Tsvangirai’s Heroes Day message

TODAY, we celebrate Heroes’ Day and tomorrow, we remember our gallant sons and daughters who have sworn to defend this country and its people when we celebrate Defence Forces Day.

Morgan Tsvangirai

We have many brave men and women of this country who paid the ultimate price to bring independence to the country of our birth.
Our only tragedy was that independence did not necessarily come with freedom and we still aspire to enjoy the full benefits of the struggle for which so many Zimbabweans died for.

Up to this day, we remain a nation of a heroic people as we have tenaciously toiled over the last 33 years to complete the unfinished business of our liberation struggle; indeed to achieve the true meaning of our collective national aspiration for a better life for ourselves and our children.

The right to choose freely, the right to health and education and the right to be Zimbabweans with full rights and benefits in the country of our birth were some of the key reasons that drove us to participate in that struggle.

Indeed, so many sons and daughters of this country sacrificed their own lives so that we could be free again and one of the fundamental rights for which they toiled and died for was our right to vote.

We have just come from a disputed and stolen election and the majority of Zimbabweans are still shocked at the brazen manner in which their vote was stolen.

That stolen vote is a major betrayal of our inalienable right to vote for which so many people died.

Even the so-called victors are ashamed to showcase and celebrate their stolen bounty.

There is no national celebration and all I can see is a nation in mourning over the audacity of so few to steal from so many.
The thief left so much evidence at the scene of crime as we shall expose in the people’s petition that we filed last week.

We know that the nation voted for change and real transformation.

We know that even our patriotic sons and daughters in the security services sector voted for positive change in their lives and they have yet to some to grips with the glaring evidence of their stolen vote.

I urge all the heroic people of Zimbabwe not to despair.

I want to congratulate all Zimbabweans, including those serving in the defence forces, because we know you voted in difficult circumstances for a better life and for better prospects for the country.

We must all remain calm as we celebrate Heroes’ Day.
I know that we will always be a heroic people.

The people’s will shall always be greater than an individual’s preoccupation with the preservation of personal power.

Yes, the people’s will shall always prevail. Today’s theft cannot stand in the way of tomorrow’s loud expression of the people’s will.
Let all Zimbabweans enjoy this day. Let us all spend the holiday with our families, including our parents and relatives in the rural areas.
Let us inspire them and give them confidence. We know they voted for change and we know their will shall prevail.

We are a nation of heroes and heroines. Temporary setbacks have never stood in the way of a people with determination and stubborn will.
And I know Zimbabweans are determined to achieve this change within their lifetime.

I see a brighter tomorrow for all of us. I see the triumph of the will of the people. I see today’s thieves caught up in the shame of their brazen theft of the people’s will.

Yes, I see a new and better Zimbabwe for we are a proud nation of a determined people.

We shall remain resolute and steadfast until we achieve the national quest of change and real transformation.

That new Zimbabwe is coming soon!


  1. Tsvangirai this is pretence at its best.These are words of wisdom if said by patriotic zimbos not sellouts.Go and celebrate in americano for theirs being bombed daily in magrib.zvipoko zvanaTongo zvinokukiya muface if you attempt kuenda pa acre pedu.Try pachibondo uone.

    1. Whats this ‘white’ obsession. Takwez dzenyu Codza.

  2. Tsvangs stop insulting us and our heroes, find somthng to write to yo whites constituency

  3. @ Codza and Pop So do hero’s belong tO Zanu PF or they’re national heroes and that means we should all enjoy their sacrifice and not be held @ ransom by one party as if those peopLe fought for them alone . Tsavangirai to us is a hero too because he’s endured a lot in his quest for change . No single party should have the mandate of choosing our heroes but we the people should as we know the people who’ve made a difference in our lives!!!

