Extra Kwazvose ventures into unfamilia territory


NEW on the scene sungura group Extra Kwazvose tonight ventures into unfamiliar territory with a gig at New Life Nite Club.

Silence Charumbira

Nicknamed “the Rebels”, the group seems to have dived into the deep end with the show at a venue known for disappointing even top musicians.

Besides its gigantic size that accommodates well over 1 000 revellers, it is situated at the centre of a sprouting suburb, Budiriro.

Showgoers normally prefer venues far from their homes; the reason is anyone’s guess.

While that may not be relevant at this juncture it is a fact that Franco Slomo, one of the stars in the group, last performed at the venue well over a year ago.

Back then, he was still under the leadership of sungura fireball Alick Macheso.

But what should give Franco Slomo solace is that even then he had a fair share of popularity?

Even then there were a significant number of revellers who stayed the night to see him perform.

And he even accedes and says: “People should expect fireworks like I used to do it when I was with Macheso. They should look forward mainly to the new dance, Sando, and see for themselves.”

According to Obert Gomba there is not much to talk about before the show.

“Everyone is expectant of the show and it’s a tough task for us to impress,” he said.

“That we last performed at the venue with Macheso is a fact, but what will make or break us is the performance.

“The camp is ready to perform and everyone is happy so I think people should just come and see for themselves.”

Extra Kwazvose has been playing new content at their shows much to the surprise of revellers who expect their play list to be infested with cover versions.

Gomba said although they have enough content for a whole album they would not release a new album this year.

“Our debut album Ndizvo zviripo is yet to reach all corners of the country and people are still yearning for it so it would not make any sense for us to jump into the studio,” he said.

The group performs with Tedious Matsito.

Tomorrow they take their combination to City Sports Bar where both groups are aiming to make a mark.


  1. l am very mch supportive guyz.l lyk yo style of mzk however l hve a few things dat l feel went offline on your current album.first z de lead guitar sound quality.it z too thin n it hz a lot of echoe on most songs.secondly de keyboard master should hve played it skilfully not direct notes lyk upcoming gospel artist.l know u were under preasure since it z yo first album on de next album take yo tym in de studio tell de engineers wat u want l know u r all not new in dis industry.l lyk yo mzk n m always behind u guyz.keep it up.

  2. even from guiter maestro mujindu,zacha zacha good was expected but they succumb to failure so the rebels must bear in mind this.

  3. The way you moved from Macheso it was bad so thats why pple have been expecting a lot from you but we realised that you are still very far to fit the same shoes of the King Macheso ”Usatuke Ngwena usati wayambuka dziva” there is still a lot to learn from that man he is multitalented interms of arts “Anebhora Ndiye Anomakwa”Cheso bhora mugedhi”

    • yaa problem yenyu mazimbo sana Tripple B hamudi kuona competition. Macheso is gud but he’s not everuything music industry needs in Zim. we need variety. those guys are good. they are still starting & they r not at the same level with Macheso, but with focus they can grow big.

  4. kwazvose is an over ambitious lot itai steady otherwise soon your ambition will turn into frustration and you will be history

  5. u rebels ua nothing, infact very short sited. whe do u thnk ua goin. cnt u luk at ur frents zaka and mjintu, they are as gud as heardboys.js remember wt goes around cms around. u wil soon be rejects from rebels

  6. Ndaingonzwa vakomana ava vachingoshorwa nevanhu.Ndakazonzwa music yavo one day.They are very good very good for sure.Musanyeperwe machinda makapenga…Cant you see kuti Macheso hapana zvaakaita pa last album…hanzi chii weee Cynthia.


  8. makapenga guys musateerere vane majelous.vano rwadziwa ava nezvamaita muri kumberikwazvo vasingazive kuti maitoshandisa zvipo zvengu kwete zvamacheso.show them your talent

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