Audio: SADC endorses Zim elections

The SADC has described the July 31 polls as free, peaceful and generally credible, despite “some shortcomings”.


Head of mission regional blocs Election Observation Mission to Zimbabwe and Tanzanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bernard Membe yesterday said the election reflected the will of the people.

Listen to Bernard Membe delivering his report below:

“On Credibility of the election process, a lot has been said to the negative,” said Membe.

“There were so many other elements that when put together elevated the election to a credible status, the free election environment, the peaceful environment in which the election took place, unhindered and non intimidation of candidates and votes, free expression and campaigns, transparency and free voting constitutes the credibility under the prevailing circumstances particularly when compared to 2008 elections.

SADC Election Observer Mission head Bernard Membe and Australian Ambassador Matthew Neuhaus share a lighter moment after the SADC Election Report press conference.
SADC Election Observer Mission head Bernard Membe and Australian Ambassador Matthew Neuhaus share a lighter moment after the SADC Election Report press conference.

“Therefore this election was generally credible.”


  1. Mashave Ehurombo

    Nowhere did it say free and fair. You Newsday people are continuing with your lies.

    1. The report says the elections could not be described as fair because mainly of polarisation of the media. State media favoured Zanu pf and the private media favoured the MDC. Pirate radios like Studio 7, SW and Voice also favoured the MDC. However, the biggest threat to fairness are the more than decade long sanctions which were imposed at the instigation of the MDC and which favour the MDC.

      The West believes that a hungry Zimbabwean is an MDC supporter.

  2. Rubbish.did these people go into the hills of Chivi were villagers were sheperded to vote 4 zanupf.what will our courts verdict be after southen africa power mafia s report

    1. thus not rubbish evryone is entitled to express his or her views free from pple like Mutadza.

    2. I’m still waiting for MDC-Tea to make public their famed “Dossier” containing evidence of election rigging. Mdc zealots keep spouting nonsense but to date have provided zero evidence. The rubbish about ZEC hiding evidence is laughable considering that the dossier presented to SADC also had evidence. Please kill yourselves, you’re a pathetic waste of space.

  3. The election was never deemed fair by Sadc and its everywhere in international media.
    Where are you getting your sources Newsday..?

  4. Membe actually said the election was nowhere near fair because of the biased state media and the disenfrancisement of close to a million urbanites.
    Is this newspaper now full of hallucinators?
    No no no. This must be stopped. Its serious misrepresentation.

  5. Iiiih someone close this paper.
    Its now a carbon copy of Herald in peddling lies.
    Was the word ‘fair’ ever mentioned by Sadc?
    Inga the same Tanzanian in his report made it clear the election was far from being fair and was ‘difficult’ to call fair.

  6. I liked one thing on all this؛
    ‎ Sadc expressed shock at the extent at which state instruments are abused and manipulated by the Zpf regime esp the state media.
    At least they are now appreciating why numerous pirate radio stations are cropping up.

    The amount of propaganda.We are worse than the Hitler tyrrany.

  7. This report is not true.
    I recall Membe frantically explained why this election was difficult to call fair given Zanus meddling of the voters roll.
    Sorry Newsday, we are way ahead and cant be deceived by your sudden u.turnish bootlicking misrepresentations.

  8. Sadc came short of explaining the clandestine role of Nikuv.

  9. Why nt reporting wat had been said as it is?people were intimidated and forced to vote for candidates they did nt like.

  10. Sadc estimated that only about 700000 voters were disenfrancised by manipulation of voter roll and highlight the abuse of state instruments esp the biased media.
    Whilst they dont want to put figures, i estimate the exact number of people who were tortured and terrorised by abusive state media was close to 3million.
    Give us another election.
    This election was not fair.

  11. chirungu chinokunda wazhinji wasiri weZimbabwe. kana chorumwarumwa munowanikwa musisaziwe kuti wari kuyiteyiko anhu acho?

  12. Sadc is not a credible organisation coz it had task to oversee the GNU road map, but did Sadc complete that road map? Mugabe threatened to quit Sadc and Sadc chickened by endorsing a sham election. What example can Tanzania offer to Zimbabwe?

