Lupi to perform at Bavaria


FRENCH folk star, Patrick Lupi, will tonight perform at the German Bavarian restaurant and bar in Harare for the first time.

Entertainment Reporter

Lupi, who is now based in Zimbabwe, will perform French pop and folk songs. Lupi is not a new name to many Zimbabweans as he has wowed fans in Bulawayo and Harare during the Alliance Francaise Francophone week.

He also teaches French at the Alliance Francaise.

The artiste has collaborated with Zimbabwean artistes and released an album titled Towns and Travelling.

Organisers of the event said Lupi would perform at the venue to entertain guests.

“Lupi is actually one of our customers so he approached us and asked if he could perform at the event, something which we gladly agreed on. He provides sophisticated entertainment and always leaves a mark,” said Dietmar Wiebel, organiser of the event.

Entrance to the show will be free. Guests will also be treated to special German dishes as they enjoy Lupi’s performance. During weekends, the Bavaria restaurant hosts special braais with Sunday being a family roast day.

Next month, the same venue will host an Oktoberfest, similar to the ones held in Germany as the restaurant is of German origin. The festival is held to celebrate beer and people drink like there is no tomorrow.


  1. This is great! I am going to be there! I will be wearing a Johnny Rotten T-Shirt in case you want to meet up! Any hot chicks are welcome to come and fight over me!

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