Madhuku courts MDC-T rebels


THE National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leadership is targeting former allies of the MDC-T to pose a strong challenge and become the biggest opposition to Zanu PF, it has emerged.


NCA leader Lovemore Madhuku has also taken a swipe at President Robert Mugabe, saying he was scared of fighting corruption surrounding him.

Among those linked to the new party are former MDC-T MP for Magwegwe Felix Magalela, former Harare deputy mayor Emmanuel Chiroto, and former student leaders Clever Bere, Takura Zhangazha and Kudakwashe Chakabva, among others.

NCA spokesperson Blessing Vava confirmed that some current MDC-T officials had expressed interest to join his party, but he declined to release any names.

“We welcome anyone who wants to join us. There are some current MDC-T officials whohave indicated that they are fed up with the MDC-T and are likely to cross the floor. They have lost trust in their leadership and they wish to join the NCA because of its consistency and visionary leadership,” Vava said.

Vava said the NCA had to be transformed and not continue lobbying politicians who “have taken leave of their responsibilities as if they were the only politicians to be created”.

However, Magalela said he would not be joining the NCA, but the Independent Candidates Commission (ICC), for which he is spokesperson, would consider forming a merger with Madhuku’s party.

“I think it’s a misrepresentation. We are not joining the NCA. As the ICC, we respect the NCA initiative and having met with them yesterday (Saturday), we will sit down and compare notes to see if we can form a merger. We might form a merger if need be. There might be need for negotiations for all progressive forces to form one political party. We will make a decision after comparing our notes.

“We represented the ICC at the NCA congress where we gave a solidarity statement, but we are not joining. What we are saying is there might be a merger.”
However, MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said his party was not worried about the new party.

“NCA is making the same claims that Simba Makoni made when he formed his party. He claimed that many Zanu PF people would join him, but we never saw them.

We are also not worried about people like Chiroto. We fired these people from the party after they defied party directives, so it really doesn’t pose a threat at all,” said Mwonzora.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said: “We have no problem with people forming political parties. It’s their democratic right and we can’t stop anyone from exercising it. Our only concern is that most of these supposedly homegrown political parties like the MDC and MDC-T are funded by the West for regime change, but as far as the Madhuku party is concerned, we have no idea who is behind them, but if it’s a local party, there is no problem”
NCA, which was a non-governmental organisation, over the weekend transformed into a fully-fledged political party with Madhuku as its interim leader.

Madhuku yesterday lashed out at Mugabe and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai for failing to the deal with the challenges affecting the country.

“It’s an issue of capability or capacity,” he said. “Losing an election three times speaks for itself. If I was the leader of the movement, I would not have lost three times. One of the things where Tsvangirai failed was to join the inclusive government where he had a very junior position as Prime Minister with nothing to do when he had won the March 2008 election. Participation in that government merely served as a cleansing ceremony for Zanu PF. The inclusive government was a Zanu PF government pursuing Zanu PF policies.”

Madhuku said there was a “long list of things that we don’t agree with the Zanu PF way of doing things”.

“Zanu PF does not have the energy to lead this country,” he said. “Look at Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa — he has not said anything since his appointment except to just say we will grow the economy. That is the only thing that he has said. It’s an issue of capacity. There is also the big problem of corruption. Mugabe goes to a luncheon and talks about (former Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation chairperson Godwills) Masimirembwa and the $6 million, but Masimirembwa is still scot-free. Masimirembwa should have been arrested before Mugabe went for the luncheon and then he would be explaining to the nation why. Mugabe cannot fight corruption. No one who has been in power for 33 years can fight corruption. You need someone new to fight corruption.”


  1. the thing is that the political parties are formed only to die in their infancy. it is high time we focus on social democracy and accept the fact that we have a role to play in nation building irrespective of our political affiliation. its time to call a spade A SPADE!!!

    • If transparances and fairness is adared to in the Mdc-t part it will remain relevent but imposition,descrimination and tribalism if it is unabatted for the next coming years Madhuku is most likely to be relevent.Why am l saying so?People r still morning but Mdc-t vice president Thokozani Khupe she is busy adding salt to wonds by telling Bulawayo people she formed Mdc-t with her own hands so if any one feels tied with the struggle must quite(Ongafuniyo akayekele iMDC-T)honestly a normal thinking leader who wants to take Zimbabwe to another level can nt utter such words.Another factor dictatorship is now taking its corse in Mdc-t hierachy,people plights a nolonger taken seriously especialy branches,wards and districts structures.Morgan Tsvangirai must stop being a flip flopper today u say this tomorow u deny u say anothr thing.

