Multimedia: Clamp down on cheap imports – Chinamasa

FINANCE minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday said business should increase capacity utilisation and clamp down on cheap imports coming into the country.


Addressing captains of industry at the Zimra Taxpayers’ Appreciation Day commemorations in Harare, Chinamasa said the country had suffered and been reduced to a warehouse of “everything”, adding that this should stop.

Capacity Utilisation 2008-2012

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“I advise captains of industry and commerce to increase industrial capacity utilisation to boost production,” Chinamasa said.

“I understand we have suffered, we have lost ground and we have been reduced to become a warehouse of everything from sweet potatoes, okra and tomatoes.”


He said Zimbabwe should clamp down on cheap imports that were currently coming into the country.
The minister said government was prioritising the revitalisation of all sectors of the economy to boost production and revive industries that have ceased operations.

“As you all appreciate, the illegal economic sanctions have severely constrained the manufacturing sector, especially in the textile and clothing sub-sectors,” Chinamasa said.

He said government was ready to support the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra)in its quest to improve infrastructure and facilities, especially at the border posts, in order to enhance convenience to the transacting public.

Zimbabwe Imports by Trade Partner, 2012
Zimbabwe Imports by Trade Partner, 2012

Chinamasa said government would unveil, next month, policies which support and broaden the industry.

He said government had “prudently and frugally” used tax revenue for the provision of social services and amenities in order to keep the country going due to compliant taxpayers.

“It became increasingly necessary for the country to mobilise resources more efficiently, a goal we achieved by establishing the Zimra in 2001 as part of our economic reform programme,” Chinamasa said.

“It is, therefore, befitting for the nation to honour taxpayers who have been contributing to the national purse, thereby making it possible for the government to provide essential social services and amenities.”

He said there was need to cultivate a culture of complying with revenue laws to exhort each other to pay taxes on time and in full.

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  1. VaChinamasa be practical. Your party killed the industry and the imports are covering the gap.

  2. that might clash with our look east policy shefu, in a big way actually?

  3. zim industrialists have a problem of inflationary hangover from the zim dollar days!so long as they continue to push for dollar volumes and not unit volumes no policy will work.varume start pricing your products competitively mova innovative and zvinhu zvinonaka morega kugaro complainer.isu maconsumers so long as muchiti fleecer we will continue importing,hazvisi bho but monyanyo dhurisa zvisina brain!kana chinhu chichiita 500rand kujoni ko muno chinozoita 500 usa sei?gadzirisai ipapo and we will support you nyika iyende mberi!ehe cost of capital iri high coz of country risk asi hatingaite cost of capital irihigher than drc kutori nehondo and no industry to talk about.

    1. Look East policy is a long term strategy in the right direction, colonial hangover still looms in the eyes of many a ‘interllectual’ who see the Bri-shit and Americans as masters and Chinese as adversaries. All blame is atributed to Chamatama Morgan for the retrogressive performance of the economy. He is bent on opposing anything and will stop at nothing even sacrificing into the plunge.

      1. @changlong you are foolish and full of shit.where does tsvangirai come in?you are sick.why cant you face the point ro else you shut that big mouth of yours.nonsense zanuphobia.

        1. Changlong is zhing zhong that is why he thinks talking about the folly of looking east is a colonial hangover yet cheap imports are coming from the east. Chinamasa will clash with his chinese friends very soon. I also agree with Cde. Our industrialist still think the zim dollar is the same as the US dollar when it comes to pricing. They would rather want to make 50% profit on a unit than push volumes at a reasonable price.our industry Chinamasa is dead so we will remain a warehouse. The first thing he has to do is revive industry tell our business people that we are using USD so they should price accordingly. Remember biscuits selling at 5 usd when imports came it the price went down to 50cents, Chickens were selling at 20 usd and when imports came they went down to 6 usd. Somebody in germany asked me about what type of a bouse is it that sells for 200 000 and I told him that is cheap in zim but he said to them that would be a mansion.

        2. Takeiteasy Marcaves

          ZANUphobia irikutonga mwachewe. You shall be pained by this reality until you die. For sure utori mugulazi wepfungwa chaiye.

        3. Thank you Gulaz. This shit changlong is foolish and retarded for real just like Zanu pf masters. It’s high time these brainwashed bafoons stop attributing their failure to Tsvangirai. What has the influx of cheap substandard goods from the East have to do with Tsvangirai. Zip your stinky mouth shut if you don’t have anything to say.

      2. Now that Tsvangirai is no longer in government lets c what u guys are going to do & who are you going to blame for your economic shortcomings.

