Knives out for Harare

NEWLY-APPOINTED Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province Miriam Chikukwa of Zanu PF says the City of Harare should be run in line with the Zanu PF election manifesto and nothing else.


The provincial minister overseas the running of Harare Metropolitan Province under which the City of Harare falls.

The Harare City Council is, however, run by MDC-T party officials who won the majority 39 out of the 46 contested council seats in the capital.

The MDC-T runs major cities based on their local government electoral victory. These are Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare, Masvingo and Chitungwiza.

Both the mayor of the capital and his deputy are MDC-T officials and under normal circumstances, the city would be run according to policies put in place by the city fathers who, in this case, are MDC-T officials.

Chikukwa last Friday ordered MDC-T councillors to implement programmes outlined in the Zanu PF campaign manifesto.

Speaking at a dinner organised by the Zimbabwe Youth Council in her honour following her appointment, Chikukwa said Zanu PF programmes should carry the day since it is the ruling party.

“We only have one manifesto, one commander (President Robert Mugabe) and his manifesto is what we are going to use. Tell those MDC-T councillors that we have to work together and implement the manifesto of President Mugabe,” Chikukwa said to wild cheers from the gathering.

The MDC-T has, however, reacted angrily, saying
Chikukwa was an “illegal entity” who should not interfere in the running of the city whose councillors were voted for by the people.
Contacted for comment yesterday, Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa threw his weight behind Chikukwa, saying all local authorities had the obligation to implement Zanu PF’s election manifesto and should resign if they did not want to do so.

“Zanu PF after the elections are definitely the ruling party and what the ruling party wants in Zimbabwe must be done for the next five years because we were given the mandate to rule by the people. So Amai (Madam) Chikukwa was absolutely right to tell all councillors to implement Zanu PF’s manifesto. If you (councillors) object, resign forthwith.”

Contacted for comment, MDC-T Local Government shadow minister Sesel Zvidzai said Chikukwa had no mandate to interfere in local authorities’ activities.

“The mayor of Harare is responsible for the Metropolitan Province of Harare. This person (Chikukwa) who wakes up and dreams that we are operating with a Lancaster House Constitution is mistaken and off track,” Zvidzai said.

“She is just an illegal entity in as far as I am concerned, and mayors must just consult the people and move on with their projects,” Zvidzai said.

Mutasa, however, defended Chikukwa’s appointment, saying it had been done in accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe.

“Mai Chikukwa is not an illegal appointee. The Constitution of Zimbabwe gives the President powers to appoint Ministers of State in every province,” he said.

But Zvidzai called on Mugabe to ensure that the Constitution was observed.

“As Zimbabweans, we must respect the philosophy of constitutionalism. President Mugabe should know that his duty is to protect the Constitution. The new Constitution has three levels of governance (Judiciary, Legislature, and the Executive) and each is entitled to work on its own initiatives,” he said.

In the previous government, Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo fought endless wars with MDC-T-dominated municipalities as he sought to dictate terms on how they should operate.

He fired several MDC-T mayors and councillors for allegedly defying his orders, among other allegations.

Chombo is still the Local Government minister in charge of all local authorities.


  1. Ndizvo chaizvo vanozoshandisa manifesto yavo kana vahwina.

    1. The broth that Mugabe cooked – a conundrum of a mixture

      1. Chombo – hopelessly corrupt
      2. Mirriam Chikukwa – hopelessly lost and clueless
      3. MDC Councillors – hopelessly inexperienced & uneducated

      Cooking Method
      1. Throw into a three legged pot and heat to boil. Check whether cooked after 5 years

      1. Ma1 chaiyo mbodza

      2. “As Zimbabweans, we must respect the philosophy of constitutionalism. President Mugabe should know that his duty is to protect the Constitution. The new Constitution has three levels of governance (Judiciary, Legislature, and the Executive) and each is entitled to work on its own initiatives,” he said

        Tell us mr Sesel Zvidzai under which of the above three levels of government do local authorities fall? obviously they neither fall under legislature nor judiciary. and who heads the executive?

  2. how lovely to reveal one’s ingredients early in this way. someone please smile and respectifully say these words:
    “while serving, always learn the art of communication is first while dictation comes last, if at all”.

  3. We knew it was coming this way the time Mugabe decided to appoint Provincial ministers. The Constitution does not give these ministers the mandate to interfere with Provincial Council representatives.

  4. This Chikukwa thing is there to distabilise the smooth running of HARARE we have to stop her now,yes she is an illegal entity.

  5. Yes@mike hove the constitution dznr gve powers to provincial ministers, all powers is vested in authorities headed by chaurpersons or mayors. Zanu claims to have won a majority bt they r so scared of MDC. It jst shows tht they were not genuine in devolution.

  6. mayors should report to those ministers on state in their provinces

    1. Mayors report to Harvest House – period. We voted for the MDC and we want MDC polices implemented.

      1. Mayors should work for the good of all their citizens/residents. Reporting to the powerless MDC-T at the Harvest or to the all powerful ZANU(PF) at Shake Shake House will help citizens/residents. At the end of the day cities/ towns/growth points will know no meaning development.