  2. Now we know why Madhuku was making all those weird comments on ‘anything’ during the lead up to the recent elections. It was ground preparation!

  3. our professors our professors our professors j moyo,madhuku,mutambara,makoni,ncube yo skills ar contributing nothing to e state.yu ar useless and yu wl never lead this country.zim can do wthout professors.we want leaders not not dis fool professors.lets forget abt professors useless idiots

  4. Madhuku is doomed before he even launched his party – anywhere, it is his democratic right to do so. Ava kukoka some people with corruption records, just as he himself swindled money some years back. Hapa kwazvinosvika izvi – mark my words.

  5. ndoo rutivi rwanga ruchirumira muvhu while the other side ichibakisa moto manje manyara tsvangs chidzitsi chisingadzuriki kana kutsva through corruption. chava kutobukira zvinoyevedza springtime.

  6. The NCA and Madhuku are right. The MDC-T and its leadership have to be destroyed. They are just two sides of the same coin with the gukurahundis. They are just as intolerant of differences as the gukurahundis. Its MDC green all the way!!

    • Madhuku says Tsvangirai lost three times and says he won in 2008 and accepted a junior post. which is. We all know we voted for MDC-T and zanupf stole results. Madhuku is working with ZANU PF to destroy MDC-T party and sponsoring rebellion. We all aware. do you hear Welshman Madhuku? Your fellow CIO lovemore Ncube tried it and failed thats why ZANU resorted to NIKUV for rigging.

      • @SITHOLE

        Wena Sithole, lalela la, at the formation of the so-called inclusive government in 2008, Tswangirayi appointed our MDC green MP Bhebhe as a Minister without our party’s consent – was that not an attempt at dividing our MDC party?

        It was never a surprise that Bhebhe eventually left our party and joined MDC-T. MDC-T has been on a mission of intolerance, a mission to destroy other parties. They believe the opposition space in Zim politics is theirs alone.

        So why are you crying about this or that party working with the gukurahundis to destroy the MDC-T?

        They deserve it – what goes around, comes around!

          • Gore rino….i mean this year is a year of poverty.Cde Chinamasa you can rig the election and not the economy.Gadzirisai nhau dzenyu zvifambe.

      • @fOgmaster
        You are lying – you are just frustrated because you expect everyone who opposes the gukurahundi to automatically be a supporter of your ” Monday-Teas-and-buscuits-at-State-House” man.

        Hell no, my blood is green through and through. I will never support pretenders to democracy, I am MDC, the Devolution the New Revolution party!!!!!!!

  7. Zimbabwe, let us not use foul language as we comment. We must be tolerant of our different views. To Mr Madhuku good luck

    BUT I have a different view. I saw in a vision 5 years ago a new party emerging in the country. It was controlled by Christians and I saw it rise to the top in 10 years. Meaning it was at the top by 2018. I saw three letters on the name of the party and it was like ZT or TZ. The Z and the T were prominent but the third letter could not see. I tell you I have always wondered what the vision meant. Then I saw it written in bold, IF MY PEOPLE, CALLED BY MY NAME…

    Maybe that time will come, or it may not. But God knows…Let us continue to pray for our country

    • Today’s Christians are the worst leaders.They believe in the same Lord but have many many churches all becoz of the want to be leader.They are not tolerant of other people’s views.Actually we no longer have christians but fellowship committees.It would be a disaster to have a political party created by these so called christians.

  8. democratic right yes but did he reform after he swindled some funds just like masimirembwa
    ko how he ended up having more than one wife.

  9. First Madhuku has refused to be led by an uneducated bafoon and next its likely to be Biti. Anywhere its their democratic right to form their parties and dream of unsitting zpf. Zpf ichatonga kusvikira madhongi amera nyanga

  10. Tsvangirai and MDCT thought they were in elections but realised afterwards that they in war versus NIKUV. Madhuku thinks can win elections but doesnt know that ZANU is now engaging another rigging agent, POMBOV, to rig 2018 elections —-a five plan .

