Glen View 29 acquitted


In a trial of the state versus 29 Glen View MDC-T activists : Glen View 29 on allegations of murdering Inspector Petros Mutedza , it has emerged that  several of the accused have been acquitted.

Report by Online Reporter

These include: Cynthia Manjoro, Stanford Mangwiro, Genesis Chinyama, Memory Ncube, Kerina Dehwa, Solomon Madzore, Tapfuma Madzore.

However, seven of the accused are to stand trial on a date yet to be announced.

Update: Glen View 29 Acquitted


  1. Its a sad day for Zimbabwe if a highly esteemed judge acquits day-light murderers who murder our law-enforcement officers. I am very very upset with this development.

      • does it occur to you Mr Rwizi that your reckless,extravagant as well as dangerously uncouth remarks and insinuations amount to brazen scandalising of the courts of law and the judicial institutions,your misinformed and misplaced labelling of the glen view 29 as murderers when they have been acquitted by a competent court of law is in the least defamatory and at most preposterous and quite unfortunate indeed

        • It seems courts are only seen as competent when they rule in favor of MDC hooligans. They are incompetent when they rule that ZANU PF won in a peaceful, free and election. They are incompetent when they throw out nonsensical cases brought to them by MDC dim-wits. Ndijekesere Advocate who is logic-starved.

    • They never killed anyone. We all know ts political. Zanu killed 2000 mdc supporters in 2008 & no one was ever arrested.! There is no justice in zim if u r not zhanu.

      • Zanu does not kill you liar!!!. All it does is empower, indigenize, educate Zimbabweans, win free and fair elections and defeat very powerful evil gvts imposing illegal sanctions on their people.

        • Rwizi facts are that police killed their own with the aim and intention to implicate innocent citizens of zimbabwe. Follow the police witnesses especially the big bosses who fomented the poor and flowed plan. Of course you will not see it any other way because you have chosen to dream and perpetually live in that dreamland

    • Iwe Rwizi waivepo here paunoti daylight murderers or what do you know concerning the incident ,one day ndiwewo uchapomerwa mhosva isiyako oona kuti hausi shasha wakanyanya kupusa (you wll never be a judge in you r poor life ) you are not capable of anything wakaora

  2. if it was an accused who killed your brother do yu feel if an offender in connection with a murder case a released scotty freee. I feel pain cozy even in the bible it was said never kill for yu never enter into the kingdom of heaven so these ones wont see heaven.

  3. thse who ar being affected by the decision of the judge shld go and die,the only remedy is to pray to God or change the jugde if u hv such authority.thnx

  4. Zvima zengairwa zve MDCHEATS pfawirai ngoma usiku hunoenda kure. Kune dzimwe dzinofungirwa mondi dzisina karegererwa 7 (nomwe) dziri kudya sadza ne sauti izvezvi. Kwakapona mheswa mikono vanana Madzore. Kudobangoti Honourable madakanyanya akadaro.

  5. Rwizi kwana.
    Baba nehama dzemufi vanhu we msangano we Zanu pf.
    Asi vakapupura kuti mwana wavo akaurawa ne vanhu ve msangano.

    Might u propaganda does not make two wrongs a right.

    Zpf murdered and has tens of thousands of opposition blood in their hands aand are awaiting Jehova the supreme judge for judgement.

  6. @chingara

    you celebrate the arrest of 7ppl suspected of killing 1 policemen whilst your body swims in the blood of over 30000 opposition members that Mugabe has sacrificed to fuel his soon to be 4 decades in power.

    Be careful for your kids shall surely ripa the ngozi. There is no blood thicker than the other.

  7. Rwizi ndiro saskamu manje..saka unotonzi panababawo pano,vana vototi maswera here dad,uchingohumana padare panevamwe.ndimi maivhiyiswa mbudzi imi.saka vanhu vakapedza 2 years varimujeri mumwe akafiramo achinyimwa mishonga nemi,ndiyo justice iyoyo..macourts hapana chaakatonga apa kuwesta 2 years dzevanhu kwakuzoti havana mhosva..shame..ivo 7 ivavo vachangoregwa futi ZANU inongoda kutanda nyadzi navo.ivo vanhu 29 vakaponda munhu 1 chirudziiko vamurovera pamuchinjiko here….sis mhani.

    • @Manhize. Saskamu ndiwe thats why you are cross about things you can’t influence. The 29 MDC thugs have been locked up JUSTIFIABLY for @ least 2 yrs and neither you bastard nor TsvanCRY your leader could do nothing about it because muri maSaskamu. I am still excited about the fact that these stupid 29 misfits were reduced to size during their 2 yrs @ chi max and they will be motivated by mob psychology to do anything stupid ever again.

  8. @Rwizi…kuita nharo newe kupedza nguva..hauna pfungwa uri fanatic yezanu ndokusaka usiri kuona kuti ndiwe wega urikungosapota zvisingasapoteke…hatidi mafans mupolitics tinoda mafacts…point of correction, hatisi vanhu vaTsvangirai kana MDC ..we are Zimbabweans…zidzoro rinenge damba rakaora.

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