Child contraceptives in Zimbabwe: the debate continues


THE move by the Ministry of Health and Child Care to distribute contraceptives — including condoms and birth control pills — to children as young as 10 years old, has sparked a heated debate among Zimbabweans.

Find below some of the contributions by NewsDay readers on the issue.

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  1. By saying ‘debate’ you are implying that there are some Zimbabweans considering such a demonic idea? Which halfwit at the Ministry of Health and Child Care suggested this crackpot concept?

  2. The ministry of health and child care is trying to control pregnancy among teenagers since sex has became a game to them. Let’s just give the ministry a chance.

  3. whoever is considering this rubbish idea does not have a small children and or their kids are out of zimbabwe. they just need to destroy our children. they have been vowing for this for long one. some stupid and uneducated mps would be motioning this because of their shallow minds could not go well beyond to articulate developmental issues.

    look at their age, who do you see having small kids (none) and believe they would do better for our kids. they think they are fixing mdc supporters.

  4. For the 1st time l am in total agreement with the above comments and one has to empathise as a parent to a baby girl/boy of the same age giving these minors access to condom use. Oh what a ‘Sodom and Gomora’ that we r headed to. Next it will be family planning tablets. For Christ sake they are only children and find other alternatives please.

  5. stupid ministers can you just for once do us a little favour. You have destroyed our economy and you now want to destroy the moral fabrics of our society by legalizing such a demonic policy. if it’s good for you please just provide the contraceptives to your kids.

  6. At least if they start at 15 years but 10 eish it’s to much,its like giving a green light to primary children to hev sex,which is totally wrong

  7. Condom effective use relies on proper and effective use, can a ten year old who does not know how to properly dress know how to properly use a condom? Yes i agree that some children indulge in sexual activity but should they teach those that havent started yet to indulge as well? These ministers have their children outside Zimbabwe or their children are now adults thats why they want to do this to our children. Instead of coming with tight legislative laws issues of minors’ pregnancies you are busy encouraging immorality on our society. Loot all you can but leave us and our children alone.

  8. this is as good as giving the kids a green light for sex,for gods sake this is nonsense can they please focus on the legalisation of prostitution istead do not kill our childrens morality please

  9. this ia what happens when you adopt things which you have little understanding of. They took the definition from the UN of an adolescent and put it right there. They should start at around 15 because that is when most are sexually active.

  10. Du u stay in Zim? du u hv TEENAGERS in ur neighborhood? Hvnt u seen child pregancies? Havent u seen suffering children because of parents who are irresponsible? Irresponsible people will always be there whether we like it or not, better for them to use this stuff than have a burden of tragic cases of children who grow up without proper parenting care. People sleep around n u got appreciate that, dont be so rigid. gone are the days when gals really cared about being a virgin, this is a new generation n people should learn to accept changes.Well, although i support this idea i feel the starting age of children at ten is just too much. maybe say 13yrs, like those startining thier 8th grade.

    SIYAYI VAPIHWE ZVINHU IZVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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