  11. dzungu kani madhuku, munoti musoro kuita bhangu ndiko kunoita kuti muvhoterwe here. remember that this is Zimbabwe and the current government is going to end next year after captain sanogo2 do some moves. cdes will be history and the oldman and his chembere will run like teenager. we will hold general elections next year under the supervision of SADC & AU.we are heading towards the mali stlye anytime soon coz these guyz pomised us a lot during campaigns and they deliver nothing. madhuku you will be like welsh ncube and zanupf will be not there. lets start to thank the in cuming interim president amai mujuru for her good job

  12. Yet another useless party formed. Madhuku is young and ambitious but he will soon find out that you cannot push water uphill. A word of advice to Madhuku – don’t waste political space. You are just going to go the same way as your erstwhile friend, Morgan Tsvangirai who has spent 14 years getting fat and wasting political space.
    I agree with Madhuku that Tsvangirai joining the coalition government was the stupidest political faux pas in history where he did absolutely nothing but strengthen ZanuPF. All Tsvangirai did was to sanitise ZanuPF and Mugabe but did not change a single thing in 4 years spent in the coalition government.
    All the so-called opposition parties in Zimbabwe have all got the same policies as ZanuPF or are based on ZanuPF policies you wonder why they don’t just join ZanuPF if they want a career in politics.
    My prediction is that Madhuku is doomed to fail like all others.

  13. Don’t ask me why I don’t form a party myself because I am a very private person who would rather throw political barbs from the sidelines, I am old and I don’t need the aggro which goes with volatile Zimbabwean politics. But I know what works and what doesn’t, what is right and what is wrong, what to do and what not to do. I would never have made it as a politician because I am unable to lie like all politicians do. I can’t stand lies.

  14. Welcome onto the political scene Prof. It will not be smooth sailing though. Ask your fellow professors. My advice is that you should never despise your supporters and your fellow leaders. Good political leadership is not premised on education alone. Politics is a game of numbers. Good luck.

  15. Very good …velly good velly good sir..I see Madhuku has roped in Chiroto..perhaps he should get Makwavarara, Masunda and Mahachi then complete the joke…As is it is not one bit funny!

  16. Mistake number 1-Prof musangokumba wese wese especially kuMDC-T ne ZANU(PF) musatombo tora.Those are political failures and disasters.Munowongondorerwa party.
    Mistake number-2-Your launching time is not well timed.Dai mambo mira knowing well kuti zanu(pf) is a party that loves partying,it will forget the electorate soon and this will be realised by the povo in a year and a half.Munhu haavigirwi sun hat kunemakore

  17. Tsvangirai and Nelson the power is in our hands all for you,time to put your house in order is now.Biti do not be wrongly adviced time shall come,Madhuku,Welshmen,Job Sikhala,Mutambara mubhini chaiyo pii.

  18. Leave Madhuku alone, its his democratic right to form a political party. If forming his own political party is illegal in Zimbabwe, he will be arrested.

    Zim politics does not belong to MDC-Teas and buscuits and the gukurahundi party ZANU PF!!

  19. Madhuku ,Welshman, Mutambara, Kitsiyatota, Dabengwa : I bet even if you get together you will only get at most 5% of the electorate. Ndizvo zvandiri kuratidzwa ugaba remweya izvozvo.

    • @Muporofita

      That 5% you project is fine, it shows there is democracy at play. Politics is not an event, its a process. You dont start a political party today and just wake up to find multitudes following you – it never happens that way, it takes time.

      You are frustrated because you expect each and every Zim who is opposed to the gukurahundis to join your useless party of Monday morning teas and buscuits at State House with the gukurahundi. You need a good lesson on tolerance – not everyone opposed to the gukurahundis is MDC-T, GROW UP!!!

  20. I totally agree with Madhuku that Tsvangirai helped foist on the country a constitution that was “more repressive” than the Lancaster House independence charter. And also that the MDC-T did not even understand the constitution they helped craft which was demonstrated by the many legal blunders the party made as it tried to deal with the fall-out from its defeat by Zanu PF in the July 31 elections.
    People voted blindly to approve a Constitution with contents they never understood. The Constitution was, to all intents and purposes, a ZanuPF document with no input from MDCs. Tsvangirai did the most dangerous thing by just accepting anything thrown at him by ZanuPF in the hope of amending the Constitution when he got into power! Tsvangirai nevamwe vake ana Biti vaka gara pasi ne ZanuPF kurodza zidemo ravekutitema tese naivowo. Now we are stuck with a repressive Constitution for life thanks to MDCs.

    • Just check the intolerance, gukurahundi upbringing for sure!!!

