Masimirembwa in $6 million scandal


President Robert Mugabe yesterday blasted former Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) boss Godwills Masimirembwa, a losing Zanu PF candidate for Mabvuku –Tafara in Harare over corruption involving the exploitation of mineral resources.

Everson Mushava

Addressing MPs soon after the official opening of the first session of the 8th Parliament in Harare yesterday a visibly angry Mugabe said such behavior was intolerable and would not go unpunished.

It is alleged Masimirembwa extorted $6 million from a Ghanaian company that sought to invest in the Marange diamond field on a joint venture agreement with ZMDC.

Mugabe reportedly said Masimirembwa and his “group demanded money in cash and created a shelf company that took equity in the diamond mining firm under unclear legal circumstances before astonishingly claiming that the Ghanaians had violated some unspecified Zimbabwean law and threatening them with arrest should they set foot in Zimbabwe.”

“Corruption must go, corruption must go, corruption must go,” the President said.

Mugabe said the investors were assured by Police Commissioner general Augustine Chihuri that they would not be arrested, but continued to receive threats from Masimirembwa that they would be rested if they come.

They later approached former South African President Thabo Mbeki with their grievances before following up with ex-Mines minister Obert Mpofu to Washington where he was attending a diamond conference with Attorney General Johannes Tomana.

When officially opening Parliament, Mugabe said his government would not tolerate corruption.

Masimirembwa was accused by the MDC-T of splashing cash to buy votes in Mabuku-Tafara before the July 31 harmonised polls which he narrowly lost to MDC-T’s James Maridadi.


  1. Thats a good start Mr President…Let this not be one of those show investigations or prosecutions that will just fizzle out after a while. He should face a long term in prison as a deterrent to other will-be hustlers

    • Dont be fooled by the old man. If Mugabe and his people knew about the $6m fraud or scam, how come Masimirembwa was allowed to stand in the lection? Remeber what happened to the ZACC officers who were arrested for having damning dockets of Chombo, Kasukuwere and others?

      Mugabe will never tackle corruption because he is also corrupt. Chombo is clear testimony that those who pay a good cut to the President all their deals will never be touched. It is an open secret that Chombo has vast tracts of land and the only reason that he is not in jail is that he has also parcelled a lot of urban land to the First Family and their cronies.

      • Don’t be too quick to judge “the old man”, things have changed drastically in the new cabinet and though it may seem like it on the surface only, you will be surprised. It is time for “us” to stop whining and use this opportunity to better ourselves whilst the government is opening up to us like this. Be wise gents and use this chance………

    • I do agree with you on that one,prosecutions should be harsher to deter prospective broad day robbers. Our country is rich but the resources are being mismanaged, swindled out of the country without a positive development to the people of Zimbabwe. It is a shame that the country has been a milk cow during the colonial era and this didn’t stop with independence. I sometimes wonder if this is what they mean by indegenisation!!!!!!

  2. Sungai munhu President ……..if you go to his farm where he is doing poultry farming you will see how he has been using the money he stole …….i was once contracted to build poultry housing at the farm in 2011 and i saw too much.

  3. I feel happy if the president comes out guns blazing like that against corruption.
    It is such things that went unnoticed for a long time that has been breaking the hearts of the poor Zimbabweans.

    If he could turn his head and look back at how things has been going .surely among his recently appointed ministers there are rotten apples waiting to contaminate what you desire for Zimbabwe

  4. Masimirembwa is just but a small fish. Kapenta really. The big fish include Obert Mpofu, Emmerson, Ignatious Chombo etc. In fact, Cde Mugabe was informed by one Lovemore Kurotwi that Obert Mpofu was demanding a $10million bribe from Kurotwi and his diamond company but nothing was done against Obert. No investigation. Nothing. In fact, it was reported that Cde R.G.M was furious with Kurotwi asking him why he (Kurotwi) was engaged in diamond mining though he had no qualifications in mining engineering or geology!

    • If anyone presents evidence yakadzama kuNewsday and it gets published, the President will have no choice but to fire the Chombos and Mpofus we hear so much about, the police will also launch an investigation, unless of course the evidence is baba jukwa rantings or some other pub talk. Why is it that many claim they know things but nobody is making available actionable evidence to the public to sink the big fish? Tokupai address ye Newsday here? Huwori hatidi, whoever it is that is corrupt must answer for their crimes. Nyika yedu ngaifambe mberi!

