Council seeks permission to charge spot fines


HARARE City Council is seeking government authority to charge spot fines for traffic related offences committed within the authority’s jurisdiction in line with international trends.


In an interview last week, town clerk Tendai Mahachi said they were hoping for a favourable response from government on the matter to act in the manner other municipal police the world over, South Africa in particular, were doing.

“We have applied for a status that allows our police to get spot fines. We have applied for that and we hope to get that,” said Mahachi. “Secondly, we want municipal courts to deal with these issues like what happens in Cape Town and Johannesburg (South Africa). We want to move with the time.”

At the moment the Zimbabwe Republic Police is in charge of all collections save for vehicle clamping and parking fines.

“We need support from all the ministries to get a nod and by January, we should have something,” Mahachi said.

In South Africa, provinces with similar metropolis status like Harare and Bulawayo have their metro police involved in fighting crime and policing road traffic. South Africa’s Johannesburg metro police, according to its website, is involved in fighting crime through its own city police force, and mounting video surveillance cameras in strategic spots to keep a watch on the streets. Besides dealing with day-to-day crime, the metro police roles also include policing road traffic, enforcing municipal by-laws and enforcing municipal regulations.

In Harare, the municipal police do not have arresting powers and this has crippled them in the discharge of duties.


  1. Gukurahundis are a funny lot, they love copying global trends particularly South Africa only when it suits them.

    When we in Mthwakazi advocate for certain policies, having seen them work successfully in other countries, for example South Africa, we are told we should go back to South Africa, or that Zimbabwe is not South Africa. Double standards indeed.

    Devolution has worked well in South Africa, but because gukurahundis are control freaks, they will tell you it is divisive. Absolute nonsense if you ask me.

    If South Africa, which has a history of Bantustans remains very much intact as one nation to this day, depite their devolution government system, why should Zim which has never had the Bantustan system split because of devolution?

    Now they want to copy the system of spot fines because its working in South Africa – liars, they want to rob the public of their moneys!!

    • what is wrong with this crap called gukurahundi upbringing. hey mr editor why do you allow this crap to happen ?

      • @Hlongwane Spinach

        Akusho imbono yakho about the story, uyeke ukuthukana. What is your problem?

        Don’t you have anything to say about this Harare Council proposal? Are you also a gukurahundi?

        • Pliz sicela uthule ngegugurahundi pliz uyasthunuka just contrbute to the isue of Harare City charging sport fines not ukusbhedela thina we are fed up

    • Malume@Guks, ende ulixoxo. Last week you vehemently denied being part of Mthwakazi today you say, “when we in Mthwakazi advocate for certain policies…..” such confusion is caused ngondofa!

  2. iwe mahachi kupi South Africa yekupi where people pay spot fines for traffic offences. Iwe get your facts right. I am in S.A. Been driving here for 5 years. Had fines but never spot fines or had of anyone paying spot fines. Kana muchida mari yenyu yecorruption budai pachena kwete kunyepa.

    • We have very greedy politicians in Zimbabwe who try and use some unorthodox means of getting their point heard to the extent that they even lie to the president because they know we’re also very lazy to verify if the information is correct. Shame on us, but we’ll never pay the spot fines, same as we’re not paying the zrp spot fines, just trying to fleece us the populace

  3. Muri kutsvaga another source of revenue kana kuti muri kuda kureducer crime. If you are are really to do it the South African way, fine is hardly paid on the spot. Unopiwa ticket, which is then put in their database. Database remafines is available on the internet, licked to banks so one can search fines against your car and settle from your bank account online through your bank account kana kupost office. You cant renew you license until you have settled all your outstanding bills.

    Problem is most of the spot fines in Zim never get into official coffers, then just end up being extra allowances for the police. Vanotoita kurwirana kuenda paduty reparoad.

  4. Shame on you City of Harare, you want changes that gives you money but nothing to the residents in return.

    What have you done with the state of our roads, no traffic markings. those that are painted wont last for a week.

    Why are you not comparing yourself with south africa on developing roads. Johannesburg has beautiful roads that are wide and smooth, great drainage system, good fly overs , beautiful freeways, excellent tax ranks, state of the art Parkstation etc.
    Look at your horrible holding bay at Rotern Row and Coventry, murikuda kuiteiko paye. munonyadzisa nyika mhani with such an 18th century thing, what is that? Its not even surfaced, no toilets no sheds.
    Are drivers of kombis animals who do not even deserve shades to protect them from vagaries of weather?
    Is that thing your idea of a 21st century Harare sunshine city?
    Since 1980, you and Zanu PF, the only thing you have managed to do in the CBD is to change street names and directions
    We have seen you investing a lot in tow truck and everything that takes away money from the motoring public but you have done absolutely nothing that benefits the same.
    Shame on you!

  5. I totally agree with you @mubatiwehomwe

    In south africa, those that pay spot fines are foreign registered cars which are not in the traffic data base.

    If you want to copy South Africa, why dont you create a traffic data base?

