Civil servants demand $540 minimum salary


Civil servants yesterday pegged their salary increment demands to at least $540 monthly in line with the Poverty Datum Line (PDL).


The Apex Council, a grouping of seven unions which represents public servants, will today present its position paper to government.

President Robert Mugabe has promised to improve civil servants’ salaries and conditions of service before the end of this year.

The least-paid civil servant currently earns just below $300.
The current civil service wage bill constitutes 70% of government monthly revenue.

Apex council chairperson David Dzatsunga yesterday told NewsDay after their meeting in Harare that a technical team had been tasked to come with a paper to be presented to the Ministry of Public Service,Labour and Social Welfare.

“We have assigned our technical committee to work on a position paper. All the seven unions were represented and the paper is being prepared and we will have to present it to the ministry,” Dzatsunga said.

On how much civil servants were looking at as a minimum salary, Dzatsunga said: “We are talking of a review anchored on the PDL which is above $540. The current (least pay) is just 55% of PDL and we feel they should appreciate us with the 45%. We expect the government to make good on the President’s promise to review salaries before year end.

“Another issue is of rural allowances for civil servants. We are also looking at the issue of residential stands and clarity on the indigenisation policy so that we see how civil servants can benefit,” Dzatsunga said.

Officially opening the Eighth Parliament last week, Mugabe said government would establish the Zimbabwe Public Service Investment Trust aimed at benefiting civil servants through their participation in the indigenisation and economic empowerment programme.

“Furthermore, government is fully cognisant that our civil servants continue to discharge duties under difficult working conditions and low remuneration. Steps will, therefore, be taken to review their wages and salaries, as well as the provision of non-monetary benefits,” said Mugabe.


  1. Madununu evanhu mukore uno mochemera .$500 kuita mu Zimba kutukwa naMWARI chaiko. Huyai muone ma civil servants ekuno.

  2. Madununu evanhu mukore uno mochemera .$500 kuita mu Zimba kutukwa naMWARI chaiko . Huyai muone ma civil servants ekuno. Nyika ine diamond wochemera kupihwa 500. Aya marema evanhu kana itwo twumapurisa netwumasoja u cant tell kuti twunoshanda muhurumende

  3. The new attitude of mutual respect displayed by both government and unions is refreshing and gives one optimism about return of normalsy in the governance of this country. We hope for the continous demonstration of such spirit. Unlike the previous administration, government has not started by interfering with internal politics of Apex. We also hope that government will extend this willingness to dialogue to consulting with unions on other issues outside the conditions of service including policy formation in ministries. Various parliamentary portfolio committees could also do well to engage and consult relevent sections of civil service

  4. Election Observer, wakasiya wapisa musha namamwe madununu eMDC ariDiaspora mukanyepa kuti muri maasylum seekers nyamba muri maeconomic refugees. Yemura hako mapurisa nemasoja ediaspora hazvirambidzwi wotitumirawo maphotos avo. Economy yedu ichirikukura inzwirewo tsitsi, $500 iyoyo inoita kuti vana vamborarama, tichikurukura nehurumende yedu.

  5. Just as a point of interest how does this compare with a civil servant in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and other SDAC countries outside South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Now Mr/Ms journo this is information that is important, why are you displaying this laziness killing the Newsday brand in the process? Do you need an editor to tell you that this report is incomplete?

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