EU ambassador admits diplomatic gaffe


HEAD of the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia yesterday said he will apologise to government for seeking to meet Constitutional Court and Electoral Court judges to discuss the MDC-T’s election petitions.

Dumisani Sibanda

This follows reports that on August 29 this year, Dell’Ariccia wrote to the Supreme Court’s chief registrar Walter Chikwana requesting a meeting with “members of the Constitutional and Electoral Courts in order to exchange views on electoral petitions”.

The envoy told NewsDay yesterday he had decided to apologise for the diplomatic gaffe.

“First of all, the idea of the meeting was not to talk about the pending cases at the court because that would be most inappropriate,” he said.

“What happened was an administrative oversight. I am writing now to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to clarify the matter and apologise.”

Dell’Ariccia could not be drawn into commenting further on the matter.

Earlier, Secretary for Foreign Affairs Joey Bimha had told NewsDay that government was already considering launching investigations into the diplomat’s conduct.

“We have read about this in the papers. We want to find out exactly what transpired,” Bimha said.

“Obviously diplomats like him have set ways of communicating and usually it’s through the Foreign Affairs ministry. If someone, however, goes directly to the State institutions, then this would be a breach of diplomatic protocol. Even then, we will investigate and then summon him to find out why he did it if he did and that does not necessarily mean that he will be asked to leave.”


  1. @mukorekore in you scull, surely there is pig shit in place of brains. Being in oposition does not equate to being negative to everything and anything all the time. Think for goodness sake!!!!!

  2. is it true that the eu diplomat intends to apologise?read between lines if he apologises then its really a beginning of a new era.icho.

  3. Interference in our internal affairs, particularly that from former colonialists who now masquerade as champions of democracy is unwanted and totally unacceptable. Africa is not an extension of Europe or any other continent or country including China which pretends to like us when, in fact, the real reason they are so concerned about Africa is its resources and the hope Africa offers for their own survival, now and in the future. That was a request by someone who grew up being told in his country that Africans are monkeys and believed it. If anyone is a monkey, HE is the monkey. By the way, while I do not support Zanu PF which was hijacked by looters and fakes after independence, I am as patriotic as can be and do not tolerate foreign idiots who patronize Africans. Our African affairs are African. Full stop.

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