Gokwe Town secretary charged with fraud


GOKWE Town Council acting secretary Clemence Madondo appeared in court yesterday charged with criminal abuse of office after he allegedly illegally awarded himself $1 000 as acting allowances.

Richard Muponde

Two witnesses, the council’s financial director Jokonia Nyoni and human resources clerk Collen Singwaza, testified in the matter, saying Madondo claimed allowances for the period he was on leave.

Charges against Madondo are that between December 20 last year and January 4 this year, he acted as the town council’s secretary before he went on leave. After he went on leave, Nyoni took over the reins.

However, on his return to work, Madondo ordered Singwaza to pay him all the allowances, including for days when he was on leave.

Singwaza complied and allegedly paid Madondo $1 140.

The council’s policy is that a person in acting capacity only receives allowances for the days he is on duty.

The court heard that Madondo was supposed to share the allowances with Nyoni who had stood in for him when he was away.

According to the State, Nyoni was entitled to $693, while Madondo was supposed to get $446.

The town council then made inquiries into the matter and made a police report, leading to Madondo’s arrest.

Gokwe resident senior provincial magistrate Shepherd Mjanja remanded him out of custody to September 17 for continuation of trial.


  1. this is called management override of controls and lack of corporate governance is the root cause of this cuase these superiors are greedy, now going to court for a mere $693, u need salvation!!!

    • iwe aitorerei mari isiri yake tangoziva 1000 iyoyi ko dzimwe dzanotora dzisingataurwi….apa mastands anopa vanhu mahara…tozviziva ….ngaareurure

  2. imi tipa iya yakauya yakasenga kamotor kadoko ….katengwa nemari yani kana yairimbasera ku council hationi wani……machinja akamuremadza …..reurura bcoz takaremberera kunge inda hatikuregi….ungatozonyora tsamba kumusha kuti mashangwe epa gokwe akarivara….manje hatina….every dollar counts…….

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