    1. These heroes were from Zanu and Zapu now zanupf.

  4. Thats a powerful message Save. Dont worry about these brainwashed zanu supporters. They need phsycotherapy. Zanu yenyu yatengesa nyika kuma China muchingoti pwetere pwetere kutuka ma british. We ar certainly going to overcome this obstacle. New Zimbabwe here we come

  5. This patronizing of the Zimbabwean Heroes is sickening me noone should hold the keys to the so called heroes acre why is the great fighter Lookout Masuku not there? Is Gezi more hero than our commander? You are a disgrace. Work up from the deep slumber.

  6. Tsvangirai is a national hero. No other person in Zimbabwe has had the guts to do what he has done so far. I remain resolutely behind him!

    1. National hero my foot. Which nation are you talkiing about? Definately not Zimbabwe. Calling you “True Hero” is a misnomer. Tsvangirai called for sanctions in Zimbabwe. That alone disqualifies him to be a Hero.

  7. Well said baba.
    You are the man of the people.
    Save kakata
    save dhonnza

  8. The Heroes Acre is only for former Zanla forces and a few cronies who have propped the election rigging process. I bet if the NIKUV chairman was to die here he was going straight to the national Shrine

  9. Cde Tsvangirai what is your policy on Land Redistribution. what do yoi think about empowerment and which democratic change must be cherished more in Zimbabwe. A liberation struggle or a struggle to challenge values of the liberation struggle. I hope the election outcome gives you a clue to answer my questions

  10. Tsvangirai you a very stupid. Who ever advises you is digging your grave. You give a message but choose not to go to heroes acre. What a silly position is this.

  11. History tells us Zipra had more freedom fighters based in Zambia than Zanla in Mozambique. Nkomo commanded 60000 men and women whilst Takawira had 50000 in Mozambique.
    Alarmingly, there are only 8 former Zipra cadres on the Acre.

  12. @ bhebheza. Zanu doesn’t want that piece of history because they regarded all former Zipra as dissidents in as much as they regarded all mdc as imperialists. Furthermore many of them died during Gukurahundi.

  13. A speech about heroes day should not be a speech to complain about election outcomes. How dare you disrespect our heroes by spewing your bitterness on such a sombre day. Please respect Zimbabwean people and leave us to celebrate our heroes in peace.

    1. @Los don’t dare to insult my hero Tswangirai Morgan,gallant sons and daughters of the soil including my father(ZIPRA cadre)fought for our fredom to choose our leaders among other things yet people like you are busy suffocating that fredom by embracing my stolen vote.It is sad you saying it is a sombre day but you are celebrating.Tswangirai has every right to send this message to all Zimbabweans and if you feel he disrespected you he did not with me hence he did not disrespect the Zimbabweans but you.

  14. But who is Border Gezi, Elliot Manyika and the past cio operative Kanengoni in the light of nationalists like Ndabaningi Sithole and the likes of Lookout Masuku?.

    1. Hapana tsvangirai was beaten free and fair. He thinks the will of the people is one in which he wins? Even Elizabeth macheka voted Zanu pf, and went to celebrate in Dubai same day coz she knew d puppets were dead and buried!!

  15. @los lobos. Shut up iwe.
    No body went to war to prop up a one party state and a dictatorship.
    If Mugabe is a true nationalist he should step down and let Zimbabwe move on.
    If his policies are genuine and truly indigenous, he should retire and see the youths adopting them but it seems everything Is political rhetoric meant to oversee a 90year old achieve his goal of dying at the helm

    1. Equally morgan shld step down and let someone lead MDC. in 2018 hwcould have lead MDC for 18yrs . I think he should not seek MDC re-election by then,

  16. Dissidents of this time nemachinja even if you can unite in heaven you match half of us.The unstoppable 61 per centum baba.Heroes acre is a place where magamba are buried.Gamba is a great person who fought to indigenise, empower(not impose sunctions call),develop and indeed employ zimbabwe.He/she should have done that whole heartedly wega not kutumwa ne mari/bhunu.Ndogamba reheroes acre iri.

    1. 61% in a vacuum Codza or whatever you are.

