Man axes friend to pieces

IN A bizarre incident that left Chivhu villagers shell-shocked, a local man axed his long-time friend to death before chopping his body to pieces and taking away the deceased’s left foot after allegedly accusing the friend of failing to visit him.


The incident happened in the Masase area of Chivhu on August 8 last year.

The man, Kimpton Shereni, however, escaped the hangman’s noose last week when High Court Judge President, Justice George Chiweshe, sentenced him to life imprisonment for the murder of Bren Mapiti.

The court heard that the incident happened after Mapiti had paid a visit to Shereni’s family.

Although the actual reasons for the attack remained a mystery throughout the trial, Shereni is said to have told his wife Tariro Mugari prior to the attack that Mapiti had angered him by not paying him regular visits.

The court heard that on the day in question, Mapiti visited Shereni’s homestead where upon arrival he found only the latter’s wife and children present.
When Shereni eventually arrived at 9:45pm, his wife advised him of Mapiti’s presence. ads Ads

At that juncture Mapiti had already retired to bed in a separate hut together with Shereni’s children.

Immediately after getting the news of his friend’s presence, the court heard, Shereni got angry and rushed to the kitchen hut where he retrieved an axe and proceeded to where Mapiti was sleeping.

He got in and struck his friend several times on the head, chest, hands and legs before hacking off Mapiti’s foot.

The shocking drama occurred in full view of his family members who later fled the scene after they saw Shereni chopping off Mapiti’s foot.

When other villagers were alerted of the bizarre incident, they rushed to the scene where they found Mapiti lying dead in a pool of blood with Shereni nowhere in sight.

Shereni was later arrested, but Mapiti’s foot was not recovered.

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  1. Could be a gay relationship between the victim and the murderer?

    1. Yeah actually that makes sense…..what else could be the reason??

    2. Maybe the man had a manic or psychotic episode, where he became paranoid, delusional and lost touch with reality. Maybe he has another type of mental illness? I wouldn’t just start accusing the victim and the alleged murderer of being homosexuals.

      There aren’t any indigenous African homosexuals anyway, and there never have been. Ever.

  2. Life in prison. uh!

  3. Akanga akutambisa borowpit achipa vamwe

  4. anenge aitaimira mkadzi wabhururu

  5. lt seems to me the man is a psycho who needed evaluation by a psychiatrist like most elements in MDC who always want to stiffle goverment efforts for the benefit of ordinary Zimbabweans.

  6. have right friends guys who respects one another. dont kill friends but ………..

  7. ko iye aizovisita sei asinawo mukadzi wake, Phillip Mpofu i agree with u ndizvo chaizvo

  8. zvine chekuita nevakadzi chete u’r quite right, gay? uhmm. NO.

  9. axe kila this iz zanupf habit yavakadzidziswa kuboader gezi kilin n rape

  10. Shit! We need a ZTV reporter here to go find the story behind the story…

  11. 2008 zanupf murderes,ingozi yatanga hazvirovi ndoo ma comrades e zanu owurayana manje yave ngozi

  12. I personally know this guy and I know the whole story – he became very paranoid and probably was not him at the time(psychiatric episode). The foot was given to the local business man around the same area.

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