‘United States of Africa must be realised’


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe says the co-hosting of the 20th session of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly by Zimbabwe and Zambia had rekindled his late colleague Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s long-held dream of a United States of Africa.


Addressing guests at the official opening of the world tourism indaba in Victoria Falls last night, Mugabe said: “Events like this one will help achieve such an objective.

“It’s my hope that the dream and vision of our founding fathers of a United States of Africa will come as a reality one day. . . I hope this will happen sooner rather than later,” Mugabe said, adding that the introduction of a Uni-Visa to enable intra-Africa travel among citizens, will go a long way in facilitating the realisation of this dream.

The setting up of a seamless border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, he said, should extend to all African touristy borders and that it should be “a rule rather than an exception”.

The indaba, the first in Southern Africa being co-hosted by Zimbabwe and Zambia ends on Thursday. Zambian President Michael Sata co-officiated at the opening ceremony.

The United States of Africa is a proposed concept for a federation of some or all of the 55 sovereign states of Africa.

Gaddafi, who was the 2009 chairperson of the African Union (AU), advanced the idea of a United States of Africa at two regional African summits: first in June 2007 in Conakry, Guinea, and again in February 2009 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Gaddafi had previously pushed for its creation at a summit at Lomé, Togo in 2000, having described the AU as a failure on a number of occasions. Gaddafi asserted that only a true pan-African State could provide stability and wealth to Africa.

Mugabe reiterated his anti-Western mantra, blaming the United States and Europe for imposing a “debilitating sanctions regime” which he said had hurt the Zimbabwean economy badly.

He said he was, however, committed to leveraging the tourism sector to make it a key driver of the economy, adding that his signing of the Golden Book of Tourism was testimony to his commitment.

Speaking at the same occasion, Tourism minister Walter Mzembi said Zimbabwe and Zambia had set themselves a target to achieve a $30 billion economy from tourism by 2020.

Vice-President Joice Mujuru was among several dignitaries including UNWTO secretary-general, Taleb Rifai and senior government officials from both Zambia and Zimbabwe.


  1. Our detractors are fond of denigrating our President and only want to capture bad things in the Guiness book why? History is not about that, we want to see the signing of the golden tourism book commhtment by HE RGM hitting headlines and not sanctioned in the Guiness bk by the way we now hav book of african records. 0pinion being free, allow me to say that with Ministers like Mzembi the country is destined fo wonders with Executive support. Politics aside W. Mzembi is an achiever. I bet you with what he has set to achieve by 2020 watch him history will be repeating itself. .

  2. Will this USA include Mauritania which still has Black people as slaves? Agreed its a long term hope but Africa is just too diverse to be united, maybe the Southern Bantus (SADC) may give it a try since we have no major cultural or religious differences! The idea certainly is attractive!

  3. Waste of our time: African leaders want to deliver beautiful speeches which are meaningless. They don’t implement any of the ideas they have been shouting about since the formation of the OAU decades ago. Can’t they pause and read the speeches they made around that time and evaluate performance? We are tired of empty words. Simple things like a common currency or free trade between two countries have never happened. Citizens still pay huge visa fees to cross into neighbouring countries to visit their relatives across the little stream. Countries are still constructing huge fences(South Africa and Botswana) to bar citizens of across the little river from entering their countries. Deportation trains are still rolling across our borders, full of rounded up Sadc citizens being forcibly returned to their homelands. So, this empty talk annoys me: Even Gadaffi himself had his people massacring foreigners right under his nose during his time. A visa to Libya was one of the most impossible tasks one could embark on. First let these leaders run our country properly before telling us how they want to create more chaos. If our leaders cannot run a village properly, what makes them think they can run the whole continent?

  4. Hey Editor, you remove my constructive comment while you retain Bobby’s offensive and racially insulting comment, that is strange. I protest in the strongest of terms. Why do you ask us to comment when you censor our honest viewpoints which are not offensive to anyone?

  5. The Idea is great. I have read about it in one Africa today Publications. Gadaffi actualy have the intension, but can other african leaders like the ones in the West African accept this sugestion?

  6. “United States of Africa”? Oh, hahahahaha. Bob is becoming even more delusional than was Gaddafi. He can’t even unite his own country. Tribalism, religion and language divide virtually every African country to the point that national unity is impossible, and pan-African unity only a pipe dream.

  7. That must be a project for future leaders not the current ones. Debate the issue and see what comes of it.

  8. Lmaoo bob it won happen sooner but t will definately happen after yo deth!!!! Kachembere ala ngakachisiira vamwe zvakwana vakomana. Kakutibhowa kachingotuka the west, they are black people living in western countries. I guess zvinorwadza kuti e.u. did t first before a.u.??

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