WITH VIDEO: Drama as nude ‘witches’ caught red-handed

TWO suspected witches brought pandemonium in Budiriro 2 high-density suburb in Harare, where they were found at a house in the early hours of the morning yesterday; stark naked and with suspected witchcraft tools of trade, including traditional herbs, calabashes, live owls and other paraphernalia held in winnowing baskets (misero/tsero).


Video courtesy of Facebook page, Auntie Jenny’s Lounge ___________________________________________________________________

Report by Staff Reporters Police were called to the scene and took away the two women to Budiriro Police Station before proceeding with them to Southerton Police Station. They had wrapped them in police blankets to cover their nakedness. Several hundred Budiriro residents mobbed the “witches” and it took police a hard time to disperse them.

The two suspected witches
The two suspected witches

An eyewitness who refused to be identified said: “It was around 6am when we heard people shouting ‘witches, witches’ from a house near here. We rushed there and found the two women sitting outside the house in complete nudity. On being asked where they had come from, one of them said they had come from Mutorashanga, but would not say how they had ended up here or the purpose of their visit.”

Part of the gathered crowd tries to get into the police station to see the suspected witches in Budiriro yesterday. Pic: Hardlife Samuwi
Part of the gathered crowd tries to get into the police station to see the suspected witches in Budiriro yesterday. Pic: Hardlife Samuwi

When NewsDay arrived, the two “witches” had already been taken to Budiriro Police Station. Scores of people were milling around the police station, trying to catch a glimpse of the “witches”. Police spokesperson for Harare Province Inspector Tedius Chibanda, who was at the scene, declined to comment on the matter when approached by NewsDay, asking the reporters to call him later.

Suspected witches being whisked away in a police  truck to Southerton Police station  in Budiriro yesterday.Pic: Hardlife Samuwi
Suspected witches being whisked away in a police truck to Southerton Police station in Budiriro yesterday.Pic: Hardlife Samuwi

Efforts to call him later were unsuccessful as his mobile phone went unanswered. Chibanda was, however, quoted by the State media confirming the incident and saying the two women claimed they had come from Gokwe-Nembudziya. The police spokesperson said the suspected witches had been arrested and were facing charges of contravening Section 98 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act for engaging in practices commonly associated with witchcraft. feedback@newsday.co.zw

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  1. you cannot sentence witches for their crime because most of them dont know how they become what they are. it is a spiritual matter. i feel for these women if the story is true. where are the christians and our wonderful apostles and prophets. there is need to cry to GOD my brothers and sisters.

    1. We must cry out to God for all things. I am quite impressed by the Brazilian weave on the witch’s hair though. Witches nowadays have style..

    2. Kill them 1 time

      1. haunyepi,even the Bible says it all,”You shall not allow a witch to live”: Exodus 22:18

        1. Brother read your bible again and understand the context. You are missing the point of the scripture

          No offence. Just saying

    3. read exodus 22 vs 18

    4. kasi urimuroiwoka

    5. I think they are con artists, the police should investigate the said “prophet” were these witches allegedly crash landed. I bet you its a well calculated publicity stunt. I watched the video of one of the alleged witches, the one with the “factory-produced” looking weave (looks expensive too).

      She makes all these unusual facial expressions, appears to me, a desperate attempt to stop people from attacking her. Because if she is still possessed by the spirit, then she should be at least floating or hovering off the ground. ha ha ha!

      Reminds me of that con artist Rotina Mavhunga scandal, which duped the main man with the master plan, RG Gushungo himself, into sending a high powered delegation. I think the government should hire her to investgate this one!

  2. varimai vako unotichii?

    1. ini ndozvosungirira

    2. kana vachiroya ngavafe

  3. We give these two women to chiefs who know how to deal with them traditionally. Do not take other people’s jobs.

    1. saka chief veku Budiriro ndiani?

  4. I guess they will fly away (in their winnowing basket) even after being jailed!!!

    1. Let them cofess wher thy come from wher thy are known and say wat was their intension to be ther for what this is not good at all let the sentence be what they came there for

  5. kenneth dzengedza

    well i official believe in witch craft and magic

  6. ndeimwe mishonga YEDU yeZANU PF for the swearing in ceremony to go smoothly,. Forever we shall rule.

