Komichi trial time too short – lawyer


HARARE magistrate Tendai Mahwe, who is presiding over MDC–T deputy national chairman Morgan Komichi’s trial, yesterday said the court was unable to allocate the time that the defence was asking for because the court had other matters to deal with.

Komichi’s lawyer, Alec Muchadehama, had complained over the little time that the case was being allocated after it sat for only one session yesterday.

Mahwe, however, said the court could not afford to give the trial three sessions a day because it had a huge workload that needed to be dealt with and in some of the cases, witnesses would have travelled to attend court.

Muchadehama raised the concern after the trial had been adjourned to today after just one session.

Law officer Michael Mugabe from the Attorney-General’s Office, who is representing the State, said he was disturbed that during almost every hearing Muchadehama would refer to the fact that his client was in custody, something already known to the court.


  1. All cases must be treated equally. There is no urgency in Komichi’s case and 1 session, like all other cases is sufficient until finalised. This is a very serious case and should not be rushed. After all the state is taking care of Komichi’s accommodation, food and transport at Chikurubi.

  2. An electoral offence is politically related unlike rape. It is a statutory offence no more serious than culpable homicide. It should just be speeded up to minimize undue political attention to unneccessary issues since the erections are over.

  3. is it a norm that whenever an opener of uncle mugabe is to be fixed michael mugabe will be prosecuting? is he a political hang man?

  4. ‘Chikurubi provides: Free accomodation, free rations, free transport, free uniforms, free friends, free tsikidzi nenda, saka kalawyer kake kanomhanyirei kuti ribude zimunhu reMDC iri. Handizvo here Gandanga?

  5. The defence learned lawyer is trivialising his case by dwelling on unimportant matters. He is loosing this case and this idiot Komichi(metal cup) will rot in jail

  6. @changlong 1″ you are very right. Everything is free. He has all the time in the world to meditate and strategise the mdcteaboy’s 2018 elections without any disturbance from the outside world. The longer he stays at chikurubi, the brighter the mdcteaboy’s chances in 2018 elections. Icho!

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