Luis Figo in Zimbabwe


Real Madrid and Barcelona legend and former Portuguese international Luis Figo is in Zimbabwe, reportedly to explore an investment opportunity in mining.

Report by Sports Reporter

Sources yesterday told our sister paper Southern Eye that the former football star jetted into Bulawayo and was initially booked at one of the top local hotels in the city, but the booking was cancelled late in the afternoon.

He is believed to have checked into another top hotel in the city, probably to escape the glare of the media.

Figo’s visit created a buzz on social networks with workers at Joshua Mqabuko International Airport in Bulawayo posting pictures that were taken during the former football star’s arrival yesterday morning.

Figo, who retired from football in May 2009, is understood to be in the company of business partners from South Africa.

He played as a midfielder for Sporting CP, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Internazionale at the peak of his career before hanging his boots
in 2009.

Figo, born Luis Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo, won 127 caps for Portugal, making him the most capped player in the country’s history.

He was named the 2000 European Footballer of the Year and the Fifa World Player of the Year the following year.


    • Dude do you know what 51% mean? It only means bring if you want a tuckshop worth $1000 we don’t need your $1000, bring $510 and we will look for $490. If that doesn’t work, then the workers in your tuckshop should make up the $490.

      • Why not start by putting down $510 and then ask potential partners to bring in $490?

        By the way, you got the percentages the wrong way round, and I’m almost tempted to say typical of Zimbos to never really get things right.

  1. He is at the invitation of obert mpofu to finalize the recapitalization of kamativi tin mine and smelting plant. Figo 49% zmdc 51%

    • You got 100% Trip B!
      Kana riri duche iye Luis ngaadzvare mari yake mugwidi.
      Remember vana Soup (yes ndoozita rake mbune) Mandiwanzira naGadhanyini vachiinda kunoti vanhu vari kuzhe tipei mari tikuvakirei dzimba?
      Pane akavakigwa?

  2. Mubateyi zvakanaka munhu uyu. Maputukezi kana agumbuka anosiya adira concrete muma sewer pipes . Bvunzai voku Mozambique

  3. Sr. Figo é realmente vale a pena? Se o que é esta história é verdadeira, reconsidere sua decisão. Você está fazendo uma decisão que você deixará para se arrepender. Um homem prevenido vale por dois.

  4. No, he is actually Chinese, in spite of his name and the way he looks. His real name is Wong Dong so there won’t be an indiginization because we all know the Chinese aren’t foreigners, or at least they aren’t the kind of foreigners that we do not like.

  5. Luís Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo, OIH, is a Portuguese former international footballer. He played as a midfielder for Sporting CP, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Internazionale. He retired from football on 31 May 2009.

    (Ah, what lies those are, he is Wong Dong from Xingerland, he just changed his name and had plastic surgery on his eyes so he looks like a gweilo (Chinese word for foreigner, which is what they will call us in China).

  6. He is joining the remaining diamond rush after hearing that Marange alluvial deposits are getting exhausted.
    The Chinese have finished the job whilst millions are reling in poverty.

  7. Shame for Figo but even more so for the rest of us, he just met the biggest thiefs in Bulawayo. Firts they will steel all the money he invest and use it all in a week then all his friends will come to hear of it which means a whole bunch of rich people will be very scared of Zim. These are Mpofu’s in Bulawayo with no relation to the MP.

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