  7. vanguard ngwarirayi maporofita entire aya. kunze kwen’ganga ndiyani akambo bata. muroyi. seyi. chitundumusere chakadonhera pamba peanozviti mupositori. Batayi munhu!

  8. vanguard ngwarirayi maporofita entire aya. kunze kwen’ganga ndiyani akambo bata. muroyi. seyi. chitundumusere chakadonhera pamba peanozviti mupositori. Batayi munhu! Ganda rekwaNembudziya rinooneka mhani

  9. wat ever pasi nevaroi infact kill them

  10. Muroyi wese paanoenda ku court anonzi murwere we pfungwa saka hapana nyaya apa.

  11. This is a spiritual issue that should only be dealt with spiritually. Sending a witch to jail will not set them free from the demon.

  12. Hand them to proven and tried traditional healers. they also need to be helped as the circumstances they are in might not of theirr making.

  13. How else would you explain mutating ink on magic ballots?

  14. Ava ndoovanonzi varoi manje kwete amwe ese aya aiita zvekutamba nebasa kkkkkkk zvakaoma kwedu ku wedza hakuna

  15. Let us look well into the matter. This may be a result of powerful prayers that these witches are caught. They are moving in the spiritual realm where God is in control. It is a lesson to those who continue with the act. Dai vanhu vanoita upombwe usiku waimbobatwawo. There is no greater witchcraft than bringing HIV or HPV(human papiloma virus) that causes cervical caner to your wife.

  16. this is a fake story hamuoni kuti muporofita arikutsvaga mbiri nevanhu vake, frm tommorow business will be high at his house, open your eyes hama dzangu vakadzi ava vachatobhadharwa namadzibaba, this is stage managed

    1. @taundi

      Wataura chokwadi. But let the scammers scam these hapless idiots. Poeverty will teach them in the end.

  17. Nonsense. This is why Zim is such a backward country

    1. Thanks for that!wake up people this is 2013,…this makes me want to renounce my citizenship!

    2. majakathatha mojalefa

      Taura hako shamwari eish. this is like so 001BC lol

  18. I agree , Zimbabwe yakazara madofo….back to the stone age..welcome the new cabinet ,to top it all up…

  19. Last night, Santa Claus tried to come into the house, he was drunk and had presents with him. I told him that it is September and not December – he thought it was Christmas Eve. Shame, poor old man

  20. ndosaka mwari vakaduririra maprofita avo Vana Prophet Magaya, Prophet Makandiwa, Prophet Angels endai nevanhu ava ukoko hama dazangu they need spiritual intervernsion

  21. Bro ndimi munechokwadi hapana nyaya apa. Stage managed

  22. puuu tsvina yamapositori !! mapurisa muripiko?

  23. but im impressed ne 100% brazilian weave, macon artist aya lol

  24. impressed with the 100% brazllian weave, this is staged managed frm tomorrow the mupostori’s house wl be flooded wt customers, he just staged a good marketing strategy, people lets open our eyes these are con artists

  25. What if the whole thing was ‘staged ‘by the so called prophet in order to make him popular & make money out of this . Remember the fake diesel pa Chinhoyi n’anga who took ministers for a ride.

    1. I made the same comment before seeing yours. The prophet did not know the possible scale of his hoax. He should be questioned by the police.

  26. Welshman Phunyukubempethe

    Fasa chipikiri mumusoro. ndiwo matongero edu akare. Choza wena aite kafira mberi

  27. Welshman Phunyukubempethe

    makadiiko hama dzangu. long time indeed


  29. We live in their world,amongst them…….let us not b shaken by this.Our God is the True God and we are far above their works.

  30. From a Spiritual Christian perspective I have seen people behave like this many a time when a demon is manifesting. The person then returns to normal and is coherent after casting the spirit out in Jesus name. I would rather the people around these women help them by praying for them in Jesus Christ’s name and not laugh and mocking them. They need spiritual help – Jesus Christ.

    They are actually bound by an evil spirit and do not know what they are doing. They need deliverance.