    2. @Cde- you sir have nailed it not in as many words. You only have to look at what the schools are doing out there overcharging levies through the roof and up until the scrapping off of the water bills our pricing is MADE in hell (not China!). Of course government can help industry by introducing a tariff and quota system that limits imports but our industrial and commercial players have to look deeper into themselves and ask if their pricing is sensible. In most cases like you say above the Zimdollar hyper inflation syndrome is still with us. You also have to revisit company structures which are so top heavy as to swallow the whole wage and salary bill thus pricing management into the stratosphere with very little to show for it.. Look at the madness that is the ZBC and other parastatals.We have to rewrite the whole book it seems and perhaps we should set up a board comprising CZI, CCZ,ZNCC, Finance Minister, Industry Minister and Agriculture Minister. We have to sit down and really get to grips with the situation because as it is we are heading where we were last week…into the ground. I agree lets revisit the tariff handbook but this should only be done when commitment is made from industry that they will play the game according to the rules not what they are doing pricing themselves out of the market and our hearts…Lets get serious about this our very lives depend on it.

    3. charles charingeno

      cde munonyatsoziva imi! Take or example Olivine 2 Litre cholestrol full oil and compare with the RSA one; our own local cooking oil is much more expensive than the imported. These industries should learn to price things competitively. Remember these are USDs not Zimdollars! Ndakambokumbira mumwe mudhara kupenda interior of my 4 bedroomed house zvikanzi 1500 USD! ndakati ah regai zvenyu!

  4. look east is ok, but we are not benefiting much as we should be.I would urge the government to fight for the citizens in having the country recognized as an english speaking country in asia .this will ensure many of our young people will be employed as english teachers in taiwan, hongkong, korea,japan, china!on average teachers get around USD2000 per mnth.imagine what the figure will do to the economy in way of remittances.We should move away from trying to salvage an unsalvageable situation.we need new methods and machinery to revive our industry, we need reliable electricity, water, a big enough local market, add to that we are a land-locked country!let’s accept it we may have never been competitive in the products we manufactured, but remember sanctions during UDI created most industries! I therefore implore the gvt to now concentrate on services such as tourism, education, communication and financial in order to spear head economic recovery!these do not demand much capital!we should not complain about trade, trade is good.imagine we now have apples and oranges all year round becoz of south african fruit. Our seasons overlap so we now have fruti and veges all year!cheaply for that matter.

  5. VaChinamasa muri venharo chete hameno kuti muchakakavadzana nani pachigaro chamakapiwa ichi

  6. Is the table in this story showing Zimbabwe import bill by trade partner 2012 correct? because if we are under sanctions from UK and USA how come we managed to import 16.9% and 7.5% of imports from these 2 countries which translates to the second and fourth highest suppliers of our imports. Something is definitely wrong here. So what are these sanctions all about please let us know?

    1. @Gilbert- Many thanks for this..the sanctions nonsense has not won any buy-in from the public why not ditch it? Those figures for trade with the countries that have imposed sanctions was a master stroke it unmasked us for who we are: LIARS! If we were onlu liars it would have been OK but we are beggars, thieves and lazy louts who are substituting a cry for freebies (something we do rather well) and calling it sanctions. Unfortunately while it gives politicians a chance to froth at the mouth no end it is one big FAT LIE..I thank Newsday for putting the true figures into the public domain..Thanks again! Question becomes with the glare of these figures throwing ordure into the face of politicos whose stock in trade is LYING can we stop hearing this ugly nonsense please?

      1. @Falcon,spot on bro a good analysis.We being told fibbies everyday by these useless tired old men running an economy when does not even know basic economics of demand and supply.This Chinamasa frog has been a failure all his life and has made a living from licking the President’s boots.

  7. Let’s face it, as Zimbos, the truth is we have never really had a clear vision. From the time we won independence, I think the only vision we had was to replace the minority white oppressors with blacks. At least that was the vision of the few who are now at the top. Industrywise, 30 years or so down the line we have only managed to run it down. Many factories have closed. I wonder if there is a single factory that operates three 8 hour shifts nowadays. The diamond sector has great potential, but right now we’re exporting uncut diamonds to India for value addition (cutting and polishing). Why can’t we do that here? Same thing with our tobacco – if China is our biggest market, why are we not selling them premium cigarettes brands instead of sending them raw tobacco. We have comparative advantage over many countries in so many things but we fail to make use of it coz of lack of clear vision, and when we trade with them we are always price takers, and have to bow down to their yet they need us more than we need them. I will not even touch on corruption.

    1. @Will- Many thanks for this..our politicians have no clue period..With the strikes and the militant trade unions down south one would have hoped that we could adjust our policies to take advantage of this to get our industry kicking but no..we have to buy new cars and other trappings of the rich while our children can not find jobs anywhere in the land. We have a leadership whose obsession is with power just for its sake and damn the consequences…herein begins our sad tale.

