$130 million diamonds disappear


A POLICE probe team tasked to investigate the $6 million diamond saga involving former Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) board chairman Godwills Masimirembwa has reportedly widened its net to include unearthing the disappearance of gems worth $130 million.

By Staff Reporter

The diamonds went missing following the disbandment of a joint venture deal between Core Mining and Mineral Resources and government through ZMDC.

Core Mining is owned by Lovemore Kurotwi, who has been taken to court over allegations of prejudicing government of a potential $2 billion investment in diamond mining.

Impeccable sources told NewsDay yesterday that the investigators were now keen on establishing what became of the 1,3 million carats of the gems following the termination of the joint venture.

Core Mining and ZMDC had formed a joint venture which operated as Canadile Miners.

Core Mining director Kurotwi is on record as having told the High Court that his firm left over 1,3 million carats of diamonds, when ZMDC, under the chairmanship of Masimirembwa, allegedly prematurely terminated the joint venture agreement, forcing him out without his dividends.

Kurotwi further told the court that the joint venture had over $10 million in cash, which money was supposed to be paid as dividends between the firms with Core Mining getting over $3,5 million, but it never received anything.

During the trial of Kurotwi, one of the State witnesses, ZMDC board member Ashton Ndlovu, told High Court judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu that the $3,5 million which Core Mining was supposed to have received as dividends could not be accounted for at ZMDC.

Former Finance minister Tendai Biti yesterday told a civil society roundtable discussion that: “There are frightening things, shocking things that are going to come out of this Masimirembwa thing.

“You see, when I was minister, officials would not tell me what was happening because they were afraid of being called sell-outs, but the truth is coming out now.”

Biti said there was need for transparency in the sale of diamonds and other government activities.

He said his successor as Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa would also face the problem of “lack of fiscal leg room” against “huge expectations from government”.

Meanwhile, Masimirembwa told NewsDay yesterday that he had not yet been interrogated by either the police or officials from the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission over the $6 million bribery allegation against him made public by President Robert Mugabe a fortnight ago.

“No one has come to me as yet,” he said. “I just read it in the papers that they are investigating.”


  1. we know this talk will die a natural death as it gets to be touching the big heads! corruption muzanu is very widely spready from top to bottom. ukaona vanaMasimiredog vobata 6 metre, it means kumusoro uko kwakabatwa svinu chaiyo ma25 metre and above!

  2. hapana anosungwa apa. dumbuguru & security chiefs were part of these deals. only small guys are going to be arrested or forced to commit suicide. the old man knows everything

  3. For how long are these criminals suppose to be allowed to continue looting national resources without being arrested.Masimirembwa had nothing before he was appointed ZMDC chair.He did not own a house but he had now bought several houses were did he get the money from he was non executive chairman who was not on salary.also look at what Mpofu and his Lawyer Farai Mutamangira did they are the most richest people in this country.These criminals properties must be nationalized so that the country can recover something.Civil servans are suffering cant get wage increments yet other people are allowed to strip the country.

    Tatambura makatarisa

  4. I get a feeling this will be covered up. Just a waste of time. To clean up the whole thing, you need a better broom than Bob at 90

  5. We wait to see the outcome, chokwadi chikabuda apa it might lead to the reduction of corrupt activities. Only a few are getting rich when the majority of Zimabweabs continue to suffer. something must be done!

  6. Biti/Mbiti is irrelevant, he must just shut up, he failed to be bold and more revealing when he was the minister. His utterances may scuttle the investigations.

    • You must just shut the *&^$ up! He was bold to have said it long back. Its like a person cuts the horse pipe and expects you to water the garden will nothing coming out at the other end.

    • Reason uri rema remunhu, unogara kupiko iwe unotaura seunsingazivi what was happening then? Boldness yauri kutauura yaifanira kuitwa na Mr. Biti ndeipi when everyone knows kuti ma diamonds ari kubiwa ne Zanu pf? how many times did he tell the nation what was happening with the diamonds and nothing happened? now because makaba ma elections you want to legitimize ur corrupt party by pretending to be concerned when in actual fact we know kuti this will die a natural death!! Grow up and smell the coffee and stop ur utterances!!!

  7. where did Obert Dumbuguru got 27 million to buy ZABG what bussines was he into which was making such huge profits.How much did Zimra make also from that if he was declaring his profits.If prosecuting authorities are not in the game surely these people must be arrested.We are waiting to see how the whole game is going to be managed

  8. By the time these diamonds are finished, Zimbabwe will have absolutely nothing to show for it. The people will be poorer and more miserable. Individuals will be billionaires owning whole islands and castles in far away places. The misery of Africa is that our thieves and looters steal and deposit the money into foreign banks in order to develop those countries. A good example is rich Switzerland, a manufacturer of knives, chocolates and watches, but filthy rich from stolen money banked in that country by international looters who wouldn’t care less for their own countries’ development and the people they claim to lead.

  9. Kanti vele alizi yini ukuthi amagukurahundi ngamasela?

    Gukurahundis are celebrated thieves of note bafowethu!!

  10. Mugabe is not a good leader to deal with these cases. He is a weak leader who just talks with no action. These guys they want him as president because no one will be arrested. Please help us God, we no longer want this president. God give us someone who has the will of the people at heart. This corrupt regime must go now.

  11. Mpofu Dumbuguru Mpofu……is the chief culprit……a multimillionaire overnight……dont be fooled by those who say he borrowed from the bank…….can investigations cover also how much profit he made, from which companies.

  12. mbavha hadzisungane kuvhariwa na bob mazimba zilele sitereki kikiki ndoo ivhuu kaa.vote wisely next tym and zvinenge zvapera zvima diamonds izvozvo vaku mainira mudzimba dzavo

  13. The fact of the matter is until an “untouchable” like Obert Mpofu is arrested and jailed can we know Mugabe is serious on corruption. That will send positive shock waves in all government institutions. Ministers & their respective officials will fall in line like a flash of lightning. How does a civil servant like Obert Mpofu justify paying $22 millian for a controlling stake in a bank, a $5 million for a boat at Lake Kariba, a 10,000 people one week long party, buying the whole of Vic Falls town & this is just what we know. Misirembwa its time to sing like a bird, after all you are already the fall guy. At least you would have told the truth for a change.

    • Correction:

      FACT IS, though Obert is also a gukurahundi, the exception is that he is a Mthwakazi – you don’t mess around with a Mthwakazi gukurahundi!!!

  14. this silhouet of corruption goes to show clearly how devastating and self destructive it is letting politicians interfere in the administration of state institutions. the ruined confidence in most of them will take ages to repair so they may function again. proof is here that the country lies loudest lying to itself. pityful.

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