Footballer’s wife withdraws charges


FORMER Warriors midfielder Leo Kurauzvione’s wife has withdrawn the charges of theft and physical abuse she had levelled against the soccer player after the family resolved to have the dispute settled behind closed doors.


The State, represented by Barbara Ndoro, withdrew the case at the insistence of the complainant, Primrose Muchiriri.

“We have resolved as a family to withdraw the matter,” Muchiriri told Harare magistrate Arnold Maburo.

Kurauzvione was alleged to have stolen $100 from Muchiriri before beating her accusing her of dating his former coach.

Allegations against Kurauzvione were that on July 1 this year at around 4pm, Muchiriri and Kurauzvione went to drop their aunt at their parents’ home. While on their way back, a misunderstanding over their child’s upkeep broke out.

Kurauzvione is alleged to have assaulted Muchiriri with fists and kicked her in the stomach in the process.

On July 30, the couple had another altercation, forcing Muchiriri to leave their home. Kurauzvione allegedly came home while Muchiriri was away and took a purse in the wardrobe containing $100 in full view of their child.

Further allegations were that on August 11, Kurauzvione, who had arrived from Triangle where he was employed as a soccer player, came to Harare and sought to evict Muchiriri from their home.

Muchiriri refused and told Kurauzvione to go to Mufakose where he has another wife, the court heard.

It is alleged that she left and went for a drink in town with friends whereupon Kurauzvione followed and became violent, forcing her to leave hurriedly in a taxi.


  1. An indisciplined and temperamental player who thinks is above the law. The problem with soccer players is, they just marry without having ample time for ‘studying’ their would-be wives.

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