Court protects corruption witness


HARARE regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya yesterday granted the application by the State to have the next witness in Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission commissioner Emmanuel Chimwanda’s corruption trial testify in camera.


Chimwanda is facing five counts of breaching the Official Secrets Act and criminal abuse of office after he allegedly supplied former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s office with classified information.

“There are certain witnesses who need to be protected by the courts. It’s not only accused persons who must be protected,” he ruled.
The witness will testify on October 1.

Prosecutor Michael Reza had made the application on Monday in terms of Section 319b of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act that protects vulnerable witnesses.

“If the witness gives evidence in public, he will suffer substantial emotional stress and there is real possibility that the witness will be intimidated. I had hoped that my learned colleague will understand that there is need for the witness to give evidence in camera,” Reza said.

Chimwanda’s lawyer, Jonathan Samukange, had, however, opposed the application, arguing that the matter was in the public interest and his client would want to be tried with the witness giving evidence in an open court.


  1. lnformation is shared on a need to know basis where there is relavance. Lets take heed not to breach the Official Secrets Act. Kutotengesa hake information kunaMorgan Chamatama. Varume, chibvukuche kugara mundove hunzi ndava ndovewo.

  2. What exactly was the point of MDC-T joining a coalition with their opponents Zanupf? They achieved nothing while in the GNU. Tsvangirai was a prime minister with no executive powers at all. To say Tsvangirai was a prime minister is a travesty.

    • Paakapinda takakuudzai wani mukati save ndoo vaapanyanga heee Mugabe angori ceremonial, save ndoo vane yese. Muri ma slow learner zveshuwa ku MDC-T. Kuzozviona nhasi kut Morgan anga asina masimba? Pese apa wanga uripi?

  3. I used to think that the Act referred to secrets revealed to enemies of the state. Looks like the law itself is confused.

    • Aiwa. Official secrecy Act means you dont tell even mukadzi wako official information nekut haaseenze ikoko. Only those working and needing tht information should have it.

  4. kutaura Vatsvangirai vamakarigger alwayz does’nt improve yo failure to change di economy. He said u rigged di result nt economy.

  5. editor u alwayz publish zvinotsoropodza Vatsvangirai rava rezanu here tirege kuritenga kana nekuriverenga zvahonyanya veduwe-e save tinavo nyangwe vakabirwa patinavo

  6. Highly likely the witness is a high up MDC T official – otherwise why would the pro-zpf court go out of its way to protect the identity of this mutengesi…?? Very unusual and very suspicious. Food for thought.

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