Court blasts Budiriro ‘witches’ lawyer


HARARE High Court judge, Justice Joseph Musakwa, yesterday castigated the Budiriro “witches” lawyer, Tawanda Takaindisa, for failing to submit a meaningful and proper bail application in his attempt to seek his clients’ liberty.


The women’s bid for bail pending trial went up in smoke after Justice Musakwa struck the matter off the roll on the basis that Takaindisa had failed to substantiate his claim that the magistrate who remanded his clients, Maria Moyo and Chipo Chakaja in custody, had misdirected himself.

Justice Musakwa declined to entertain the application and ordered prosecutor Edmore Nyazamba not to respond to the filed bail application which he said had not been properly presented before the court.

Referring to Takaindisa, the judge said: “You do not state in your application, how and why you allege the magistrate misdirected himself in remanding the accused persons in custody . . . I am striking the matter off the roll and I will not hear you on merits.

“The reason why this matter is being struck off is because it is not a proper application.”

Takaindisa conceded that he had not presented his case well.

The striking-off of the matter by the judge followed an application by Nyazamba who appealed to the court to dismiss the application on the basis that the two women were not denied bail by the magistrate, but simply remanded in custody to establish their mental status.

In his written response to the bail application, Nyazamba had argued that the application was not properly before the court according to Rule 5 of the High Court of Zimbabwe (Bails).

He had further said in respect of the current application, all the requirements of the High Court bail rules had not been met by Takaindisa and urged the court to dismiss the application.

Meanwhile, Moyo and Chakaja appeared at the Mbare Magistrates’ Court yesterday and were remanded in custody to October 7, a date to which their alleged co-accused, the “prophet” Alfred Mupfumbati, was remanded.

The duo is facing charges of contravening Section 98 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act for engaging in practices commonly associated with witchcraft

Mupfumbati has been charged with “engaging in a practice associated with witchcraft” due to his alleged association with the two “witches” and involvement in the events that led to the women being found at his house naked and in possession of items associated with witchcraft.


  1. Rue, what crime has been commited by Prophets Makandiwa and Angel? These two ladies, their prophet and lawyers are taking Zimbabweans for granted and should be punished. What if members of the public had done mob justice? we would be talking a different story. For your own info before Christianity we had witches and good spiritual mediums who were against witches. Dont insult Men of God like that these two witches needs to be given harsh sentences. weldone ZRP

  2. @ “Chief Gutu” Vakuru tinokumbirawo kuti musashatisa zita redzinza ravamwe muchinyora zvisingataurwi muculture yedu. Tatenda.

  3. Iye akambouya nazvo zvekuti munhu wenyama angofunga kumuka nhasi achizviti akunzi prophet this, prophet that ndiani? Who decides that so & so must be addressed as prophet? Is this not blasphemy?
    I think the so called prophecies that every person who calls himself/ herself prophet makes must be recorded on tape, given to the Police & later compared to outcomes of actual events, and if there is any deviation from the alleged prophecy, they must be prosecuted & do time in jail. I know famous ‘prophets’ that you all know, who have made some dubious ‘prophecies’ before & who command a very big following will end up in jail.
    That is why some ‘prophets’ end up being arrested but some ‘prophets’ are not because there is a perception that some prophets are more prophet than others & they get away with this . The yardstick for arresting them must be the same. If they lie that such & such a thing will happen & it doesn’t , they must go to jail because they were not forced into calliing themselves ‘prophets’.
    We are sick & tired of this ocult circus in our courts as if there are no urgent cases of robberies , murder & rape to attend to.

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