Ultimatum for fuel players


THE Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) has given fuel industry players a 60-day ultimatum to clear all their unleaded stocks and put correct labelling of  all ethanol blends, failing which licences will be revoked.

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This follows the recent introduction of mandatory blending of ethanol (E5).

Speaking at a Zera stakeholders meeting in Harare yesterday, Zera chief executive officer Gloria Magombo said the petroleum sector was expected to comply with the new law.

“We are allowing you time to clear all your stocks, so that after 60 days when we come to your sites we expect you to have E5, not unleaded or E10, but we expect to have a blend on your site especially the E5 as a replacement for unleaded,” Magombo said.

She said the 60-day period did not mean the petroleum sector had to wait until the deadline to comply, but players had to take steps immediately to ensure compliance before deadline.

Magombo said Zera would early next month conduct a preliminary check-up of all service stations to see how many would have complied.

“Let’s make sure we sell the right products.We will keep our surveillances and if you do not conform, you will lose your licence,” Magombo said.


  1. An obvious Zanu PF plot to fight for Billy and his Chisumbanje project. Why so soon after elections? Why not have the blend as an option to unleaded, rather than make it the mandatory product?

    • You have to understand that as motorists we cannot differentiate between blend and Unleaded fuel. most service station are selling blend claiming it to be unleaded at a higher price. its so sick. I support Zera all the way

  2. surely who is fooling who here,why should it be mandatory to buy blended fuel just 2prop a private company,why does the billyboy deserve such special treatment that all zimbabweans should be forced 2 line an individual pocket with our hard earned cash.green fuels should establish its service stations and sell its blend,zera and greenful a creating a brand that will be viewed negatively,let people make own choice/s

  3. If its now mandatory to buy blend petrol then I guess its time to buy diesel cars. We actually would have wanted premium petrol for our range rovers, bmw, lamborginis, Ferrari, mustangs etc, no to force us to use blend in these high perfomance cars is just but something else

  4. I think this is a very unfair move , not even fair, for example my car’s warranty will lapse if I use this Green fuel . It will cost the government more ,if you think of it , the use of these fuel will result in high demand for service parts and shorter vehicle life span which will result in us importing more vehicles and parts . Just to support this chisumbanje

  5. Freeddom zanu p.f. style! They never tire of telling us about how they fought and died to bring us freedom but a basic right such as the right to use the kind of fuel people prefer for their vehicles is being denied.

    these idiots are not even aware that some vehicles would be demaged by use of blended fuel.

  6. kwasara mitemo inosungira kuti titenge mukaka wekupurazi kwanhingi, toroora vana vanhingi tokwira bhazi ranhingi. nyatsoteerera unzwe kutonga!

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