Man appears in court with bullet lodged in skull


ONE of the suspected armed robbers who raided Waverly Blankets in Harare in May this year and got away with $412 000 cash appeared in court yesterday with a bullet still lodged in his skull.


The suspect, Kudakwashe Brian Mungadzi (39), was cornered and shot by police officers as he attempted to evade arrest two months later.

Mungadzi made an application through his lawyer, Zivanai Macharaga, to be allowed to consult doctors of his own choice to have the bullet removed from his head.

The lawyer told regional magistrate Adonia Masawi that his client’s condition was deteriorating with each passing day as efforts by government doctors to remove the bullet had failed.

“The accused has a bullet in his head and has also developed a swollen tummy which is making it difficult for him to swallow solid foods. His condition has seriously deteriorated, hence this application for the court to allow him to consult a doctor of his own choice,” Macharaga said. “The accused visited Parirenyatwa Hospital and a head scan was done on him, but the doctors are still studying how best they can remove the bullet without endangering his life.”

Mungadzi’s lawyer also said his client was having problems in speaking due to the bullet in his head and was not fit for trial. Masawi granted the application and said he would write to prison officials to urgently attend to the matter.

Mungadzi was arrested and charged alongside Fred Tsvarai (34), Hoosein Karim (63), Winnock Hahlani (41), James Tabu (28), Amos Ndhlamuti (30) and Yvette Johnson Don (43).

All the seven accused persons appeared in court, but their trial failed to kick off as scheduled because the magistrate is due to go on vacation and can, therefore, not start new matters.

Allegations against the accused are that sometime in May this year, Don approached Karim and told him of the laxity of security at Waverly Blankets during transportation of cash to the bank.

Thereafter, a plan was allegedly hatched whereupon the accused persons waylaid Waverly Blankets officials and robbed them of $412 798. The suspects were eventually arrested and $25 300 was recovered.


    • the law says a person is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. hazvisi zvekumusha zvanatsikamutanda vanopoa munhu poison,(muteyo) as way of gathering evidence. Mutemo haudaro

  1. Iwe Gukurahundi upbringing what do you mean HUMAN RIGHTS for him to go around gun totting robbing people. They should have killed him on the spot benzi remunhu.

  2. An MDC robberer who wanted to raise MDC cauffers that r running dry owing to donor fatigue that keep on flogging a dead horse.

  3. PAGA DE PECADO ES MUERTE. Really people should be satisfied with the little they have. Stop comparing your life with somebody’s. Employers must also pay their workers decent wages/salaries.

  4. A person is innocent until proven otherwise was done kuitira kuti mapurisa asave reckless image police shoot a person mistakenly and then tell every1 kuti he was a robber. It means they wil b not accountable 4 their actions(killings in this case)So lets respect human rights 4 every1 weather is a robber or not

  5. It’s nt politics…. its basic human rights. It’s got nothing to do with MDC or Zanu. Everyone has to be convicted by a court of law to be declared a criminal. It’s also a court of law that must decide his sentence……..This is common sense. Until this happens this man is innocent.

    How many ppl have been accused of crimes that they did not commit? That it was armed robbery does not mean seperate laws (of public opinion) must be applied.

  6. Morena…

    Kikkkiiiii bullet mo kae? ha ha ha h ah this is so funny. Entle ke ke yona jele hle, they should just not have him operated… Send him home for a peaceful rest.


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