe vakaita sana Chihuri nana Henry Hamaziripi vanotovanirwa kutenda ma British akava sunungura muhusungwa hwe Zanu muna 1980 ku Mozambique. Vanhu ava vakanga vasungwa ne Zanu nekuti vakanga vapandukira Zanu. Vakatozosunungurwa ma British ati kune Zanu haisikuzobvumidzwa kupinda muma elections kana isina kusunungura vasungwa ana Gumbo zvino iyezvino avekutaurisa asingatende.

  23. fools, fools, fooooooools. one minute yu ar saying the sanctions ar not working, the other minute yu ar begging obama and his lunatics to remove them. yu ar confusing us vadhara. itai basa ramakavhoterwa and leave this sanctions nonsense. yu want to keep singing this song so that yu wil have an excuse in the not so distant future. gore rinopera pasina zvamaita. get down to serious business magents. time is not on our side. dish out the progrmmes that yu were promising the general populace. zvekuenda kuUSA or the restrictions thereof is only for the few. vazhinji hainei nesu unless if yu want to tell me kuti hamukwanise kushanda musina wamunopomera mhosva. now that the puppets are out of the picture, lets get going baba chatunga musiyane nezvekungotuka vanhu. we want bread on our tables, we dont eat loads and loads of history that yu continue dishing out at every opportunity. iwo magamba dai ambomira kufa baba ava vaite basa ravo.

  24. zimbabwe should neither look east nor west but look foward.zimbabwe need to restore or be seen to restore good governance structures and systems acceptable east or west.without this restoration zim is likely to face economic challenges mainly of unemployement and low fdi.this will cause self combustion
    Brian Sedze,PhD
    Africas Global Impact Initiative

    • @brian sedze – I see you have taken this opportunity to big yourself by displaying your educational qualifications! Do we need to know your educational qualifications on this forum? Small mind.

  25. @tsano, Cuba was perceived as a communist beachhead into the western hemisphere. All other communist leaning governments in South America were quickly toppled by the CIA
    and replaced with compliant dictators. They failed with Cuba because of Russian presence on the ground, hence the sanctions for the past 50 years! Zimbabwe presents as much a threat to American interests now as Cuba did in the 60’s.

  26. The conditions for sanctions to be removed is for Zanu Pf to loose the elections. If Tsvangirai had won these rigged elections they were going to endorse him and symphathise with him. Now that they lost the masters are now crying more than the bereaved. The imperialist want the land policy to fail and indeginisation to fail so that SA will not follow suit. SA is thinking along the same lines and this will impact on the white capital. All the eyes are on SA to see where it will go. This is the main issue here. It`s not that they want Tsvangirai, absolutely no! They want any person who can remove Mugabe and put a moderate policy and this radical policy. Zimbabwe`s land policy will successed but these teething problems are a big issue. However, Zimbabwe is also guilty of being corrupt and prolifigacy. They should use the resources optimally. Now they are busy looting and blame it on the sanctions. This is a very sad story from the ruling elite. Sanctions could be busted if the government works in unison with one purpose.

  27. us and britian they only need our precious stones of africa thats all if u restrict them they do wat ever even kill the leader like wat they did why are they so silly

    • @Naison – you don’t know what you are talking about. As far back as the late 1950s the British government stated it was giving up its overseas colonies including Rhodesia that is when balck nationalists started the frenetic fight for leadership which was designed as a fight against colonialism.
      When we voted Zanu into power in 1980 the then Britsh Governor, Lord Chris Soames told Mugabe that it was now up to Zanu to take the country forward but Mugabe wasn’t ready. Believe it or not Mugabe told the Britsh Governor Soames that nobody in Zanu had any experience in governing a country. And Mugabe implored the British Governor to extend his stay in Zimbabwe and help the new government run the country to which thw Britsh Governor politely refused. The British were trying to get out but Mugabe and Zanu wanted them to stay so you cannot accuse the British of wanting Zimbabwe’s precious stones. If they wanted these stones they would have taken this opportunity offered by Mugabe in 1980 to stay and take the precious stones but they polittely refused.

  28. what is it all about guys? t’s all about human rights, never ever spoil peaple’s mind and you can’t hide with your finger.don’t test people’s mind with a foolish ways, as if we are blind, we are not, excuse me.we all see genuine people around the world.l think the one who fight for the innocent is better than the one who shield his deeds, pretenting as if he is good, we say no.we all need better.we can’t ask who is there to stand for those who are being oppressed, yet we are in our country.Oh God,Our Father in heaven help your nationZimbabwe.we have got the resource but still we blame i be a poor cappenter or?……Guess what??? the one who complain is the one who work hard to look after his family and who have nothing to do but with much education in mind than the one who is talking right here.we don’t know the meaning of our education.wise people they once say it,we are born differently, some become stroang if others lake and they became rich with the streangth of wise people,they are called kings in time of lack but they know that they are not stronger enough,so they hate the time of truth when it come because they knows that their ways are not straight.t’s better to have hope for tomorrow.