  8. I refuse to believe the lies that Zimbabwe has the highest literacy ratio in Africa. I spent some time reading comments by the ordinary people on message boards and what I come across is astonishing to say the least. I believe most of the political arguments are caused by misunderstanding the language by the main political actors and the ordinary folk as well. Political parties signed a GPA agreement in 2008 which they all interpret differently but they shook hands as if everything was fine. The same goes for the New Constitution – drafted by those in the legal fraternity on all sides, including a law Professor, but they all interpret the new Constitution differently. All parties shook hands and a referendum was held but all the parties have their own interpretation of the provisions of this Constitution. The new Constitution was praised as the Holy Writ, the silver bullet, but different parties have different interpretation of this new Constitution. We have seen MDC-T leader’s legal advisers approaching the wrong courts to file his court papers on more than one occasion. Of late Tsvangirai announced his “shadow cabinet” but ZanuPF says that move is irrelevant in Zimbabwean politics. If those at the top are unable to understand some of these legal issues what chances a have the ordinary people have? The confusion at the top has cascaded down to the ordinary people. As for Zimbabwe having the highest literacy ration in Africa I don’t believe it. Teachers should concentrate more on comprehension because at the moment “literacy” in Zimbabwe is merely being able to distinguish the various letters of the alphabet and numbers.

    1. i share your views on the issue of literacy in this country. many a times people fail to comprehend basic things and the worst part of it is that the people who are mandated to lead us do not seem to see things in a logical way. povo yacho is only gud at analysing issues from preferred political positions. unless and until we start seeing things objectively, this nation will keep on going in circles. one wonders where the advantage of being top rated in literacy issues is when we can not solve issues following guidelines as provided in the constitution which we claim to have penned on our own. kunyora nekuverenga vazhinji vanogona but people lack wisdom to put that into good use for the good of our nation.

  9. wat a the duties of the minister of local gvt, the state minister and the mayor pakati pawo panenge pane munhu asina basa kana kuti asi kuziwa zvaari kufanirwa kuwa achiti and who reports to who it seems one office is expected to report to two offices regarding the same issue makwikwi

    1. taipei-Uhhh, Say What? Speak in one language my son.

  10. Because of the different interpretation of the Constitution by different parties the major cities will have ZanuPF Ministers running the affairs parallel with MDC-T councils for the next 5 years! But these parties spent close to 5 years negotiating or drafting the new Constitution and shook hands when they have different interpretation to the provisions of this Constitution.
    This is one fine mess. Never a dull moment in Zimbabwean politics.

  11. Of course Chikukwa! It has always been Zanu P.F. policy to follow redundant manifestos – no water, no electricity and pot holed roads. That is the zanu p.f. way.

    Madam, you are saying nothing new.

  12. mdc should show their abilities coz they have all these cities under them

  13. Nhai tinorwireiko tichitadza kuvanyika yedu.

  14. Ma1 aya atanga, panorwa mikono huswa suffers. There is no doubt that’s what Mugabe instructed his minister to do. Manje pachati “governor” uyu + Chombo things are going to be nasty. Under normal circumstances e mdc shd run the affairs according to its beliefs cos pakaita disaster e electorate wld be able to pin point who e culprits are. How can e mdc be expected to implement what they don’t believe in?

  15. Its high time mdc remove their gloves and stop baby crying.This is politics and zanu knos they can trample and clobber them without reply.The response is the usual n’ee n’ee.Gore rino!

    1. guys is it fair really?we did not vote for zanupf here in bulawayo but why should we get orders from them.we dont want zanu policies here because they have failed before.something is wrong with this democracy thing.surely how can we be run by the losers.they won in marambafungwe i agree let them run maramba*** and leave bulawayo to us.i guess mawelishi was right with his devolution project

  16. Do we follow a party manifesto or the law.

  17. hungu kana mapfupa aRubhengula akazvireva kuti munyika muzere namaduutuu. akangwara ndiye wekutanga akurumbidzayi kuti mune highest literacy rates in africa asi chiwonayi kuororwa uko makaita. i congratulate you is an old cleon line of propaganda.

  18. Aah haya..I think this solution lies with us the electorate to b objective of these stories we read regardless of political affiliation because our eduction is at stake here..but I have a question, how can people be ordered to vot for a person to represent them who later on has no power to deliver what he promised, if its n Mac councillor who won holing MDC manifesto against a ZANU councillor holding ZANU manifesto why should they be made to use the same manifesto rejected by populace..why dd we vote then..I think it jus shows our executive who s head of state, commander in chief ,and herald first secretary is not being objective of his appointments… Maybe he wants there to be disorder in these cities and still lay blame on opposition???

  19. Musona is literate. He is able to read and right. That is how far the term literacy goes. The other issue which simply ascribes to as literacy lies in the sphere of various points of view that people hold.
    Literacy how nothing to do with reasoning powers. Literacy is not just following the Zanu mantra.

    1. @Mavara – Kana uchiti “He is able to read and right” urikuda kutii? There is a difference between “right” and “write”. Handina kunzwisisa kuti urikuda kutii mu comment yako? Kuti urikudituka kana kuti urikundirumbidza? Ndadaro nekuti ndawona zita rangu mu comment yako.