    In South Africa , its either you are given a ticket or if you commit an offence in a controlled zone, there are cameras either for speed or at traffic lights. the moment you commit an offence, you will receive a text message informing you of your offence and at the end of every month you will get you ticket kumba kwako of all your offenses and balances on your vehicle
    tangai maita izvozvo mhani kwete kuramba muchiita zvinhu zvirikukonzeresa corruption that is if at all you are serious in wanting to eradicate corruption

    Munoti migwagwa isina ma traffic signs, traffic markings ,traffic lights, Rhodesian Laws and Rhodesian engineering meant for scooters and horse drawn carts ndiyo yomoda kusungira vanhu

  6. Aahh ahhh….kana mashaya mari yeku bhadhara vanhu moti vauye paroad tivabhahdare isusu.
    Kana tsvo….hamulume. iye zvino munotibhadharisa mari dzemvura, ipi yacho ….irikunaya here? my grand son has never seen water from Tap yemugarden and he is five years old.
    Guys forfeit pay dzenyu mumbotipawo maserious. Beta Chinoz awuye aite Town Clerk.
    Spot fine…..can we start fining your staff for not doing their work.

  7. With the kind of moneys people are earning, where do you think people will be carrying loads and loads of money. Lets be reasonable and not try and make money from the ordinary and poor Zimbabwean. Itai basa rebasa kwete kuenda pa fish pond to catch tamed fish…go out there kune ma dams ubate electric fish wega

  8. The Hamachi is not telling the truth. I live in Cape Town and i drive a Zimbabwean registered car. If i commit a traffic offence or drunken driving i get a ticked and they will load my car details in the city data base. If i don’t pay and i happen to be stopped again and if my car registration is found on the list of offenders then i get arrested and taken to municipal court and pay a fine. There is no spot fines in Cape town stop lying to people. If i get a traffic fine from speed cameras it will be sent to my address, i.e. if i am driving my wife’s car which is Cape town registered. If you want to copy South Africa then lets also copy good governance and democracy ,devolution. Simply say you want to have access to corruption coz salaries are not enough. Chihuri is the only one making mega cash through is boys masquerading as police officers.

    • @MASHCO

      I applaud you in toto my fellow countryman. These gukurahundis are very selective. Where it suits them they talk about copying international trends, South Africa in particular.

      But when it doesn’t suit them, they will be the first to shout people down, claiming “we are Zimbabwean, we do whats best for Zimbabwe, we are not the west, we are not South Africa” etc etc.

      They dont want to copy the freedoms that the South African constitution has given to its citizens, but they are talking about non-existent spot fines legislation they intend copying, simply because they want to steal from the public.

      How about opening up the broadcasting airways; how about allowing people to say or write what they want about the president; what about the rights of gays, Lesbians and other minorities; what about devolution; etc, etc – the list is endless.

  9. Its so surprising to hear this nonsense.council is failing to get rid of the mushikashika,tumota twe Avondale–pari nekumwe kwese ndopamnoti pwetere pwetere.hamunyari makaita sei?tangai kumbocleaner mushikashika toziva kuti muri kuda zvebasa kwete zvemari.Gvt have made a mistake by allowing da police to have spot fines,iyezvino da police force especially traffic Dpt is nw corrupt nenyaya yemaspot fine.who told u kuti zvese zvaitwa ne SA zvakanaka.itai zvenyu munoda kufungirwa neSA kuti zvaita sei.we dont want corruption,matoti masaririra kuita mari.
    kusatonyara iwe mahachi spot fine yekuitei want reap people”s money aaah hamnyari chokwadi

  10. @Blackbadge.There is nothing wrong in copying but honestly Zanu doesn’t know how to copy or they only copy half sentences which will then be meaningless. Did the authorise spot fines. As far as i recall it wasn’t gazetted though Chihuri and his police wanted to force spot fines on us. The last time i drove in Zim freeways i remember disputing and refused to pay spot fines and insisted on getting a ticked which i got because spot fines where on gazetted and unconstitutional. Is it now a law requirement

  11. at thi rate we are going I agree Honourable Chinotimba can be made to become the greatest town clerk harare has ever seen.

  12. Maguta ose ataurwa kuno kuSouth Africa ane Metro Police,ukatyora mutemo wetraffic unopiwa ticket remhosva yako nenguva yekuzoripa mari yacho kana kuenda kucourt sekodzero yako,zvemaspot fine hameno kuti munozvitora kupi imi veguta reHarare,mweya wekupfidzisa vanhu dai waita mushoma,uye kana muchida kutevedzera zvinoitwa nedzimwe nzvimbo tevedzerai namazvo.

  13. Let’s hope the spot fines are not targeted to fundraise money from kombis. Hopefully u will not charge towing and storage as part of the fine when no vehicle would have been towed/stored – day light robbery.

    Ku mushikashika mota (both registered and unregistered) dzinotoita madiro muchibata dziri ku complier dziri mu rank – ku raura mudhishi chaiko.

  14. Money-money-money, that is what they always think about. The rainy season is upon us & commuters will endure bumpy rides on dangerous pot-holed roads & dilapidated foul smelling bus-terminus sheds full of feaces at ranks like Charge Office. What have they done with the millions they have collected so far? Nothing. Proper infrastructure first b4 tollgates & spot fines please that will worsen corruption but no service delivery.

  15. vamahachi isu tiiku risamapurisa nenyaya yespot fine imi mototi murikuda kuyitanga aaaaaaa kozvamurikuti hamuna maarresting powers saka zvese zvamurikuita for nw murikubaka

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