  8. Tarisai, since you are on this fantastic roll why dont you do one for exports as well and where possible break down the imports like consumables, captial equipment and so on..dont you think we have enough cars as it is..why not declare a short term moratorium on imports of cars for the next 12 months? This will give Willowvale to get its act together and talking Willowvale, remove it from the comatose IDC and let it stand alone for the ensuing 12 months.

  9. Will name calling help our economy? Never!!!! Its time we consulted each other and help this country move forward. The Minister will make do will all progressive ideas from everyone. The corrupted definition of profit in Zimbabwe must be corrected, we need the right attitude for business. The 100% profit margin attitude is literal destroying our economy. Its 1 rand not profit!!!!!!!

  10. who is coming in with cheap imports here? china or america….even engineerz fo harare water just came from china,so wat is the old man saying

  11. wat are we to do as Zimbos to solve these so many important issues..when the prof welshman was asked about the peril state of byo and any plans they had for its revival wat plan dd he put across???…just to put across a point that Will has talked about-we have no plans as a nation and all we do is cry, cry…wat solutions are there really, if there are any?? but one thing i know for certain, the economic demise of Zim has turned its citizens into one (if not the) most selfish pple i know on this earth…its now about self, not nation, if im ok with my family and they have enough to eat then lets shut our mouths…but we forget, wat is not fixed today, will affect our children and their children too (juss like our fathers failed to deal with Zanu and its corruption over the past 33 yrs)….

  12. Progressive zimbos I applaud you for the maturity u have shown in looking at our news stories objectively , those with deeper insights laying facts bare and the public being exposed to real situation on the ground..lets take our politicians to task beloved people we are not educated to be fooled, lets not tire or be afraid to refute senseless policies from our politicians,as it stands lets not allow emotions to overtake reasoning, but lets put facts and figures on the ground some of these politicians have education but lack wisdom on how to apply it..we must refuse to be taken as fools we are educated so our policies, our deals our solutions must reflect that it’s our responsibility as citizens…not only those in gvt

  13. @Falcon, cde and Willis you guys you are genius. thanks for your input. Just to give an example Dstv Zimbabwe is very expensive as compared to S Africa. These guys they do not understand the law of efficiency. look at sugar production in Zim. Sugar is too expensive yet these guys cant look for ways to improve production to cut costs

  14. zvakaoma who determines what is cheap imports. Majority of Zimbabweans are living on less than a dollar a day. Cheap clothes and gadgets are making the life of the mojority bearable. Yadzoka zanu Chinasa can afford expensive imports thanks to feebies from Government From farms cars implements inputs including housemaids. He is living in cookuland go to mpedzanhano and see how many Zimbabweans have clothes on their backs because of these cheap imports. Matanga ruling by decrees.

  15. 31 July Zvamuchose

    Chinamasa uri dofo iwe. Munhu akakuisa ipapo idofowo futi. There is no money to increase capacity utilization. Give them the money. Zvema imports those were your policies. To hell with your ideas.

  16. Those so called captains of industry are the ones killing it. Profit has to be set at +30% otherwise where will the money for that holiday in the Bahamas come from or the fees for his 3 or 4 kids vari kuBoarding school at Peterhouse or Falcon College not forgetting the “little ones” from the small house vari paSt Johns College. Ko mari yePeturu for the Toyota VX yekuendesa kumusha or Range yekubasa moti inobvepi. Zim $$ mentality on pricing will forever be our biggest challenge. Mira uwone vachingoisa maBarriers on imports chete following day huku inotopinda mu10$ potato kutorova $18 if not 20

  17. Clamp down on these zhingaz varikuunza crap which they just dump in our country.

  18. Why not start with the Chinese?

  19. you can stop this rot if you really mean business

  20. Good idea. So when are you going to stop the Chinese sending in their rubbish?

  21. your insight is going to produce more results as long as a foolowup is employed.

  22. i really do second you vachinamasa in this but don’t you think its rather to early to take up your proposed move, cause seriously we have no capacity to cater for the peoples needs ourn industries really do not have that much out put

  23. Chinamasa is day dreaming seriously guys our economy cannot sustain itself right now ARIKUROTA MHANI UYU as you can see chimh*ta l mean HONORABLE MINISTER CHINAMASA figures above cleary shows that we are actually doing better business with the west than your so called look east despite sanctions. The CHINESE are here to make money they dont care, they bring in substandard goods in exchange for our top of the range tobacco /diamonds….etc AND you seriously considering a partnership with this guys on this water project!! it will breakdown within a year mark my words. you cant expect our industries to grow when there is no money to sustain production let alone salaries WHAT we need right now honorable minister is to instill investor confidence and how do we do that? we need to stabilize the economy and create jobs taking over companies wont help at all and we need to stop corruption starting with you and mdara return whatever you borrowed

  24. Madhoti achinamasa

  25. Chinamasa or ChinaMASTER?

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