    2. hey dont say heaven for the lord is the creator of the universe plizy. man people did it and they were given an instant reward. i pray that you might not be the one

  17. Ana tsvangson mukadzi ari kukwirwa muchiswerongo humana humana muchiri kudei muno endaika ku uk. zvi matama kikikiki

  18. man thnxxx mr prsidant u a the best…good day enjoy yo day man……god bles yo evrythng…one day save…where is mammur gadaffi @ where is osama bin @ where is sadam hosen…in mdc we trust…cryon pres red baton

    1. All those try to attack TSvangirai mapeche amamai enyu, ZANU PF did not participate in the struggle so that the leaders would loot at the expanse of the majority of Zimbabweans. You can not see that these thugs and thieves are after looting the wealth of the country for personal use. Are Chinese who are looting at Chiadzwa Zimbabweans? Wake up stupid comrades why did industries close down before the rise of the MDC. You rigged elections now go ahead and rig the economy for the benefit of the majority who did not vote for you.

      1. You and president Mugabe shame, shame for subverting the will of the people. I know your excuse will be sanctions when the diamonds money will be going into your foreign accounts. The president is too old to initiate changes, he can afford to continue looting for the benefit of Grace and her friends. Matebeleland South I come from there never voted for you, you should have told Nikuv to steal elsewhere not here. We will rather vote any party not ZANU PF because you killed our own in the 80s, Zambezi water project remains a pipe dream.

  19. Silvester Matambo

    Title of this piece should read: “Empty rumblings from the dustbin of puppetry”

  20. at least u know kuti zimbo was fought for
    u are no sellout. ko paminda apa we dont want to be luke south africa vanogarirwa nyika neverungu..
    i think u shld take mugabes policy on land

  21. mukadzi arikukwirwa muchingopopota bambo

  22. Hokoyo naPachedu naBiti!!!!!!!

  23. Thx fo the grt message.I don’t see the courts reverse wht SADC and AU endorsed.I think its over now.Its high time we focus on something.ZANU yakabira

  24. fellow friends its tym to built zim nt fght

  25. Badala e Jambezi asazi kumbe selakhohlwa ukuthi inkomo zahamba nge 50kg yempuphu from Zambia.Hokoyo okwamanje ziyohamba nge 25kg.

  26. Tsvangirai is totally confused – the so-called Heroes his is praising are ZanuPF. Again he is trying to create his own artificial divison between what he calls heroes and ZanuPF. If, as he is saying the real independence has yet to be realised, why then is he prasing the so called heroes? There has not been any freedom or independence for the last 33 years so why praise the so-called heroes. What on earth is Tsvangirai saying here. By the way Zanu or Zapu never liberated any country because in 1979 there was already a black prime minister, Abel Muzorewa. Yes, Zanu and Zapu were fighting but they never won a single skirmish against the Rhodesians. Muzorewa negotiated the black rule. I was there when all this happened.

  27. Crocodile Squad

    Barometer unorevei kana uchiti save idhonza. Unoreva here kuti ingave yakabhadhiozwa coz pane fresh ka iyi yaLiz. Kana save varidhonzaa then maida kuti Liz apone neiwo nhai vana Barometer

  28. @Chin it is you who is confused-heroes are not and will never be ZANUPF,check your later sentence where you say “Zanu or Zapu never liberated any country”.Tswangirai is praising true heroes dead or alive who fought for democracy not dictactorship.He is true because some of us have not seen independence not from whites but from our fellow black skined mamals.To you Tswangirai might be nothing but to some of us he is a hero fighting for our fredom from people like you who feel supreme by seeing another person suffering.Please keep your history because we have had enough of this rubish,our future and that one of our kids and grand kids plus of our great great grand kids is at stake here.

