Chiyangwa land row goes to Supreme Court


HARARE businessperson Phillip Chiyangwa has taken the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement to the Supreme Court seeking an order compelling government to compensate him for the land which was compulsorily acquired from him by the State in April 2010.


Chiyangwa, who is the owner of Pinnacle Holdings and Jetmaster Properties, lost part of his Nyanguru Farm and Subdivision ‘A’ of Stoneridge to the State after the latter, through the Administrative Court, ordered housing co-operatives to continue occupying and developing the land.

Yesterday, the matter could not be heard at the Supreme Court after Chiyangwa’s lawyer Advocate Lewis Uriri sought postponement of the case to allow him and the State’s counsel Nelson Mutsonziwa to file further documents.

Uriri told the court that the matter would be heard in terms of the new Constitution. He said the new Constitution provided that the matters that were pending before the effective date of the new Constitution have to be heard as if the Constitution was in place when the matters commenced.

“Section 71 of the new Constitution, firstly deals with the question of reasonable necessity and public interest. It also deals with acquisition against property and adequate compensation or alternatively compensation soon after acquisition,” Uriri said.

Deputy Chief Justice Luke Malaba, who was sitting together with Justices Paddington Garwe and Antonia Guvava, postponed the matter sine die following Uriri’s request.

The compulsory acquisition of the 780 hectare piece of land for development of low-cost housing was confirmed by the Administrative Court sometime in 2011, allowing

co-operatives already allocated land at the site to continue their housing projects.

The ruling by Administrative Court senior president Herbert Mandeya stopped the eviction of more than 500 members of Chimurenga Pungwe Housing Co-operative who had taken occupation of the properties.


  1. A human being does not own land. God the almighty is the creator and owner of land. A hunan being came from his mother’s womb with nothing and like a shadow shall vanish leaving everything behind. People with deep pockets have this spirit of schadenfreudism and selfishness.

    • Du hast es richtig gesagt, interestingly, there runs a powerful Lemur syndrome, fetigkeitism, he may be intelligent moneywise but the same uncontrollable desire to make more leads to a predeterminable end.Very sad.

    • @WILLARD
      You always seem to talk sense outside dynamos, why cant you continue commenting on these issues where you seem to be very rational.

      yours truly
      blue & white cat

    • That is not correct, there is security of tenure in Zimbabwe according to the constitution. The courts will judge this case based on the law.

      • Hie scotv if there is security of tenure in Zimbabwe according to the constitution as u said why did all the white farmers not get any compensation for their land and improvements made on the farms they owned.

        • @Cde ZVINHU, That question was the crux at Lancaster House till the British undertook to do just that, compensate the white settler farmers, they were their colony once remember. The white farmers should take the British govt to International Courts. As for us, we are done of the matter. Dont waste time empathizing for Phidza, at CUT he told us that “making money is closely related to breaking the law…mari iri mugotsi remupurisa!”

  2. From a moral perspective it is just wrong for Chiyangwa to be allowed hoarding all that land which I am sure he does not have receipts to prove he actually purchased it at a fair value.

  3. @ kitsi, kikikiki…. Certainly, you are a kitsi. I always say the the truth but the truth hurts JUJUMOS fans, exempli gratia, you Kitsi. VERITAS ODIUM PARET.

    • dynamos inokunakidza chaizvo willard, haisi mhosva kuda zvinodiwa neruzhinji farira kutevedzera zvakanaka, zora or zorwa chii chiri better.

  4. ko chiyangwa land yacho akaitenga kunaani, i think akapihwa nachombo avekutodherera government, ko iye bob big dhara sei asina kumuita minister kana deputy zvake

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