Komichi is a thief – Pamire


ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission deputy director of public relations Tendai Pamire yesterday said MDC–T chief elections agent Morgan Komichi was the only person who could unlock the mystery of how he ended up with stray ballots.


Speaking during cross–examination in a case where Komichi allegedly contravened the Electoral Act after he was found in possession of Constable Mugove Chiginya’s ballot paper for the July 14 and 15 special vote, Pamire also accused Komichi of being a thief.

“I think the accused is the only person who can unlock the puzzle by telling the court who gave him the papers. But the accused refused to do so in the meeting we had with him,” he said.

“By virtue of logical reason, if somebody brought to you stolen property and says I will not tell you who has stolen it, then I will conclude he is the one who has stolen. If he tells you, why bother him?”

Muchadehama then suggested to Pamire that MDC–T secretary-general Tendai Biti has confirmed that the person who gave Komichi the ballots – identified as Michael Phiri – was employed by the party as an elections co–ordinator.

One of the reasons the State denied Komichi bail at the beginning of the case on July 30 this year was that there were fears Phiri was a fictitious character meant to take attention off Komichi.

Pamire also testified that he was familiar with Phiri and has had several election–related interactions with him. He also confirmed during cross–examination that Phiri had attended several of the commission’s meetings as an MDC-T agent.

Muchadehama suggested that Komichi did not disclose the name because Zec would engineer Phiri’s arrest instead of investigating the matter.

“Zec did nothing beyond getting the accused person arrested because that was what they were concerned with, getting him arrested for daring to expose Zec,” Muchadehama said.


  1. The whole plot was not thoroughly planned, Komichi has a grave case to answer. A lot could have gone very wrong for the country, ZANU PF is applying the rule of LAW as in the MDC swansong. Mochemeizve?

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