We’re already preparing for 2018 — Zanu PF


ZANU PF Harare province says it has put in place plans to ensure an emphatic victory in 2018 and to wrest all the 29 Harare seats in the MDC-T stronghold.


In an interview with NewsDay last week, the party’s provincial chairperson Amos Midzi said there was no time to waste and party structures were already on the ground meeting people in preparation for 2018.

“I am happy that we managed to break the myth that Harare was exclusively an MDC-T territory,” said Midzi. “Now that we have broken it, it’s my conviction that we will get more seats in 2018 and we have started putting plans into action to gain ground in Harare.”

On allegations by the MDC-T that Zanu PF won the seven Harare seats through vote rigging, Midzi said the MDC-T was not being honest and should concede defeat.

“The fact of the matter is that the MDC-T went into this election knowing very well that there were rules of the game. They helped to craft those rules and it’s now absurd that the game has been played and they now want to appeal. They are doing all that in bad faith,” said Midzi.

Since 2000, the MDC-T had enjoyed dominance in urban areas, but the July 31 election results seem to have revived Zanu PF fortunes in big cities.

The MDC-T has, however, disputed the election results alleging that thousands of unregistered people were bussed into Harare to vote.


  1. There will be no Mdc in 2018. With the way things are going the puppet party is in the throes of death. Very soon icharira mhere!

    • Taura hako better we puppets of chaina than the west. We won by hook and we are a bunch of crooks.

    • You poor fool, you won’t be here either because you will have been killed or you and your family will have starved to death. Well done, you get the trashy government you obviously voted for. Now watch and see what happens.

  2. If mdcteaboy is serious that elections were rigged its members who were elected must decline to be sworn-in coz this puppet party can not accept results where it won and reject where it lost

    • If you are so cofident that zanupf won the elections fairly,then please tell us why election material was not made available to mdc.whats there to hide?Seriously speaking i am beginning to doubt the intellect of you zanu apologists.,Do you really reason logically?,i wonder

    • Gandanga, chinese puppets will have surrendred all the diamond proceeds to their chinese masters so they may find it difficult to pay Nikuv next time. Its better to make tea than to be a chinese slave, dont you think?

      • rudadiso the chinese will have re-colonized Zimbabwe by then. Biggest problem is what will they call the country and where are you going to go to?

  3. if you just do your job and realise that you work for the people they will vote for you. I would vote for you. But threats to Harare and Bulawayo residents prove that you are only there until the last dollar note is plundered to pay for your ticket to Malaysia…

  4. Imbo tipai rest from politics. Concentrate your effort in improving the lives of people by providing electricity and clean water as well as other basic human needs. Our lives cant be politics through and through. Moita semuna mashavi evze matongero enyika.

    • Taurai henyu Commander. Ngavagadzirise nyika! We are living in the now- tirikutongoda mabasa, mvura nemagetsi! Zva2018 zvinoziva ani, tigadzirisei nyika apa!

      • True that Commander and Action one can’t spend his/her life waiting for the voting day, there are other things which needs urgent attention from these politicians like clean water for all plus infrastructural development.

  5. That is if the glue that holds the murderous party will still be breathing. You all know who that glue is. The doctors gave him up to Dec 2013. tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tock………………………………….. Dream on Midzi

  6. they know kuti mdc inenge ichiko. But pliz we need rest ,ko munogaropopota nekutuka everyday vakaruza sei imi mune landslide victory. show maturity in politics and stop this blame game. every gathering kutuka chete no development .

  7. Be in action not in words,make this nation a gd place 2 be.kwete kusverotaura zva2018 usina chawaita 2013.ita wakanyarara kwete kusveroita noise

  8. Puppet party failed to raise $10 000 for 54 of their members to appeal in court over elections. We told you kuti bennet and his white friends have given up on the puppets. No more funding for Pinocchio and his friends. MDC won’t survive until 2018.

