College guards batter teacher


DANMORE Chuma, a teacher working at the privately-owned Herentals College in Harare, has filed assault charges against college guards and his employers following an attack on him after he allegedly demanded better working conditions for the teaching staff.


Chuma, who is the workers’ union secretary-general, told NewsDay yesterday that three college guards attacked him with fists and he sustained serious eye injuries.

The teacher, who was in bandages during the interview, said the guards accused him of distributing fliers demanding better salaries and working conditions for college workers.

The matter was reported at Harare Central Police Station under CR number 092554 on Friday.

Chuma claimed the attack happened in the presence of several students and the college’s deputy principal whose, name was given as Jay Dhadhe.

“As I attempted to leave the premises at break time, I was manhandled by security personnel. They assaulted me and took me to a nearby room where further assaults took place. All this was happening in the presence of the deputy principal Mr Dhadhe,” Chuma said, adding that his assailants were accusing him of littering the college with the fliers as they attacked him.

However, Dhadhe yesterday declined to comment over the incident.
“I do not know anything about it (Chuma’s claims). Anyway, speak to the college director Mr (Emmanuel) Mahachi who is authorised to comment,” he said before switching off his mobile phone.

Mahachi said he was not aware of the incident and promised to phone back, but had not done so by the time of going to print last night.
“If you could allow me to come back to you. At the moment I am at church,” he said.

Chuma said his relations with his employers soured after he continuously demanded salaries above the poverty datum line.

“From the 3rd to the 16th of this month, I was on suspension over allegations of inciting workers to revolt against the authorities.  However, when the suspension ended and I returned to work, this is what I was subjected to,” Chuma said, referring to the alleged assault.


  1. Above poverty datum line kkkkkk you are too ambitious.there is no money for teachers..apply for engagement ku public service where teachers will be given $700..

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  3. the teacher’s flyers were littering the college premises. yet the college cars go around all the high density surbubs throwing college flyers all over the streets making the streets dirty.

    • Herentals Mabvuku should be investigated. They charge panalties unnecessarily. They set unrealistic deadlines for paying fees and if you delay by a day you are fined $5. I was made to pay $50 centre fee for November O level exams( two subjects). The centre fee was more than the exam fee. They also expel students who fail to pay on civies day. This is daylight robbery. responsible officials please help us. To make matters worse even if you transfer your child they threaten to make you pay for the entire course period.

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