  13. No matter what you say, the final report endorses the Zanu PF victory and that of president Robert Gabriel Mugabe. You can choose to go to the sea, mountain or Europe, it’s a resounding victory for the people’s party.

  14. SADC knows very much that MDC is a puppet of the west, so as long as sanctions wich you called for are there you are not going to win elections in Zimbabwe but in Eu

  15. @comrade, have you forgotten to take your psychosis tablets again?

  16. Sadc is sarcastically saying the sanctions cry is now seriously abused by Zpf yet they are mere travel bans.
    Get it fool.

  17. SADC no longer the original block but now a bunch of dictators. Do the observers know that people are still staying in the mountains in Mzarabani fleeing from ZPF thugs ?

  18. What else would have expected from the liberation movements in Sadc, they are there to serve their interest and not the povo.

  19. lets change the topic people of Zimbabwe,elections are over let us now focus on our economy and to find a way of ecouraging investors to come.There is no way anywy in the World where elctions results
    be reversed.But what I knw is a country of the majority rule can prosper like football team it wins will then progresses to the next stage.

  20. Sob sob…sniff sniff…, SADC blah blah, Newsday Editor aita sei? , Cant we all get it, fellow countrymen and women, the people spoke, very loudly against invited sanctions, puppetry, neocolonialism, and surrogacy. The result was an expression of gratitude for the fulfillment of Liberation war objectives, Vanhu vava kuguta, they work for themselves, zvirikuto fire big time, Instead of undue quarrels cant we reconcile? Yes maZimbo akanaka, we can do things on our own. Ndokuti nyika.

    1. Baboons, they celebrate while destroying your maize field.

  21. tichadya zvekuchemechema nemaelections here ?yadeuka,yadeuka haichadyorereki chasara kuchitoona kuti toitei kusimudzira nyika yedu. kunyange munhu akafirwa anozosvika paanonyaradra wani.lets come together and put our brilliant ideas together so that we build our beautiful motherland. remember that united we stand divided we fall.

  22. Gukurahundi upbringing

    Face the facts, the Gukurahundis are in power, nothing will change that, move on. There is no need to continue this debate about elections – it will get us nowhere!

    Once a Gukurahundi, always a Gukurahundi!

  23. SADC is as idiotic and stupid as ZEC. Stop addressing us on the election subject for you are as ignorant as baboons in the mountains on that topic. Tell us if you know where the ballot paper was printed and by who? Who were the election officers? Why were state security details used and to achieve what result? How about NIKUV what role did they play in your credible outcome?You now want to address us and say the result was credible. You even suggest that MDC should work with zanu pf after their victory was stolen, the same thing you did to him in 2008. You took that statement from Rugare Gumbo and you have made yourself zanu pf mouthpiece. Are you not ashamed of yourself.You are in complicit with zanu and we should view and treat you as one.

  24. “The elections were generally credible despite some shortcomings”said Membe ,the short comings are actually the reason why we are in this predicament ,the voters roll ,abuse of state media to attack the personality of opposition party to demean his person and intimidation of rural people that there is going to be another war if they vote for opposition party ,to me Membe was diplomatic and want to get away with this farce and just do your random sample in rural and urban areas and you will get the answer for 2 million votes i think ZANU/ZEC inflated the figures

  25. You say the voters’ roll was issued a day before the election day but you do not want to talk about the contents of that roll. So many dead people who were not in it on the last election appearing in the roll. Who brought them in and for what purpose? So many people who voted in the last elections not appearing, removed by who and for what reason?

    SADC you are pushing this country to war.

  26. Listening to this Minister speaking and then saying the election was the reflection of the will of the people and is therefore credible after all what he said means there is a problem with SADC. He acknowledges the provision of a voters roll in time dictates the fairness of the election so if he acknowledges that the voters roll was not given in time then how does he say its was fair? SADC’s conclusion and their report are at tangent. Buffons, chibvai muende makaondonga kare.

  27. Rigging takes quite a lot of forms. The first is that civil servants retire at age 65. Mudede is 71years but is the registrar general. Why? Why doesn’t he retire. He is the rigging machine. This Membe guy is just exposing his stupidity. Stop talking Membe as we may end up knowing all of your buffoonery.

  28. Despite some shortcomings shows that elections were not free and fair in the eyes of GOD.


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