    1. @s m ndlovu – who are those unidentified heroes? Who are those heroes who are dead and those who are alive who Tsvangirai is praising? You will obviously point to such people as Tongogarra, Mujuru et al – but they are the ones who taught those in ZanuPF to be ruthless – they were the seniors to Chiwenga, Chihuri, Nyikaramba, Zimondi, Zvinavashe and others who are causing mayhem up and down the country. Just because they are deceased doesn’t make them angels. You cannot praise people for something which has never been achieved do you? Mujuru was army chief when all the atrocities took place in the 80s. Democracy is a myth.

  29. Tsvangirai wasted a lot of time having Monday morning meetings with Robert Mugabe. What were the meetings for? He should never ever had gone into the coaliton with ZanuPF – this has come back to bite him on his bottom. He told the whole world Mugabe was a changed man! We told him so. Now he knows.

  30. Bra morggie pple are trying to confuse you.Yes you have been robbed/rigged of elections.And you have filed a case.Dont leave any stone unturned reportere chikomba chawabatirwa ichi chiri kukurigira bonde mangwana chaiye.Check on bennet.he is also a suspect pagero rako.

  31. Morgan two of my brothers never made it back and they are today represented by the tomb of the
    Unknown soldier. Meanwhile you ran away from chimurenga to be a tea boy and serve the white men for less than minimum wage. Don’t fool us today talking about gallant fighters like my brothers and the many who perished in order to free you from the white oppressors. You should be the first person at the heroes acre every year to thank these brave men and women who freed you from your tea making tasks and constantly saying yes baas. Zimbabwe is free …come out strongly against Bennett and the like who want bloodshed in our peace loving country. Musadenhe mago.

  32. Y does it seem lyk we as Zimbabweanz are cursed by ourselves?

  33. Tswangilayi wakhona you are very stupid and arrogant. The hatred you showed towards Ncube and leaders from Mthwakazi is now yielding fruits. Bakushaye ngenduku zakho wena Sduphunga, manje kuphelile ngawe MR Tribalist. Kwaaaaaa kwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  34. Ha iwewe Tsvangirai wakarasika, chaunoti national mourning chii? chaunoti the right to freedom, health and education chii? Zimbabwe is the most educated & literate country in Africa without your help Morgan. Have you checked our patient to nurse ratio as compared to that of africa as a whole? You are dumb Morgan. You just work on promises wch yu dont fulfill; u promised that when you get into govt macivil servants achafa neMORE salaries but up to now the end of your govt tenure you & yo mdc dd nothing for the civil service. You are a failure, a puppet of the west…wakadyiwa accept reality just like the fact that yo wife is being banged by her ex!

    1. cde mapinganzira

      kkkkkk u told him the real truth

  35. Deno wo Tswangirayi usina kutiza ku hondo uri Hero. Haungaite hero yekuda kudzorera nyika kuvanhu vatairwisa.

    Get me right people of Zimbabwe. I like opposition parties and love to have a country that has opposing views but not the kind of Tswangirayi’s opposition where he himself is not driving the agenda of the party but the ex Rhodesians. That I can not take and cannot entertain.

  36. cde mapinganzira

    shame morgan. what is in the state of morming is the mdc t not the nation. we are celebrating, why do we rush for a national bash, provinces and districts are celebrating. soldiers and the police are behind zanupf awaituka uchiti ‘ vana ndini ndamubata’. u are stupid.

  37. Mr Preaident Tsvangirai, thnxs for this powerful masg ur our true leader we luv u so mch and very soon u will lead this country dnt wory abt this Cats

  38. a man of your position – prime minister, ouch! Sorry i touched a raw nerve, ex prime minister. If yo wife can cheat and you can’t even suspect it and she gets away with it right under your big nose. Surely if Zanu rigged as you believe and what us to believe, they did not do it on the election day. They planned it over time and implemented it gradually – where were you Mr Prime Minister. If you missed it can we surely entrust you with running the highest office of our land. Even yo security Det cant even pick that yo wife is having an affair, you are just not cut out to be a president at least for Zim. Just be content being MDC President.

  39. Tsvangdog tsvangcry down with your masters
    Britan nd america . Forward with Zanu PF down with mdc

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