Dry taps loom in Gweru


GWERU — Gweru residents are headed for a dry spell amid reports that the local authority plans to decommission Gwenoro
Dam, the city’s main water supply, next Monday.

Stephen Chadenga

City engineer Jones Nathambwe was recently quoted in our sister paper, Southern Eye saying Gwenoro had to be decommissioned soon since it had literally run dry.

“We will be decommissioning the dam (Gwenoro) soon as the capacity there is only 2%,” he said.

Though the city could turn to other dams, Amapongokwe and Whitewaters, investigations by the paper revealed that no proper equipment has been installed at the two dams to meet the city’s water needs through increased pumping capacity.

Contacted for comment on the situation at Gwenoro yesterday, town clerk Daniel Matawu said the right people to talk were the city engineers.

Sources said city fathers were having headaches on how to handle the water situation if Gwenoro Dam was decommissioned by next Monday as per council resolution.


  1. It all boils down to poor planning. What are our educated City Engineers doing? Its the same story everywhere in Zimbabwe.Bulawayo, Masvingo,Kadoma, Harare no adequate reserves of water! Akomana mubhoyi-mubhoyi ,we were cursed tochera matsime here mucity centre?

  2. may all these engineers come and learn from kwekwe we drink clean cold water direct from the tape 24/7 maybe our town engineers should bottle some for selling in these troubled towns we could raise money to service mbizo 70 stands thumbs up guys munogona .I love kwekwe

  3. We must learn to include in our vocabulary the word PLANNING. Why continue to provide stands that will be catered for by facilities built in 1965 to cater for 100 000 people when now we are three million.
    Things so obvious and we cant see?? Pathetic!

  4. Proper town planning interms of provision of adequate water facilities in the past decade has been hampered by MDC activists who r happy to see dry taps in Gweru and other cities. According to them it is a victory, oh what misplaced thoughts and wasted education by these MDC individuals.

  5. big or small hazvina basa kwekwe is best big cities with poor shallow minded City fathers.come and learn chete.

  6. changlong11, sorry your myopic view tend to give an impression that Zimbabwe’ failues only existed when the MDC was formed as your attribute all failures to MDC. You forget the current reflections are a result of hogwash, political decisions by white head Chombo who cannot stomach change and bent on achieving political grandstanding instead of developing our urban cities. Today, all urban cities have mushrooms of the so-called cooperative housing schemes for which no corresponding utility facilities are put in place. Doctorates and professors in Zimbabwean context do not mean anything as all of them seem not apply their minds to the job at hand but choose to grandstand for their leader at the expense of the common person. I wish we had the stamina to query some of these decisions that affect future generations, because CHOMBO does it to protect his turf and please his master. Its pathetic to say the least, for such a literate country being misruled, and its inhabitants are like sheep.

  7. Engineer Natambwe you have failed to focus the growth of our City. May you just do a dignified thing and step down and go back to Zambia. Leave Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans

  8. sorry for Gweru residence. Thats the hardest situation to leave without water.
    Bt tel yu what we are in the same dry pipeline.
    Here in Bindura we last enjoyed normal flows in july, aerodrome in particular is dry.
    Aa zvakaoma hazvo…………..

  9. zvinonetsa kana muboi ari panyanga failing to foresee the future & plan . just good at squandering our tax payers money Shit

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