Fifa suspends Chafa


DYNAMOS and Warriors midfielder Devon Chafa has been suspended by the Federation of International Football Associations (Fifa) for testing positive of a “prohibited substance”.

Simba Rushwaya,Group Sports Editor

Chafa has been caught in the doping storm for the past fortnight when it was revealed that he failed a doping test which was conducted randomly by Fifa on June 9 this year just before a 2014 World Cup match between the Warriors and the Pharaohs of Egypt. Zimbabwe lost the match 4-2.

In a statement from the Fifa headquarters in Zurich, the world governing body said the Dynamos hardman will not be allowed to kick the ball for next 30 days. His suspension is with effect from 30 August although Chafa featured in a BancABC Sup8r semi-final match against Shabanie Mine in Bulawayo last Sunday.

“The chairman of the Fifa Disciplinary Committee has provisionally suspended a Zimbabwean international footballer for an initial period of 30 days and opened disciplinary proceedings following an adverse analytical finding in relation to a doping control.

“After receiving the “A” sample result, which was positive for a prohibited substance included in WADA’s 2013 prohibited list, the player did not request the analysis of the “B” sample within the deadline granted,” read part of the statement which will, no doubt shatter Chafa’s career.

According to Fifa, Chafa has until September 9 to inform them whether he wishes to request a hearing.

“Irrespective of whether or not the player requests a hearing, the player and/or the Zimbabwean Football Association have until September 16 to submit a statement and all related and supporting documentary evidence. The player has contravened article 63 of the Fifa Disciplinary Code. The decision to provisionally suspend the player was taken in accordance with articles 38ff of the Fifa anti-doping regulations and articles 129ff of the Fifa disciplinary code,” Fifa said.

Chafa shocked

DYNAMOS midfielder Devon Chafa says he has been shocked by Fifa’s stance and will draw a lesson from the development. “It took me by surprise. It’s a lesson to me and all the other players,” he said.

His coach Kalisto Pasuwa said he hopes that his star player will be cleared and return to action. “He has been a regular at Dynamos. We hope the matter will be finalised in 30 days and the player cleared to return to action,’ said Pasuwa.


  1. warriors’ doctor also to blame……..but vafana vacho vanozviwanza, but hopefully it’s not his end!!! so how many of them are taking chamba out there…..??

    • U cannot blame warriors coach yet haazi akamupa drug racho. He the player was supoz to inform medical team for the warriors kuti he is on meds.
      It a case of ignoarance kusatoziva chaiko

  2. Hey guys that substance is even in drugs taken for asthmatic conditions. It is well known. I think ZIFA did not communicate properly what Chafa was supposed to do particularly requesting for sample B and hence here we are.

  3. The rules of the World Antidoping Agency are very clear, the athlete is ultimately responsible for whatever is detected in him, whether knowingly or unknowingly. It is every athlete’s responsibility to to check with their doctor whether a substance is prohibited or not and to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption is it is absolutely necessary for him to take the medication if there is no alternative. A lot of over the counter medicines contain prohibited substances, especially most cough mixtures for example. A lot of players in Zimbabwe smoke Mbanje which contains cannabinoids and are also prohibited. They remain detectable in the urine for up to six weeks after smoking mbanje and it’s only a matter of time before a lot more players test positive. Education of players is the main way to go in order to address the issue.

    And by the way, you’ll only get to know what substance he is supposed to have taken after conclusion of the investigations and the hearing since he is yet to give his side of the story.

  4. Musadaro vakomana, munhu ofa nechikosoro nokuti FIFA has a atupid list of banned substances iyo Bronco iripo? Best wishes BRONCO, we need you back in the fold!!!!

  5. vafana ava vanoputa mbanje dzeku Mbare vasati vapinda munhandare kunotamba nhabvu. Our players need some education on effects of drugs upon their carriers. Ukazotengwa ne Barca mbanje unodziwanepi uye woputira kupi?

  6. Thats good for the players will realise that use of enhancement substances is not good and also ilegal.Hope the lads will learn coz mbanje vanodziwanza

  7. Dzikama Chafa . Usapaparike ita steady . Kudada kwainge woita mfana mhepo dzinosimuka . Be humble and stay out of drugs ,

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