  29. @brian sedze. Whats the rationale of flaunting your academic/quasi-professional qualifications in a social discourse? Is that not unbridled pomposity? There is a clear distinction between being learned and being educated. If I were you, I would engage a notary public and apply for a change of name. SEDZE is not a good name at all. In case you don’t know, it is the small particles that remain after you have done your business in the ladies/gents. That aside, you do have attempt to make a good waffle!

  30. @brian sedze. Whats the rationale of flaunting your academic/quasi-professional qualifications in a social discourse? Is that not unbridled pomposity? There is a clear distinction between being learned and being educated. If I were you, I would engage a notary public and apply for a change of name. SEDZE is not a good name at all. In case you don’t know, it is the small particles that remain after you have done your business in the ladies/gents. That aside, you did attempt to make a good waffle!

  31. The Zimbabwean problem stems from a very proud leader Bob. The big balls small brain syndrome, is Zimbabawe’s downfall.Let him take on the States, get them Bob. Personally I wish the Bob circus would stop.

  32. Fatso, tipewo maserious. The new imperialists in Zim is Mgbe and his cronies. The plain truth is that US does not Zim but Zim needs US for its economy to tick. Yoo say we have minerals, fine, so why are we poor? The country has no basic sanitation facilities in Harare the capital city, its roads are in a sorry state and public clinics and hospitals have no basic drugs. FYI, patienst are dying as we speak in these hospitals mostly as a result of neglect of frustrated staff or non availability of basic drugs. The well to do no longer drink Harare City water because of its state. You are now using US dollar why did you abandon your Zim dollar?

  33. Psychologists will tell you that short people are always a problem. They believe that everyone is looking “down” on them, hence over-exaggerate their sense of importance.

    But is this simply because they are short – I mean, how could we be expected to talk to them looking up, really?

    Do you think Barack Obama or Mandela, tall as they are would talk to Mugabe looking straight or up? They simply have to look “down” on the Gukurahundi!!!!!!!

  34. True Mugabe has his negatives – but there are many dictactors and human rights abusers around the world, who are not on sanctions. As long as you stand with their intersts they do not bother you no matter you are a dcitator. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equitorial Guinea has been in power since August 1979 and the west feeds on oil there freely. West never bothers him about democracy and human rights.

    • @Irikidzai

      We dont care about the west’s double standards, we know they are not holy, but what is important is that for now they are our saviours, their intentions notwithstanding.

      If this big black man, a bully has his big foot over your head, and you are lying on the ground helplessley. Among the many people looking at you while you suffer, this lone guy comes up to challenge this bully threatening dire consequences on him should he not free you, are you going to refuse to be freed, simply because the guy getting you freed has skeletons of his own in his cupboards or because the guy is white and you are black and you dont trust his intentions?


  35. Barely a day after Tsvagirai brushed aside SADC’s claim for lifting of sanction against Zim.EU and America have decided to press on with. We shall suffer but you Tsvangirai “haurume” coz you are a heartless leader. I voted for you in 2008 that’s all. You can fight Mugabe by making us suffer. We are quite aware that you advocated for this sanctions in 2000.Ignorantily we supported you but now they are haunting us.

  36. @guks, The only truth is you do have a big foot on your head but the sad thing is you have bought into the narrative that the one who seeks to save you is the wearer of the boot.

    One objective white guy once remarked to
    me, “Bob is actually a good leader. It’s just that he doesn’t have good followers.” Imagine if you can the possibilities that would open up if we all genuinely subscribed to the truest form of the ZANU-PF ideology of the upliftment of the majority black population through education, agrarian reform, resource ownership and economic empowerment. Imagine the trickle down impact, the job and wealth creation and the social upliftment? True the perfect form has not yet been achieved but just allow yourself to think big and imagine.

    • @farai
      Gukurahundi Mugabe is simply NOT a good leader. That White guy you talking about was was talking rubbish.

      You need to define first what makes for a good leader and then ask yourself whether Mugabe fits the profile – in my book he certainly doesn’t. First and foremost, Mugabe is a very divisive character and that is not the mark of a good leader. Zim (blacks in particula) today is far more divided, racially, tribally, regionally and politically polarised than in the sixties and seventies when Joshua Nkomo was the leader of the nationalist movement. No right thinking Zimbabwean who knows the history of that country will dispute this.

      Those policies about uplifting the black majority that you are talking about are not the preserve of Gukurahundi Mugabe and his ZANUPF. All political parties aim for that, the differences are in implementation.

      Why is that everything about ZANU PF involves force, threats, violence, divisive language and insults?

      Why are they unable to sell their policies, values and views through the power of pursuasion as would be expected in a democracy? Is this what you call good leadership?

      Besides, ZANU PF have been power for 33 years, where were they all along now that they are strarting to talk about black empowerment at the twighlight of their political careers?

      Only fools will believe them. These guys are self-centred thugs who have nothing to offer but populism to those who are easily excited about nothing!!