      • @scotv. The president has the power to investigate anyone. The general public who might have info concerning these people can only present their evidence if called upon to do so during an enquiry. As previously reported mugabe himself indicated that mbeki had given him the names of corrupt ministers so he should walk his talk and investigate them and not let these people intimidate ZACC.

    • Yes Masimirembwa is chicken change…more like a whipping boy really..the big boys are laughing themselves silly. I think the president will need to do more than this to convince a very sceptical public about his fight against corruption and having the former AG as head of the National Prosecuting Authority is another big joke given his efforts in this area over the MP development funds where he blocked investigations? And then there is his quixotic EU suit which appears to be heading nowhere..I truly wonder if this guy even takes his office seriously or it is just one big joke to him. This gentleman should be kept so far away from this office in order to give it any saving grace.

  5. This is normal. Mbudzi inodyira payakasungirirwa.

    Had Goodwills won the parliamentary seat would this had surfaced.


  6. The past has a bearing on the present, so does the present on the future. History has a propensity to repeat itself. This Godwills Masimirembwa was struck off the legal practitioners’ register over a decade ago. His crime was STEALING trust funds. The trillion dollar question is,’How then was he appointed head of ZMDC?’ You obviously thought he had reformed!

    • Indeed how was someone with a reputation for sticky fingers end up running the most important enterprise in the land..more like a cash cow for the land? Who employed him and why?

  7. At every opening of a new parliamen Mugabe always lambasts his officials for corruption,but no action to take against them.In 2008 during the parly opening he declared his cabinet as “the worst in history”,but to my shock he reappointed it.He must publicly attack corrupt bigwigs such as Chombo,Mnangagwa,Mpofu,kasukuwere,chihuri etc.He must also act on Edward chindori chininga’s report presented in parly in june on diamonds.WALK THE TALK MAN!

    • What goes around comes around. This imbecile was spending money in Mabvuku like he had his own federal mint. All you needed was to have a funeral and he would cater for everything, food transport, etc. Even if you did not need the help it was sometimes forced on you. While burying my sister at Mabvuku cemetery in 2011 his branded bus pitched up at the end of the burial and the crew tried to force our mourners to ride back home on their bus. I said ‘no thank you’ and was scolded by them. But my people did not need their services and we had more tha enough transport! Surely, the money was coming from the bottmless pits of Ghana, Chiadzwa, Marange,etc. Some people can have their cake and eat it, too hey!

  8. whats all this noise abt dealing with corruption? Those high profile pple who were arrested b4 were never convicted it was further remand till the public has forgotten! So wats new 2day? Some of them a now even MPs but having been arrested for corruption they were not cleared by the courts though! Just a shift of the trial dates till kingdom come!!! Asi mati tsano vaba cable yemagetsi worth $84, 10 yrs here!! Wat abt $6 million,Mirai tione apa!!!

  9. It seems the majority of these politicians are involved in the looting of diamonds. Remember wikileaks e-mails named a number which included Grace Mugabe, Gono etc. If Gushungo continues with this name and shame agenda, he is likely to remain with nobody as most or all are involved in the looting. Yeah them bloody diamonds. Is the presence of diamonds in our country a blessing or a curse? Diamonds have attracted sanctions and corruption which is not benefiting the generality of the Zimbabweans

    • @gandanga. the curse is our politicians just like everywhere else in africa. An abundnce of resources syphoned and mismanaged by corrupt politicians.

  10. This scandal thing is now being talked about after the elections. My point is mgbe just wants to be seen to be doing something about corruption by the public and the international community. But what he does not know is that not all of us are dumb because we know the truth. Goodwills is just unfortunate to be labelled the black sheep otherwise almost all these guys are very corrupt right to the bone marrow.

  11. $6m = US$6,000,000.00=Rands 60,000,000.00= Pula 600,00,000.00=Naira 978,000,000.00 interest free, tax free, zero costs, 100% net profit for doing nothing. thus being wicked!

  12. Masimirembwa is stupid, trying to be an Obert Mpofu. Key to this game is willing participants – investors have to want to pay the facilitation fee, infact beg to pay you. Not stealing and threatening, and African nationals for that matter. Obviously they weren’t just gonna let it slide given their deep pockets, and African backgrounds. Which African is gonna let $6 million just go? Never! Were they any other nationals other than Africans they would have run shitless.

