Man jailed for insulting President

FORMER MDC-T organising secretary for Ward 8 in Chiredzi, Regis Kandawasvika, was last Friday convicted and sentenced to two months in jail for poking the eyes of President Robert Mugabe in his portrait picture with a pool cue at a beerhall in the town.

Patrick Chitongo

At the time of the sentencing, Kandawasvika had defected to Zanu PF after allegedly being promised that senior party members would assist him get off the hook.

Public prosecutor Liberty Hove told the court that sometime in February this year, Kandawasvika went to Khomanani Beerhall where he took a pool cue and started poking Mugabe’s eyes on the portrait blaming him for his woes.

“I am suffering because of this old man’s rule. I have got five ‘O’ Levels, but I can’t get a job, but this is the year to get him,” Kandawasvika is alleged to have said.

He then went on to throw empty beer bottles at the portrait repeating the same words, leading to his arrest.

Magistrate Honest Musiiwa said Kandawasvika had shown no respect for the President.

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  1. The judiciary sucks. Is this worth sending someone to jail for? Is it constitutional? Being arrested for telling the truth in a dramatic (but still legal) way I think. What does freedom of expression mean? The man didn’t even destroy the portrait. Can someone describe his offence to me before I destroy the first portrait I come across.

    1. chimbozviita uonere pamhuno sefodya. come to my office ungobaya irimo uone kana ukabudamo uine ako maziso acho.

      1. kikik tell him, the idiot is a comedian, he thought by joining ZPF, he will be set free. no, no, even if you are ZPF, you are not allowed to act stupidly. Ask masim.

      2. Musoro wako uzerejecha ndazviona. Kuswerochengera picture yemumwe murume, zvinebasa reyi izvozvo nyika ichiparara saizvozvi. Kutoti “my office” uchireva public toilet yepaMbare. Aparadza nyika ino ndiani kana asiriye mudhara wepaportrait iyeye?Who should get a jail sentence anobaya portrait neanouraya vanhu in order to remain in power?. Nxa.

  2. Boot licking and partisan judiciary. Are the courts not supposed to be there to protect the weak. Could the accused not have got away with a caution. Last time it was someone who got into trouble for using Mugabe’s portrait as toilet paper. What is this country getting to really? It’s time the judiciary takes a good look at themselves in self examination. Go to court and you are in a fix.

  3. this judiciary sucks, jail for poking a potrait, BUT the wife of the Kwekwe policeman who had no driver’s licence, overran a pedestrian and killed him on the spot but she got away with a caution, not even community service, nwxaaaa

  4. am sure haasi ega anovenga President, but zvimwe zvinhu ndezvekungofungira mumoyo. hakuna president anofadza nekugutsa munhu wese. Ngatingovaremekedzeiwo pahukuru hwavo. uyu anoda help. aizopunduka sei ne5 o levels iye achigara mubhawa?

    1. Iwe Morgan, ati anogara mubhawa ndiani? Even maprofessor anoenda kubhawa. Chinogara mubhawa iportrait nedoro kwete zvidhakwa. The bottomline is that a lot of ppl are unemployed bcoz this country has gone to the dogs

  5. Still fighting in the bush, typical law of the jungle.

  6. Benzi iro kuda kuonererwa ndozvawakaitira five O levels izvozvo. Manje chematama wacho ngaachiuya akuburitse mujeri tione. Zimbabwe inyika yedu saka tinofanira kuremekedza vakuru vedu anaaMugabe.

  7. insulting the president is equeles to 2 months in jail the president kills 20 000 in matebeleland is equeles to just keep quet

  8. Seni ndikangoiona badzi,ndinoda kuiwetera

    1. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Jacob ndiwe une yese

  9. I personally have a problem with this piece of legislation but zvichimboitirwei kushoropodza vakuru? That your preferred candidate did not win is not reason to violate a standing law. It’s like deriding 61% of Zimbabwean. Ngaavharirwe, kkkkkkk!

  10. he was nt supposed to be jailed……..nwae two months is just a short time….

  11. These are evil spirits. They can force you to break a bank and steal money, rape, murder, etc, and soon after committing these crimes, these evil demonic spirits will leave you facing the consequences. The best is to always pray to keep these demonic spirits far away. Now that the guy is in jail, the evil spirits are looking for other people to attack.

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