    1. People need not fear and there is truly nothing to fear.

    2. As a non believer I think this is all a hoax. Manyepo chete aya. That prophet whose power is said to have brought them down should be questioned by the police. He knows where they came from and why they ended up at his shrine. This guy wants people to think he has power to stop witches, so he has arranged all this drama. Hapana nyaya apa it’s just a hoax.

      1. How, on earth can such women be brave enough to go naked and seen by all , teased and mocked just to please a prophet? Lets open our eyes guys ,these women are witches ,no hoax ,no stage manage.

        1. If they are witches then ngava shandise black magic yavo vatize Jeri tione. Musapuse kudaro.

      2. I also think its a hoax. Can the authorities check the place they say they came from. If they are given a huge sentence ( just to put fear in them ) they will tell the truth. If the so called prophet is playing games it will also come out some day. On the other hand I think these women have to be talked to so that this kind of transport system can be put to better use zimbabweans can be better than the Wright brothers who invented the plane.

  31. Hecho phunyu chadzoka ibvayi kunoenda mhepo changa chichi bhanda mbambaira. Chidhembo chinosara pasi kune zvaanoreeteka..

  32. Pakaipa izvozvi

  33. Ndivo vadii,they wanted kusimbisa cabinet,they wanted to witness swearing in of Jonathan Moyo muroyi weMedia mukuru

  34. Give them to Makandiwa and Engel, time to prove themselves.

  35. pavakuda prophet makandiwa alongside ubert engels

  36. Some disturbing shit. Oh my Gosh.

  37. Please help me how can I upload this on my computer

  38. They must be charged with cruelity to animals and not registering their air transport @ air Zim

  39. It is pointless to comment because you do not want my participation in your paper full stop.

  40. All this is definitely stage-managed to make the so-called ‘prophet’ a better money-spinner. And one of the women had been seen the previous day at the ‘prophet’s’ place. A resident says the women were sprayed with a liquid, and the story says they came from Gokwe and then Mutorashanga at the same time. Then the two are said to be single mothers who cast a sleeping spell on their husbands. What a contradiction: Single mothers with husbands? This is just an advertising gimmick. The police should investigate and clear up this nonsensical farce. Even the ‘prophet’ should reveal who drove one of the women to his house the previous day. Muporofita uyu ari kuda kutamba nefungwa dzevanhu. Ngaasungwa pamwe chate nevamwe varimuchikwata chematsotsi chacho.

    1. true that. this was all staged by the so called ‘prophet’.

    2. Sure wataura zvinemusoro. People should not play with the police they have better matters to attend to. If it is stage managed the mupostori should also pay for wasting government time and resources to advertise his business. If things like these are not nipped in the bud I dont know what else we are courting.

    3. Mareva henyu mukoma Hove. Why is Zimbabwe society so gullable. I wish one day someone competent enough can do a paper on this superstitious grip in our country. I mean why did we have a full cabinet clap hands to a 3rd grade con clad in socks to procure pure refined diesel from a rock in chinhoyi? And there were university graduates. with this story, how come not many people will ask the questions you raised? If these witches had the power to defy gravity for these distances, why would they not do so to escape custody?why do they have shoe polish on their faces. and whats up with the Brazilian weave. is that work uniform? vanhu vanyanya kuona ma Nigerian movies, zvosangana nechitsotsi chemapostora, zvobva zvazokwidibirwa nokupata kwatakaita. Docility yedu ndoimwe yaita kuti imwe harahwa isina zita ivuraye nyika masikati machena

  41. Amen to that na Jona t@mama. The greatest living threat to media.

  42. Dont blame the witches blame the spirit that is in them.

  43. The woman looks like she is retarded, shame, she has obviously been taken advantage of and convinced to stage this drama. It is unbelievable that people in the area believed it

  44. give them a post in Cabinet,they can be useful in dealing with anyone who opposes Zimbabwe,especially proponents of sanctions and despondence

  45. Hapana anoda kunyadziswa zverudzi urwu,muri kuti vari kubhadharwa hw much do u think its worth this humiliation to both them and there families,pakadai muporofita anotobuda US$2million kt munhu apinde madhiri akadai kwete tuma dollar for 2 zvamuri kutaura

  46. Mukadzi anohura ndiye anorambwa.Anoro anoita kuti pamba pave nechirmera.kana baba vakanetsana nemunhu kubhawa vanongoti ‘uchazviona’ vanoziva mukadzi wavo votanga kukwenyana.