    In the case of Obert Mpofu there just was no complaint – no complaint no crime. No evidence, no crime. Manje fuza iri had a paper trail a mile long and created a dangerous enemy including State. Hanzi bring cash and don’t come back to Zimbabwe. Eish ma Johnny come too late aya….hameno shuwa.

    I’ll be interesting to findout names of the other two businessmen. Anybody know?

  13. mr president dont try and fool us.this is not the only guy who is corrupt. many of your friends are and you know it. the only one who will be named are those who you know will not name you and your wife in the process. it is a mafia case.

  14. This guy is a deregistered lawyer whose thieving career started when he dipped his fingers into clients’ funds .The Law Society of Zimbabwe struck him off its register . He then went to ZANU PF to seek cover . The private media has always commented on this aspect only to be labelled western puppets and agents of regime change . President Mugabe has now nailed this congenital liar and thief .Is Bob a western puppet and stooge ? The same net must now close in on Chombo , Mpofu , Shamu and the rest of the band of buccaneers . Chinja maitiro !Maitiro chinja !

  15. Am not a thief all of you Mugabe notwithstanding will pay for scandalising my good name, I dont make idle threats am my own man. Who among the bloated Ministers can claim to be cleaner than Paweni. Fools!

  16. thanku for pointing that out! it is mind boggling to say the least! No due diligence checks apply to zanu pf pple i guess. so long une card remusngano unopihwa chigaro- nyangwe uri mbavha! And this is what is killing our country. The sad bit is that the ‘new gov’ is bloated with the same corrupt characters. Mxm zvinopisa hasha! We need leaders who uphold a stern sense of integrity if our beloved country is to move forward. It is these corrupt thieves who continue to drag this country through the dust! VaMugabe maita mataura huwori hwemurume uyu kasi kana muine serious makadai musitorina kupa mamwe maminister zvigaro. Nyika yoparara nehuwori!

  17. How convenient for Mugabe to wait for the obidient son to change jobs first before revealing the shameless thieving.

  18. Ramba mhosva – ita inga tse tagara tichingoba asi wave kutanga kundipa mhosva ndega ndega seyi? Ita ko iwe Mugabe mapurazi awakaba wani tikanyarara zvedu?

  19. Ramba mhosva – ita inga tese tagara tichingoba mu ZanuPF asi wave kutanga kundipa mhosva ndega ndega seyi? Ita ko iwe Mugabe mapurazi awakaba wani tikanyarara zvedu? Vamwe vakaba ma purazi ten ten havasikupomerwa mhosva wani?

  20. eeerh, iyi inenge isiri fiction yatajairira iyi saka mhinduro tongoti NO RESPONSE sezvo hedu tikati tsweee tingarikitwe tichivona !!

  21. have we even asked ourselves how news comes from a president. coz thats what this is, news!. dai paine nyaya this guy wudve first been arrested taken to court and all these revelations wud ve come thru the prosecution system. but we have to hear this from the president. masimirembwas rights to justice have been predudiced and rigged. his is obviously the tip of the corruption iceberg. i mean hw does a serious president allow a minister to own half a town and a commercial bank from a salary! remember too that ghanaians r gushungo’s in-laws. he himself is far from clean. hapana nyaya apa

  22. Why are the police hesitant in arresting this Masimirembwa guy ? Why did the minister arrange for a meeting between the parties, and why did the police attend this meeting ? How come the accused are still roaming free, even after Mugabe has demanded their arrest ? I suspect, it is because, Masimirembwa knows a lot more on who else has been corrupt. The chain of the corrupt individuals goes all the way up.

    It took, Mbeki to raise the complaint, for Mugabe to realise how serious corruption at ZMDC is. Even then, Mugabe and his party allowed this Masimirembwa to stand as ZANU(PF) candidate in the rigged elections

  23. Do not pre empt R.G’s line of thought.I find it hilarious that when we make efforts to put the house in order, there are still numerous voices of dissent that try to spin these efforts in a negative perspective. Be very ashamed. Zimbabwe can only get better from here onward, not the reverse. Keep level heads, and watchZimbabwe regain its status….

  24. Of Thabo Mbeki, Mpofu. Chartered Chinese planes from Chiadzwa.

    By the time sanity returns to Zimbabwe, all alluvial diamond deposits would have run out.

  25. Thats why we say the old man must go.

    Compare Willowgate and this vain dilly darling.
    Mugabe has since outlived his post and mandate and is now a liability.

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