Kaukonde, Kay cross swords


LOSING Marondera MDC-T parliamentary candidate Ian Kay has accused Zanu PF MP Ray Kaukonde of vote buying by dishing out foodstuffs to people in the drought-prone area before the July 31 polls.


This is contained in a court application filed with the Electoral Court by Kay’s lawyers, Maunga, Maanda and Associates last week challenging the victory of Kaukonde alleging that serious irregularities marred the electoral process.

Kay lost to Kaukonde in the harmonised elections after garnering 7 840 against the ultimate winner’s 9 357.

“The area is drought-prone and poverty-stricken and use of food and other means of vote buying by first respondent was very rampant during the run up to the election,” read the petition by Kay in part.

“In the lead up to the harmonised elections of July 31, the respondent was engaged in vote buying activities. Truckloads of cabbages, mealie-meal, day old chicks, footballs, football uniforms and cash were distributed en masse in Marondera constituency.

“This was vote buying as all that were given trinkets were asked to vote the first respondent on the basis of receiving the trinkets.”

Kay, who is seeking a rerun, raised a litany of allegations including the use of State resources for campaign purposes, the chaotic voters’ roll and the number of voters turned away as some of the reasons for his loss.

But Kaukonde, through his lawyers, Warara and Associates, denies the allegations raised by Kay.

In his opposing affidavit, Kaukonde said that Kay had lied about his residential address, saying he did not stay there.

“While I admit that I was declared the winner of the election, I deny that the electoral process was characterised by electoral malpractices or irregularities as alleged,” Kaukonde said.

On vote buying, Kaukonde said: “These are denied. I deny that I engaged in vote buying activities. The petitioner simply makes a bold and unsubstantiated statement that my functionaries and myself distributed food, day old chicks, footballs and football uniforms and cash without stating where and to who. As such it will be difficult to deny a bold assertion which effectively leaves me without an idea what it is that is referred to.”

Kaukonde said Kay’s allegation were speculative, adding that he should provide proof of what he was alleging in most instances.


  1. I have financial needs that must be met, my kids’ fees must be paid on time all the time and my business needs to be capitalized to perform at an optimum. It is a not easy to move forward and I know many like me who could use some extra dollars. If Kay had dished out money before the elections, I would have still voted ZANU PF, not MDC T. I would have said, thank you very much Mr. Kay for the cash but you cannot buy my vote! I doubt if Mr. Kay had voted any different had ZANU PF had given him something. The reason he would have voted MDC T is because in his cost benefit analysis, MDC T was going to deliver on his long term needs and ZANU PF the opposite. My vote is also based on long term needs, so are the votes of the people of Marondera. Unless Mr. Kay is suggesting that the people of Marondera are fools who dump their principles for a bag of sugar!

  2. Ppe voted for their prefered candidates and parties and no amount of money or food hand outs would have influenced them. The bottom line is that mdcteaboy was not offering attractive policies.

  3. is this Ma-Kheyi serious, what wrong with donating footballs to the community and food hand-outs. Mr MaKheyi why did you not triple Ray’s effort. People vote for those who are able to help them not those there to ask for sanctions.

  4. the truth is the man failed, where was he when Ray was distributing foodstuffs and everything that he is accusing of. We in Marondera never saw him or his campaigning team,let alone the town is full of sewage.What exactly did he do for marondera residents during his term as MP.handifungi kuti zvinosvika 5 zvaakaita. We all want change in Marondera, saka takambochinjawo

  5. So it appears Roy Bennet is releasing funds for electoral petitions for his kith and kin only. Surprisingly Kay now talks of vote buying and yet the whole party was talking of Nikuv. This is surely a bunch of confused cockroaches.

    you have shown your unwavering support for your party but zvimwe zvinonyadzisa. Your deffence of wrong deeds on account of them having been committed by a party cadre is shameful. What does the electoral act say about such deeds? Munotinyadzisireyiko kudai.

  7. Kay plz withdraw ths case.
    We all know how thw election was rigged.
    Everything in Zimbabwe from police, courts, and zec is politicised that you wont get a fair trial.

    Remember Nikuv hasnt closed their offices yet.

  8. Whats wrong with giving people ‘Truckloads of cabbages, mealie-meal, day old chicks, footballs, football uniforms and cash’????
    If Ian Kay saw Ray Kaukonde giving out free goodies to people then maybe he should have also done the same. I dont think residents would have complained.

    I find it annoying that Ian openly admits that “The area is drought-prone and poverty-stricken” but he does not tell us what he did about it.

    What Ray Kaukonde did is no different to the council bills which were cancelled a few hours before elections. Yes Zanu used the cancellation as a vote buying tactic but residents didnt complain AND that is what politics is all about afterall. Give voters what they want.

    People vote for people who can do something for them & Politicians are elected to give something to the people/ They have to prove that they have the capacity to help the voters.
    No proof no vote. Kaukonde proved he had the ability to help them & they voted for him, Ian didnt prove anything & lost. Simple!

  9. I know every on is interested in politics, I just ignore it though and get on with my life. So far neither polital party has bothered my personally, and I know a lot of people from both parties.

  10. The definition of insanity (idiocy) is to do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result… says it all for a lot of people out there in Zimbabwe… well done boys

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