    2. I agree with you totally, most people do not know what literacy means. Being able to read and write, that’s plain simple. Failure to comprehend, analyse, critique or reason is not the same as illiteracy.

  20. musona uri nyanzvi ye logic though i will not go where you are pakutsoropodza zvavamwe izvo unowanza makeyi.

    1. @lecturer – uyu mumwewo anyota comment yandisiri kunzwa kuti arikuda kutii? Waverenga here article kuti irkuti kudii? Zvineyi ne logic yangu? Wangauchida kuti nditi zvirikuitwa ne ZanuPF ne MDC-T kurwira kutonga ma big cities zvinhu kwazvo here? Musoro wako wakazara mvura.

  21. @lecturer – This is a public website which has a section where pundits can post their views. Iwe wavekuda kuzviita web cop or adjudicator we ma comments. Kana uchiwona kuti mamwe ma comments hauwirirane nawo scroll down the page and ignore them not to try and tell someone whom you don’t know how and what they should comment on. I am Zimbabwean taxpayer and I will comment on matters which affect me as I see fit and you are not in a position to stop me.

  22. the zanu pf manifesto was rejected in many cities, so why force it on the same people who rejected it.
    a zanupf manifesto can only be implimemted by a zanu pf mayor. the MDC model or manifesto will rule the cities since it is their manifesto that trumped. the best Zanupf can do is to implement their manifesto in areas they trumped and the Mdc where the won and let the people see who has the better document. We rejected the Zanu pf document because we thought it was no better than the Mdc one and as such let them prove they have a better document by implementing it fully in the rural ares where they won and in some small towns where they toped. the benefit to the people of Zimbabwe will be better services as the two parties spoil us with service in a bid to win our support during 2018.
    so this lady Chikukwa , who ever she is and where ever she was all along before sunshine shone on her should not force her dung into people’s mouths. We want competing ideas and this is the vehicle to improve people’s lives.
    it is clear she has no clue what her real responsibilities are apart from using force to gain her way. is this not the very same Zanupf stratergy not to be made accountable.

    we want to see brain matter at work. creative thinking on how to change people lives albeit persuasively and strategically. We are tired of people who know nothing leading us . As she is a no brainer she has started to please the pay master by using rouge tactics which belong to jungle right in the centre of Harare.
    tipei ma serious amai imi!

  23. Some of the comments are too long, off-topic and boring.

  24. Plpe in the so called zanupf should learn to think and discuss national issues @ office level then correctly represent the pple and country other than KUROTOMOKA ZVIROTO zveku gutisa. We are tired of silly, false statements @minsterial and mp levels ..sheet wena..

  25. It is obvious from reading the article that this beautiful country will suffer because of partisan politics, one would have thought that after the near peaceful elections people would move on and now concentrate on nation building but alas the struggle continues. I wonder what Chombo would be doing now that there is Provincial State Ministers obviously created to stifle whatever the winning parties in the Provinces would want to do as has already been said by the incoming Capital City Provincial Minister. Some comments that are written above are criticising others for poor grammar yet in so doing also make many mistakes that you cannot get the message which is neither here nor there as long as one knows what they want heard.
    Then the thing I thought people especially commenting on this forum should have been doing to show the high literacy rate (not ratio or ration) would have been to condemn the bad and applaud the good from individuals irrespective of their political affiliation. If a person from MDC-N says something good for the country we need to all see it that way and applaud it if, by the same token if MDC-T or Zanu-PF breaks the constitution we need to see it as such and point it out. Only then can we be seen to be really literate and building our nation. We should take our democracy to another level of fighting for our country as one.
    I may not be that literate but at my age I know what is good for my country and my family in particular. We should not just say because this has been said by Tsvangirayi, Mugabe, Ncube or Kisnot then it is right because I support them.

  26. Listen and listen carefully Mr Minister of Province. There is a Mayor, and he does projects good for the city at Municipal level. Your hogwash of Manifesto is to be implimented at national level by the Zanus and not th municipality and its Zanu Pf that’s suppossed to do it because that’s the position of Zanu Pf not the government cause our country is not a one party state. Vanhu vakaita semi munondisembura, you are the ones who keeps us behind…with your stupid and unlearned speeches trying to please your ‘father’ at state house.

  27. @musona
    shuwa ngaisiye matambo mukweguru the logical conclusion arrived at is completely far and away the opposite of intended thoughts meant and regards conveyed with chirungu here

  28. you can all talk sezvamakaita before ma elections, but the bottom line is ZANU PF ndiyo iri kutonga and ndiyo ina minister we local gvt, 2. ndiyo ina minister of finance, 3 mdc yacho ichatora mari yekurana makanzuru acho ku harvest house here. chokwadi chiripo ndechekuti mamiriro akaita zvinhu parizvino MDC T needs ZANU PF zvakanyanya kudarika nezuro. kana mDC T yakatadza kuita zvayaida kuita mu GNU ndopaingazo kwanisa kuita zvainoda nhasi ZANU PF iyine 2/3 majority mupaliament nyaso fungayi musati manyora macomments enyu pleaseeee.

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