Mbada Diamonds Cup draw out


THE 2013 edition of the Mbada Diamonds Cup will the winners take home a $130 000 cheque-the richest cup competition in the land-in addition to a $110 000 subsidy to participate in the Confederation of African Football (Caf) Confederation Cup next season.


The edition was launched a glittering ceremony in Harare on Friday with Mbada Diamonds again expressing their continued support for the game of football and its fans.

Mbada corporate services executive George Manyaya said their sponsorship of football has many benefits to the nation.

“What we are witnessing is a thriving and organised sports business as an economic activity of various sub-activities and linkages from the performer to the broadcasting/events rights, merchandising and licensing and licensing to their supporting staff and services, with various professionals to boost economic and social happiness, as soccer has become a vibrant economic vehicle.”

*30 tracksuits, 30 warm up t-shirts and 30 uniforms for each club
*$100 for each of the 18 players selected by each team for each match
*$150 for each member of the technical team (seven)
*Referees fees will be determined by Zifa and paid by Mbada Diamonds
*Sponsor will cater for all food, transport and accommodation expenses
*$500 for Player of the Match
*$500 for fastest goal of the tournament (should not be an own goal)
*$1000 and a trophy for the tournament’s top goal scorer
*$1000 and a trophy for the goalkeeper of the tournament
*$1500 and a trophy for player of the tournament
*The most disciplined team will receive $1000 and 30 Mbada Diamonds branded training bibs


Round of 16
*$15000 per club

$30 000 each

$45 000

$90 000 and 40 silver medals

$130 000 and 40 gold medals. In addition, the winner of the competition will receive $110 000 to participate in the CAF Confederations Cup with the package including uniforms, accommodation, tracksuits and travel fares. In the event that that the league winners also win the cup, Mbada Diamonds will be guided by the PSL on who benefits.


Dynamos vs Tripple B, Harare City vs Monomotapa, Highlanders vs Triangle, Caps United vs Motor Action, FC Platinum, vs Hwange, Chicken Inn vs Shabanie Mine, Buffaloes vs Black Mambas, How Mine vs Black Rhinos


  1. Good sponsorship,we really appreciate what Mbada are doing .Even the organization is excellent,PSL management team keep up the good work.

  2. That prize money is still a drop in the ocean .Guys after winning a major cup a club should be able to sustain itself for at least a season. Telekom Cup in South Africa pays out millions of dollars .Come on $130 000.00 is peanuts. Diamonds are expensive. Make it at least $500 000.00 to
    $1 000 000. 00. That would also raise the transfer fees for our players when they sign for South African teams

  3. Now and then I do write letters with my ideas to newspapers; I have been doing so for almost 15 years with the hope that what I write does have an influence on society. I am probably not the only one who writes with that objective in mind. Some times I do wander whether our politicians do listen to anyone and if they do, who do they listen to? Do they tap in into other think tanks besides what they get from their executive committees or politburo? It would be pleasing to know that they do give ear to other people who may not be party cadres but are patriotic Zimbabweans all the same.

    Pakuguma kwazvo tose tiri ana sanyika (fellow countrymen or citizens) munyika ino yeZimbabwe; inyika yedu tose. Tose tine chishuvo kuti Zimbabwe ive nyika inobudirira, inoyemurwa, inoyevedza. Tose tine chido chokuti mhuri dzigare munyika yekwedu kwete kunyika dzevamwe.

    Gore harizi pakaza rimwe. Ngatisatambisa mikana iripo yokuti tivake nyika yedu ibudirire. Pakuguma tinodawo kunongedza kuti unowona dhamu rigere apo takavaka tisu nemari yakabuda kumigodhi yekuChiadzwa

    Kana tikashaya chokuzonongedza chakavakwa nemari yakabva kumigodhi yeChiadzwa nemimwe migodhi yakatandiranyika tinenge takundika sedzinza reZimbabwe. Zvinocherwa pasi zvichapera; asi kana mhuri yeZimbabwe ine chekunongedza chakabva muzvishongo izvozvo zvevhu renyika yedu panenge pasina chigumbu pazviri. Rwiyo rweZvishuvo zveZimbabwe (national anthem) runodudza zvakanakisa zvishuwo zvedu. Paya patinoti: vashandi vatuswe (labour rewarded ); ruzhinji rugutswe; navatungamiri vave nenduramo – ipapo tikazadzisa tinenge takunda

  4. The prize money is just worth merely half of a “match box size” of a clear ngoda!!! Nxaaaah!!! Mbada Diamonds????? Can you imagine with an average number of 18 players per team, the 16 teams will have 288 players playing to win $130 000; when Wayne Rooney earns 250 000 GB pounce per week!!! Haah yaaaaah!!!!! Cry my beloved country!!

  5. munhu waka drawer masoja oga anehutsinye. saka rimwe somek ratorova road kunyanya iro rino sponswa ne mbada.

  6. Its now the battle of the miners.Platinum vs Hwange.Platinum bhora.Kugona kunenge kudada.Platinumbada.

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