Man accused of raping daughter (4)


A 42-YEAR-OLD Harare man appeared in court last week charged with raping his four-year-old daughter.


The court heard that the matter was discovered on September 18 by the girl’s mother as she was bathing her.

The couple stays in Epworth.

Prosecutor Sharon Mashavira told the court that the woman became suspicious after she noticed some white discharge from the girl’s private parts.

On inquiry, the girl allegedly revealed that she was experiencing an itchy sensation.

The mother then consulted her neighbours about what she had found out.

It is alleged that they then decided to question the complainant, who later disclosed that she had been sexually abused by her father.

The matter was reported to the police, leading to the man’s arrest.
Harare magistrate Anita Tshuma remanded the man in custody to tomorrow.


  1. Vanhu havambotendi kut Mweya yakaipa iri biz.Vanotozotenda kupepuka varaper mwana Mai varipo. VanaMaiwo are biz contributng pakurepwa kwevana through maitiro avo nevarume vavo. Nemazariro aita zvitendero varume vari kushaya pavangawanawo refuge mhepo dzarega kuvatinhira kujere seizvi.Zvino kubata mwana wakanzwei paakaita. Vanoraper vana ivo vaine Aids ngavararame vari ikoko kusvka vatorwa nerufu.

  2. These people should be given life sentences or be castrated as the president recently suggested.

    I do not understand why a normal person would rape their own child especially a baby. How do these animals honestly even manage an erection for a child, even one who is not theirs?.

    TO ALL MY FELLOW MEN OUT THERE: If a n’anga tells you that your mother or father is trying to kill you through witchcraft or that you should sleep with your child to become rich then you should know you are being conned into stupidity.

    Ask yourself a few questions before you unashamedly even get an erection for your own daughter,
    1-“Is the n’anga who told you to sleep with your daughter rich himself?”
    2-“How can a poor n’anga know how to make you rich when he himself needs your little money?”
    3-“How come many other men who rape their daughters end up in jail”?
    4-“Do you want to be in newspapers for this shameful crime”?
    5-“Are you normal”?

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