Brace for 10 months of water blues


HARARE City Council has decommissioned five pumps at the Morton Jaffray Waterworks to allow for refurbishment, a development that is set to worsen the city’s already precarious water situation.


The director for water, Engineer Christopher Zvobgo, yesterday said residents should brace for increased water shortages as a result of the exercise.

The refurbishment will take at least 10 months within which residents would have to cope with tight water supply, Zvobgo said.

“We have so far decommissioned some pumps to allow for refurbishment and water supply will be affected,” he said.

“We used to supply 600 megalitres and the effects of the decommissioning are now being felt. We are supplying 500 megalitres. We have decommissioned five pumps and work has already started. They (engineers) could not start without decommissioning those pumps.

“Within 10 months, the pumps will be on. These pumps have a lifespan of 30 years.”

The initial stage of the project is being funded to the tune of $3,3 million by Zim Fund, while the Chinese project for Morton Jaffray is being sponsored to the tune of $9,5 million.

The decommissioning of the five pumps began in May and yesterday, engineers had started working on them.

Council is currently losing at least 62% of its treated water to leakages and “non-revenue water”, that is water consumed from unmetered sources.


  1. If we have that bucket of engineers present and getting paid heavily, why are we starting by putting in place bigger pumps for more capacity without first putting bigger water lines to withstand the pressure that is going to be pumped from the water works? Kuti aputike futika mapipes acho torasa mvura yatinenge tichida zvekare.

  2. What are the current measures available to ensure provision of water. Are they simply shutting up the pumps without catering for the ensuing need?

  3. Ma administors eZim good at talking only and formulating plans which are never implemented. We are now fed up with this behaviour. Go to Bots & see what planning & implementation is all about. In Zim it is a circus everywhere, talkshows all over. Leaders punishing those whom they are surpposed to serve.

  4. 62% of water being lost thru leakages! Hre City Kanzuru tipeiwo maserious. If yu go at cnr Seke & Delpot rd, then move about 300m westwards, yu’ll see that these water shortages are caused by negligents. A lot of water is leaking there since 2009 bt nothing has bn done

  5. In 10 months’ time, these five powerful pumps will be commissioned to pump more water into the ground, since the existing pipe network is riddled with leaks, circus indeed.

  6. Why do this work at the driest time of the year ? Surely it would have been better to do this after the rains had started. So that people could at least turn to wells and boreholes or collected rain water. At this time of the year many wells and boreholes are dry.

  7. @Haiwawo

    Ever heard of pressure reducing valves? If yu did hope yu bothered to ask how they work, if not then look it up

  8. the good thing is that work is in progress, disruptions are unavoidable, that’s the way it is guys and kudos to HCC

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