      ZANU PF says the “Ruling party title is ours for ever, noone should interfer”

      MDC-T screams in equal measure “Opposition party title is ours forever, no one should interfer”

      Two-sides of the same coin, silly fools. Typical Zim politics – how pathetic!!

  21. Opposition to gukurahundi ZANU PF does not equate to support for the MDC-T and Tswangirayi.

    Please get that into your thick heads!!!!

    • you are really frustrated Gukurahundi, with everybody. cool down, everyone knows what happened, most are genuinely hurt, time will come, iGwanda yalunga kanjani.

      • Its you and your MDC-T who are frustrated about “losing” elections so frequently. Thats what happens when you are intolerant!!

  22. One hopes that the NCA party won’t fall into the trap of being an elitist party, like the Forum Party of the 1990s. I will repeat my advice to the Prof. Never think that just because you are higly educated you know it all in the political arena.

  23. Yu can say that again cmde. Tsangirai led da whole nation down, mark my words dat guy lacks leadership qualities and should do himself a great favour by enrolling at UZ and study political science if he ever entertains any chances of ruling this country or else…………………

  24. Just check the intolerance, gukurahundi upbringing for sure!!!

    ZANU PF says the “Ruling party title is ours for ever, noone should interfer”

    MDC-T screams in equal measure “Opposition party title is ours forever, no one should interfer”

    Two-sides of the same coin, silly fools. Typical Zim politics – how pathetic!!

  25. The problem with Madhuku is that he is from Manicaland.

    Thats just about the main reason he wont make it in Zim politics at leadership level!

  26. Learning political scince does not mean anything,how many political scientists do we have,some people do not think at all.Politics especially leading can be natural,I never heard the University which moulded King David and King Solomon,let alone Cde Chinoz.

  27. Madhuku is better than Tsvangirai who wants to transform this country into SODOMA NE GOMORA by promoting GAYISM. Avo babamukuru vanoti nyika ichatongwa ne makirisitu A, zviroto zviroto ngazviperere mumachira

  28. Madhuku you have lost the battle before it begins. Even if the whole Zimbabwe vote against ZANU PF. ZANU PF will always win elections because they will make sure they will rig the election 5 times more than the majority. Unless you can stop rigging. Wish you the best Madhuku

  29. Dhodha tinobonga ngenjira yawa amba iyi unaziya kuti Musharukwa ndabaningi vakamboitawo asi zvakahluya.Hino iwewe wotogwinya ngoba zvibingampinyi zvirimberi zvikuru.

  30. The prof at one time is saying losing 3 times is more than enough, at another saying Tsvangirai won March 2008 Elections, which is which prof.

  31. @farai, you do so soil an established brand. How do you praise the formation of a group whose reported ambition is “to be the biggest opposition to ZANU-PF”? What if Zanu-pf looses the next election? Will they disband? Have they no hope of ever being the ruling party?

    You praise a leader who on launching his party spends all the time attacking other parties and forgets to articulate his own party policies and vision for the country! We can’t fault the journalist, maybe there was nothing news worthy there.

    I would be wary of any grouping that says “we welcome anyone who wants to joint us!” frankly, anyone? No wonder they have attracted Chiroto, now he can give all party contracts to his girlfriend so that he can finish off his 23 roomed house in MT Pleasant!

    Cone head spent over 15 years trying to convince the country to support his process towards a new constitution but failed to even convince his own colleagues to support him. What hope is there with the electorate? I forsee Nikuv, the Chinese, the security, the voters roll and the DRC being blamed again. (all these being pseudo names for registered voters!)
    So, Sekuru Musona and Malume@Guks have stopped chasing cars, they now bark and bay at the moon. Things don’t change much in opposition land, now they fight over who is a better opposition and who lost better! Very strange indeed!

  32. Mutape Gweja Paraini munobhuye gwinyiso. Mfana uyuyu unozwi Mahuku vamweneni vanomuti Madhuku, ndinode kuti munyamureketera zvakaizwe Musharukwa ngekuti njira iyiyi inemaonini akawanda zvekuti zvinode dhodha romene kuti zviro zvacho zvihambe muhambire wazvo. Kusaziya,handiti, Mandawu vakazoti ” Chamamira Munzira Chashinga”

  33. Logic is very illusive to most people most of the time. If Malume@Guks agrees with Muporofita that the combined vote of the fringe parties could be as low as 5% and he is adamant MDC-T lost, whose votes, as he claims, were rigged or stolen on July 31st?

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