I was not demoted — Kasukuwere


NEWLY-appointed Environment, Water and Climate minister Saviour Kasukuwere says he was not demoted, but was given greater responsibilities to find solutions to the issues at the core of the country’s values and challenges.

Report by Wisdom Mdzungairi

This followed reports that Kasukuwere’s removal from the Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment ministry last week torched celebrations at the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board by employees who detested his management style.

But, the minister, who took over from Environment minister Francis Nhema, yesterday took a swipe at reports that he has been offered a lesser position.

“When one tries to do a spin and look at each move the leadership makes as though it was directed to an individual, I think that’s wrong,” Kasukuwere said. “I have been assigned before into other responsibilities and for one to look at this issue with blurred vision, it’s wrong to say the least. The leadership of this country from time to time decides what, when and who to assign at any time depending on their expertise which tasks one has to carry out.”

He added: “If anything, I was reassigned to deal with matters where our population has huge expectations. The environment provides all of us with life. We breathe within an environment, climate change affects all our economic activities. Climate change is very important to look at given droughts, the changing weather patterns.

Careless management of our environment will take a toll on our economy. I am now minister of life.” Kasukuwere, who at the weekend toured the country’s flagship game reserve Hwange National Park where 42 elephants were poisoned by cyanide recently, said he was shocked by the rampant poaching in the countryside.

“Poaching levels are disturbing,” he said. “It’s about individuals trying to make money out of a national resource and it’s seriously cause for concern, using cyanide.

“In Hwange there is a huge disaster. We must all fight with a goal to supporting government efforts to eradicate poaching. We have to carry out programmes that will save our animals, and in that vein we would want to see communities defending their turf in terms of the animals. We will improve our intelligence to unmask the mafia behind these poaching rings.”

He urged the judiciary to impose deterrent sentences to send a clear message to would-be poachers. “We must roll our sleeves to protect our flora and fauna. We should fight this menace. We must investigate who actually is behind this poaching. We know it is not poor people, but the rich using the poor,” he said. Kasukuwere said he saw first-hand the effects of climate change in Hwange as hundreds of animals were dying due to water scarcity.

Together with Media, Information and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo and Tourism minister Walter Mzembi, they saw carcasses of animals strewn all over in the vast game park.

“Hwange National Park requires water augmentation. We must rehabilitate the existing water points and we must find other water sources. We are pleased that our friends are already working around the clock introducing solar-powered boreholes to ensure the scarcity of water is dealt with. We call upon the private sector to help us, and save flora and fauna in our flagship national parks,” he said.

Kasukuwere also said he would table before Cabinet climate change and water policies which his predecessor had been working on and also identify other water sources in the country. The minister, variously described as “combative and excitable”, was involved in several confrontations during his tenure as Indigenisation minister, with the most notable being his fallout with Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono over company seizures.


  1. How much money do you make from Victoria Falls? Kariba earns nearly a million dollars revenue…. let the private sector do what it does and get off your arses, put your hands in your pockets as government and sort the issue out. Or, privatize the parks and let professional run them as you have proved over and over you are incompetent at running a tuck shop, You should be supporting your troops on the ground, at the moment it is all donor’s. So don’t sprout that rubbish that we should all be helping government. We do our bit, but you continually over ride the good work done. Look close at home for the ‘mafia’ taking out our own wlidlife…

    • Dusty you have an interesting analysis of figures, you only look at the revenue side and forget to look at the cost side. Currently the Parks can not fully sustain themselves, there are very few parks that making money currently. Our tourism is down and the cost side is way up.

  2. Climate Minister Kasukuwere mataura .In Zimbabwe it is well known that policy implimentors hate a minister who is a no nuisance person like you.Bhora mberi Tyson.Most citizens were not aware of the dangerous and alarming level poaching has reached.Asi pamangosvika neruzha rwenyu everyone is concerned.

  3. KAsukuwere akawanza papaz. He was acting like a super minister. But his biggest mistake was fighting with Gono, Mugabes most trusted financial adviser. You were never going to win that war. Now banks are having a sigh of relief because Kasukuwere thuggish voice was scaring away everyone.

    I dont mind taking Farms, taking mines. But when you start threatening even a security Gard Company, you were losing it.

    Anyway, we want to see the energy you were misplacing threatening banks, insurance companies, etc be transformed into delivering non stop running water across the country

    • What does he mean he was not demoted?!

      He had become too big headed and was stepping on toes of older more mature madhara’s

      He’s just a baby in terms of age in ZANU.

      Just a boy.

      Very lucky to have gotten appreciation for some of his efforts by being given a ministry. But otherwise dzikama kampfana Kasukuwere.

  4. I think you were demoted. From the millions you made at Zimplats, how can a sane ministerial individual offer more than 3 million Zimbabwe’s youths a mere 1 million dollars for projects. This is less than a dollar per individual. Gono was right after all, how can you force companies to cede 51% of their shares & expect non employed Zimbabweans to buy them. With what? You should have made sure employment was created first, then you offer them shares to buy. That’s why we think you cheated & you ended up buying all of them. Remember when Robert issued a statement regarding your Nieebgate scandal? Hon. fairly speaking, you should pull up your socks, look at Mzembi.