  47. Ngavatorane nemapurisa voenda Gokwe to verify the witches’ story. Transport the witches will provide. Can’t waste tax payers’ money kudira diesel from Harare to Gokwe. Pakuda mapurisa anehana dzakasimba to accompany these witches!!

  48. I am going to fly to Durban on a broomstick, wearing no clothing, so I can buy a used Japanese car and bring it back to Zimbabwe via Beitbridge.

    Why pay for transport when you can fly for free! It’s great! Can’t these witches teach everyone how to fly? It will save us all money on combi fares and it will also clear up the roads for people who actually have road worthy, safe, legal vehicles and drivers licenses.

  49. Vakadzi ava vari kubva kunovhima zvino vaburukira pasiri ipo. Kana pane ane nharo endaka unovatuka uri padhuze ufume wakashama mangwana iwe

  50. when they brought her to jesus..and said we,caught her commiting adultery…jesus replied go and sin no more….all sins are equall before jugdement…u are not a witch but a smoker, castanova..murderer..drunkered….give her a second chance to repent…judge that u will be not judged…who a u to judge some one ,s servant…BEWARE.

  51. Poor women, they make very good movie characters, maybe we should send them to Nollywood! I am fascinated by the fact that the crowd seems and sounds fearless and good for them, there is no need to fear such displays, rather we know that in the name of Jesus we have the victory. As for killing these poor women, why now? Let them be, and help them know that there is a Christ!

  52. People of Zimbabwe do not be fooled.This is one of political gimmicky. ZANU PF knows pretty well that Budiriro is stronghold of M.D.C T.They are afraid that if at all there will be a protest or demonstration it ought to start from there.They do know what is in people’s mind.Their strategy is to shift thier attention to something else.This is one those things where people will make such event their subject of the day.indeed their strategies prove noble for people are only focusing on that.People open your eyes and learning something

  53. Their cup is full. How to know a witch http://bit.ly/15OxJfh

  54. there are many things i like about South Africa and one of them is that they necklace such people,these people would have been burnt to ashes by the time police arrive.

  55. and these are the last recordings from the flight data recorder……May day! May day! This is flight wizard707 We lost engines 1 and 2. Harare tower do you copy! We going down

  56. Put them in jail 50yrs

  57. Muroyi munhu / kubayiwa angangochemawo.

  58. You live in the dark ages! You are still rallying like 5th century peasants trying to see witches! God help you, know wonder your country is not developing! Go and develop your country, educate yourselves stop living ignorant lives!

  59. There is no witch craft involved here. These women could have had their supper in Nembudziya at 8pm which might have been drugged. They were driven to Harare in a deep sleep state, stripped of their clothes and given the whatever to hold and pushed outside the prophet’s house. The rest of history.

  60. Stupid people of Zimbabwe. They want all the conveniences of the modern western world, but believe in all this backward crap. What a stupid nation, hahaha.

  61. Mmm ndapa kutenda…..ndapererwa hangu. Anablaz vanoita madocumentary imboongororai nyaya iyi munyatsoiradanura tinzwisise kuti how far. Discovery channel chaiyo!

    1. Taura zvako panetyaya

  62. Vegokwe taurai tinzwe . Hapana amuziva here maface zvaari pachena kudai

  63. Mapurisa munebasa

  64. amana ka

  65. Only God knws their judgement caz isu vanhu venyama hapana anoziva chokwadi ngatisiireyi musiki

  66. lezi yizinto ze Salisbury abetshabi wena hayi bo

  67. Nhai editor, send reporters to Gokwe to do a follow-up story to find out if these women are known in Gokwe where they claim to come from

  68. God help our nation.

  69. God please help our nation.

  70. Matapura wellington

    Certainly in the law of court these people should be put to death,ndivo vanhu vanouraya nyika ava.

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