  37. Malume @Guks, you sound like an intelligent mature person who unfortunately is consumed by hurt and hatred.

    In my books a good leader is one who listens to his people and develops policies to cater for the aspirations of these people, his role is to provide an enabling environment. Attainment depends on those led. Guks, would you invisage a scenario in which threats, violence, force, insults might be necessary in a democracy? If you don’t then we would have neither politics nor history!

    At this stage Malume, we should be engaging in a vigorous debate about how to get the Zambezi water to Bulawayo and reviving Tregers, National Blankets, Supersonic, National Railways and National Cycles.

    • @farai
      Stop trying to silence me through your usual Gukurahundi ZANU PF labelling and wild claims about me. What evidence do you have that I am “consumed by hurt and hatred” ? Dwell on the subject matter, and stop making those wild claims about me, you don’t know me.

      You say “a good leader is one who listens to his people and develops policies to cater for the aspirations of these people, his role is to provide an enabling environment” – and as far as you are concerned Gukurahundi Mugabe fits this profile? You must be joking!

      In the last 33 years has he provided water to Bulawayo? Has he listened to their water cries? Each year his budget for the army has continued to be more than what he allocates to social services and infrastructure development and you say he listens to people. Hell no, he listens to the army, because that is his power base.

      People say they want freedom, a multi media environment – but everytime we have road blocks every where. Radio licences are issued on party lines. Today Zim is the only country in the SADC region with very limited radio stations. South Africa has stations dedicated to all its 11 official languages.

      Democracy by its very nature renders threats, violence and insults absolutely unnecessary. Those who continue on this path are by nature dictators who can not sell their policies convincingly as would be expected in a democracy. Those who can not debate convincingly and intelligently always resort to violence to have their way.

      Here is a whole so-called president who never hesitates to insult the people he claims to lead as totemless people; tribalists; racists etc, etc – is that the mark of a good leader? Ever heard of Mandela, Mbeki or Zuma talking like that? A good leader should be above these petty differences; he should be a nation builder and not pursue divisions!!!

  38. Malume @Guks, I follow your postings religiously I am actually a fan. You remind me so much of my other great uMalume Rejoice Ngwenya, are you guys related?

    The subject matter was the US’s determination to effect regime change dispute the indisputable choice of the people. MRT understands that he lost the election but for him to accept the defeat would be to open up the challenges to his leadeship of the party that carries his surname. He cleverly disputes so as mobilize sympathy and everyone shifts focus from evaluating his leadership shortcomings.

    You have shifted it into a debate on the Leadership of RGM. Let’s go for it. I personally don’t rate Mandela and Zuma as good leaders, one did nothing the other is plain confused. Mbeki, maybe, but whilst he theorized RGM acted on the issues that confronted their societies.

    Are you trying to imply that RGM is not a good leader because he has not solved Byo’s water problems, has not given radio licenses to the people you prefer and spends a lot of money on security? Don’t force me to revaluate your intellect! No one but a God can solve all the country’s problems in 33 years! He is certainly not one.

    But here is the deal, Zinwa and Chinese contractors are working on the Zambezi water project right now, funds permitting we should get Zambezi water to Byo in 5 years.
    The per capita incidence of radio stations in Zimbabwe is currently 1 station per 2 million citizens. In South Africa it’s 1 station for every 4 million citizens. If we include pirate our figures improve to 1station for every 1.2 million people. Who has better coverage? In terms of security, need I say anything?

    Malume I need to share some information, please familiarize yourself with the potential spinoffs from the Zambezi water project. Also the Zinwa desilting project is a ruze, the real target is the alluvial minerals in these rivers. Act on this information now don’t complain when the “Gukurahundi’s” grab all the opportunities. Best of luck, Zimbabwe and certainly Byo needs you.

  39. Malume @Guks you say you are anti insults, anti threats and anti violence yet you talk of “izinja zothuvi,” you beg Americans to “bomb Syria” and ask them to “nuke Gukurahundi fools!.” still you want someone to explain to you why you are perceived as consumed by hate and hurting. Malume please get help before it’s too late.

  40. @Guks, you sound like an intelligent mature person who unfortunately is consumed by hurt and hatred.

    In my books a good leader is one who listens to his people and develops policies to cater for the aspirations of these people, his role is to provide an enabling environment. Attainment depends on those led. Guks, would you invisage a scenario in which threats, violence, force, insults might be necessary in a democracy? If you don’t then we would have neither politics nor history!

    At this stage Malume, we should be engaging in a vigorous debate about how to get the Zambezi water to Bulawayo and reviving Tregers, National Blankets, Supersonic, National Railways and National Cycles.

  41. Ndau nzwisisa. How can Yu nbe suffering when Yu got yo land Yu growing tobacco and exporting madiamonds yu mining and exporting, Bob is back with 61% so why keep crying. American actions meant kuti Bob & Gire & Chatunga vasanotamba basketball. Much my words as soon as these pole are allowed to travel freely Chatungs & Bob jnr will be in the States sowing seeds or hunting for princesses. These kids have really lost out on exposure

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