Biggie Tembo jnr struggles to keep father’s legacy


BIGGIE Tembo Junior, son to the late musician Biggie Tembo, is struggling to keep his father’s legacy NewsDay has leant.

Tawanda Marwizi

His father is known for all-time hits that include Simbimbino, Kuroja Chete and Babamunini Francis.

Young Tembo, who has since taken his father’s band, is failing to hold live performances and to release his second album.
A band member who spoke on conditions of anonymity said the young musician is failing to manage the band.

“He is still young and in most cases we end up having two shows a month making life harder for band members and himself,” said the band member.

The 22 year old musician has one album Rwendo released in 2010.
Last year sungura ace Alick Macheso had promised to take him to be the curtain raiser for his shows, but he failed to honour his promise.

Tembo yesterday confirmed that all was not well with him, saying he is failing to hold shows because of financial difficulties.
“I can’t get any show and it is becoming difficult for me, but we are trying our best to try to take my father’s legacy ahead,” said Tembo.

He added that he was struggling to make his second album which he hopes to release by the end of this month.

“We are working on the songs, but currently we cannot meet the production cost because we are not getting shows,” he said.

Though he had the chance to perform at some of the national musical galas, it seems that is not enough to get the support required.


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  4. if u try to emulate yo father iwe usina talent seravo zvinonetsa. try to do what you know best in life uwane sadza. hazvireve kuti kana baba vako vanga vari musician newewo wava musician.

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