  9. zanu ngaitikwanire hatiraramiri maelections, its high time for them to walk the talk, ngawazadzise what the promised in they manfesto, they neva told us about 2018 we could nt have voted them, we need serves delivery,jobs and impowerment

    • Don’t you think when ZANU PF says it is already planning for 2018 it means coming up with programs to lure voters in Harare, like providing electricity, clean water and jobs in the interim, to you MDC Hararians???. Vanhu veMDC kufunga kukunokunetsai. How else does a party prepare for the next elections so early without embarking on programs I have mentioned above???. Kupata, kupata vanhu veMDC ndizvo zvakakudyisai musarudzo ichangopfuura. Now you are just crying, like TsvanCRY…..rigging…rigging…NIKUV…..NIKUV….Boycott…Boycott… iyo ZANU PF muchenjeri yavakutoita Winter ploughing mumunda kugadzirira mwaka wa2018 uri kuuya. Rambai muchingopaumba iyo ZANU PF yatove pabadza so early togozoona 2018 kuti achakohwa pakuru ndiyani. Use the grey matter between your ears mhani imi zvimbwasungata!!!.

      • @Girinya
        ZANU PF is all about planning Gukurahundism when they talk about elections – it has nothing to do with the economy.

        When and who in the Gukurahundi party has ever debated the economy? When last did you hear Mugabe talk at length about the economy?

        He is supposed to have an economics degree but he never engages in debates about the economy. Everything about him is about political power, the army, police and Gukurahundism!

  10. It seems politics in ZIm is all about ‘winning’ and then gloating in their victory forgetting about why these people have been put in office. I dont care who wins, just want good leadership, governance and service delivery! Sad to say Rhodesia was great, our currency was stronger thazan the pound and then…. ZANU-PF happened. Stop playing the blame game and start taking care of us. Prepare more for the economy than ‘winning elections’.

  11. by that Cde Midzi only meant that, for the coming 5years, the ZANU PF and government parliamentarians you voted for will be working hard serving the Zimbabwean people….. thats how you prepare for the next election you fools….. chete kufunga kunokunetsai….. thats why yo loss in the previous election…. munorivara, mozoda kugadzirira last minute, pototi campaining time ngaaite shoma, mochemachema kuti time iduku izvo campainging inoitwa thru serving the people vauchazoda vote yavo kwete two months dze election preps… kuya kuzoisa ma final touches only………

  12. One man, One vote in 2018. No rigging. MDC-T is part of the political landscape in this country. The party will never die as much as ZPF wishes. Multiparty democracy is the way to go. Lets change the way elections are conducted in this country. Vote registration exercise should be a continuous process and voters cards should be available instead of those stupid slips which were being issued on the ZUPCO buses outside polling stations.
    Lets have professional elections, please!

  13. So far l have heard Midzi and Sibanda the war vet leader talking of preparing for the 2018 elections starting now .But can we survive on elections through and through, be serious landslide victors.lm sure all those resources need financial resouces. Please use the resources to uplift citizens life socially and economically. The political side , tensions , hatred anxiety and all its evil consequences we are fed up with it. We need you to deliver good roads , clean water ,reliable electricity,jobs fight corruption i all institutions and instil confidence in the electorate about your ability to deliver, the results of which we are going to evaluate towards 2018. Although it may appear as a tall order make legislators , cabinet and everyone else accountable and bring to book trans gressors. Izvi zvekudira mari towards 2018 now when socially and economically people are downtrodden is shear arrogance, you won and lm sure you buried the imperialists puppets so why act panicky koakafa akavigwa achamuka here? Ndatenda hangu

  14. Remember the saying “Votes for the Krelim where stolen one year in advance” ,its no suprise planning another ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Do not fool yourself a lot of the old guard will be in heros acre.

  15. Bhora mugedhi kwete zvevamwe vanongowawata vachiti hevo tabirirwa. Munobirirwa murikupi? Lets wrestle Harare comrades

  16. what zanu is simply saying is that they have started planning on how to spill more blood and have already started paying instalments to Nikuv

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