  5. What we need in Zim:

    – Recycling
    – Solar power
    – Wind power
    – Clean water
    – Less polution
    – Protection of the environment
    – Protection of animals

    I hope the Honourable Minister can carry out his job without being blinded by racial hatred. Indigenous people will be the most important in this, because they are the majority, but a lot of non-indigenous people can be of great help in him carrying out his job.

  6. I wish the minister would put the same energy as he was putting on his former ministry to this new ministry especially on water. Tyson proof everyone wrong. show them that the energy you had was not due to personal gains from indigenization but rather it was your zeal to do your work. proof them wrong.

  7. Minister Kasukuwere should know that people will say what they feel and what they want. What is required is that as someone who appears to have hit the ground running which by the way is excellent see you deliver on their mandate. I would say you do appear to be a hard working fellow who needs to improve on his communication skills only…Your new mandate should allow you opportunity to silence your critics as you appear on the right track to arrest the poacher scourge. I repeat all your hard work will come to nought if you do not improve on them com skills…This is your chance to earn the gratitude of a waiting nation, it is entirely up to you to excell in your new mandate..Like the Nike ad guys will say: Just do it! The nation is waiting.

    • Matibili you are right – there will not be one elephant or rhino left and we will have to go to Botswana to see what they look like.

  8. Lets not miss the point,minister you were demoted why because you had not gone even a quater way with indigenisation but you were already out of touch on the way to handle it.Let us agree that to impower does not mean to take from others and give but to creat opportunities for those who want to be self relayend.

  9. As long as you are seen to have been moved from a high profile position to a lesser profile position, you have been effectively demoted.

    It doesn’t matter what you as a gukurahundi thinks, claims or says – bottom line is that you have been demoted.

    In your previous post you were dealing with global captains of industry – the movers and shakers. You were being quoted in the global media; interviews all over the place in SAFM, Ukhozi FM, Talk radio 702, eTV, sabc, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera etc, etc – now, no more because you were demoted.


  10. Don’t indigenize Environment, water and climate. He will loot fence, very soon we will see elephants and lion conflicting with people. An egoistic fellow.

  11. if you cant see that you were demoted then you are very dull.just keep quiet.you were busy stealing from those companies,now you will be just as poor as the rest of us.good luck in your new post.

  12. I think we need to investigate further kuti sei zvipembere zvafa kudai iwe uchangopinda panyanga? Sei zvisina kuitika vaNhema vachiripo? Kasukaz, Obert Mpofu should have been your deputy magara ikoko muchikikiritsana nemaveld fires and all Kkkkkkkkkkkkk. Hapachina chokuba ka.

  13. Minister you were never demoted nor promoted you are in our cabinet and that is that.My advise carry on with your work and let action speak you are young and need guidance on certain matters do not be emotional the public of Zimbabwe will comment what they want.

  14. the reason why the parks are not generating money is because they are not being managed properly, that is why they have to rely on donors for funding of anti-poaching.

  15. Savior Kasukuwere is real ministerial material.
    The guy does not sit around and just spend state resources for nothing, he goes out there and start doing what needs to be done.
    Trust me if we put this boy as the president of Zimbabwe a lot will change, he looks for oportunity and never rests until he achieves what needs to be achieved.
    That is leadership qualities right there.

  16. Minister Kasukuwere, would you pease pay attention to the ever increasing litter in our cities. Our people in spite of being educated rank among the filthiest in behavior. They through litter everywhere, through car windows and all over as they walk about. Even if the local authorities were to invest as much money as they could in trying to keep the cities clean, without responsible behavior on the part of our citizens, they would achieve nothing. The thing is that there is need for effective leadership in this aspect. In Ruwanda President Paul Kagame together with his staff had to have a programme where they would go to the townships on weekends and literally sweep around and pick-up litter. This actually ispired the citizens and it has become common practice in that country for citizens to regularly clean their surroundings. As a result Ruwanda’s towns are now among the cleanest in the continent. A stick and carrot approach could work. Lets take the concientisation drive to the schools and catch our kids young; in the next 25 years we could have cleaner cities.

  17. I enjoyed reading the comments from my compatriots.

    I swear Kasukuwere will indigenise the Zambezi as well.He is capable of causing chaos wherever he is.

    He must focus on provision of water to the cities more than scouting for elephant tasks and rhino horns so early in the job.

  18. cde minister Kasukuwere chinobhururuka chinomhara. Zvino hameno kuti chichazogonazve here kubhururuka zvakare. Manyudzwa cde, mungoramba zvenyu . Changosara kwamuri kuti muite mari semazuva aye kungojoinawo iyo poaching industry. Moregawozve kuzotipedzera zvepembere naidzo nzou. Shame on u minister bvepfepfe.

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